Which charity programs has Rami participated in?

When my editor sent me my list of my «good» deeds for final approval, I once again asked him not to publish it, but then finally changed my mind. I think it does have a point, because it can potentially inspire many people.

The second reason is the fact that while I was recently being slandered by one semi-Orthodox sect, it was claimed that I collect donations for my family’s needs and my own well-being.

That lie is easy to denounce by simple accounts check. No one is bringing me suitcases full of cash. Whenever I got any personal donations, I have spent them exclusively on charity. I was brought up with the understanding that a man must earn money for himself, rather than live on handouts. Therefore, some of the projects mentioned below were supported by these donations to up to 40% of their cost.

I thank you for that! If you have bought my books, participated in my training or webinars, you were partially involved in these projects.

We are currently planning to register a charity fund, where I hope to be the main sponsor. All the movement of funds will be tracked and allocated by a volunteer council and I will not be able to touch the money even indirectly.

With Love,



Rami’s philanthropy

Editor’s Note: Please send us information about any programs, in which Rami has participated and about which you know, or letters of gratitude. Rami has never really collected them and has not advertised his achievements in charity. There are letters of gratitude for most of the projects listed below.

Even in the years spent as a monk, Rami has rarely accepted donations for his personal needs, even from his students, but he has participated in the following projects:

— In 1993, he organized and personally spent more than a year feeding the poor for free in Kaliningrad, and later helped facilitate similar programs in other Russian cities and CIS countries.

— In 1995, he was one of the founders of a similar movement in Lithuania, which is still being carried out for thousands of people in need on a daily basis.

— Since 1994 he has been participating in a variety of charity programs in India. During the last few years he remained one of the major sponsors of a free hospital for the poor in Rishikesh. (Himalayas, Swami Sivananda Hospital)

— In the early 2000s, he rented out a dining room in Israel to feed the poor, and was arranging entertaining educational programs for them. (Pitahtikvy city district).

— He provided targeted financial assistance to tens and possibly hundreds of poor families, mainly to single mothers and families with many children.

— In 2015, he organized the collection of donations and was personally involved in financial assistance to the children of Donetsk.

— He has made significant donations to the spiritual masters, monks and priests of various religious and spiritual teachings.

— For more than 20 years he has been donating money for restoration of Orthodox churches and monasteries.

— For the same period of time he has been donating to Vedic temples and centers. He was one of the major sponsors of the Moscow Vedic Centre.

— He has always allowed everyone who claimed they had no money to attend his training programs for free.

— Up to 2002, all his consultations were free of charge (on a voluntary donation basis).

— Later on they remained free for those who said they were financially limited.

— Until he became swarmed with correspondence, he was always providing detailed written answers to people who wrote to him with questions (some of those answers are in his book Destiny and Me) and still prays for everyone who contacts him.

— He gives free consultations to monks, participants of charity programs, family members, priests, etc.

— Practically from the very beginning he has been donating all the profits from his publications, including sales in other countries, to charity (except for some textbooks published in small quantities).

— To various degrees he has participated in charity programs for children’s homes and homes for the elderly. He financially helped 15 orphanages and 5 homes for the elderly in Russia and Ukraine (in Ukraine he has only helped administratively and financially, not in person)

— All (or 99%) of the profits from his programs and performances in the Ukraine were donated to charity in that country, same for the profits from his performances in provincial towns of Russia and Belorussia, which have been donated to local charities.

— He has given hundreds of free lectures and seminars in prisons, educational and medical institutions, military units, enterprises and communities that live in poverty.

- He has personally prepared and organized all the printing and press issues for the distribution of 3.5 million copies of a free magazine, dedicated to the harmonious development of personality — «Gratitude with Love«, made for distribution primarily in the poorest regions of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

— He has rented out his property and vehicles to charities many times and it has always been free of charge.

— He has conducted several charity retreats with monks and spiritual teachers, in which he had taken care of all the expenses and donated any profits to charity.

— He has made substantial donations to the Canadian Cancer Society.

— He has donated significant sums to organizations that revive morality and family values.

— The profits from any groups that are led by Rami’s students of psychology and Vedic astrology around the world (as part of the training in Rami’s academy) are always donated to local charity in that region. Thus, each student of the Academy of Rami, who is paying for training, is donating around 40-50%. In Moscow, because of the large sums they give to charity, they donate less.

Out of principle, he does not accept and has never accepted any material donations for his personal needs (!)