How to celebrate the New Year. Advice from Rami.

Today I want shortly to advise you on how to welcome the New Year.
The mood for New Year’s celebration affects all the year. I recommend to celebrate it in maximal goodness. It will bring you health and fortune and will help you to reach the new higher level.

Keep outer and inner cleanliness, refuse or strongly decrease using any drugs, including beer. Please don’t chew someone’s legs, paws or a fin. Forgive all on whom you are offended and ask for forgiving those who you offended. It’s better to write and bow.

Visit sacral places, the nearest temple or sincerely pray to Lord, thank him for everything. It’s better to maximally repeat holy names of God which are familiar to you: Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Rama, Shiva, the Divine Mother, etc.

Spend these days maximum aware, forgive everyone, stop complaining about the past, accept it and forget about it. Obviously, till New Year is a good period for taking stock then the moon will rise and it’ will be a good time for planning new frontiers. Make plans on all four levels:





How to make it is in detail described in the book ‘Journeys in the Search for the Meaning of Life (A story of those who have found it)’. You can find it in the 2nd part, I chapter, sup-chapter ‘Four steps on the way to the highest harmony’.

And of course, heartily treat your loved ones with presents, which bring them no harm but good.

It is very favorable to donate to goodness projects, especially to true monks. Accept any eventuality. Don’t be afraid about the future, you are the everlasting soul full of bliss.

Wish you all the best in the new year.

With love,