Rami is now semi-regularly available for consultations via SKYPE and occasionally in person.

Regarding the consultations on ENGLISH, please email to:

A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR BOOKING A CONSULTATION is familiarization with at least  two of Rami’s books and the material on his website.

ATTENTION: The consultations are not free of charge and the waiting list can be between 1 week and 3 months. If you require an immediate consultation, please tell us why that is so and we will do everything we can to get you an earlier appointment.

The Consultations are of an advisory character and are not equivalent to a medical statement.




In different countries people who help me give different information on my consultations and that information is often contradictory. I wanted to answer your questions myself and explain it in more detail. Having conducted consultations with thousands of people, I can say with confidence, with a guarantee even, that if you come prepared and follow my recommendations, major positive changes will happen in your life. But you have to be prepared for it and you have to have a strong desire to change your life and the life of those close to you.

    1. During the consultation, you will hear about the sources of your problems and illnesses and about the actions you need to take to resolve them as fast as possible.
    2. Time is not limited, but generally the consultation lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. Maybe more, maybe less, but it is rarely less. This is not a psychologist consultation, where you are paying for time. Here you are paying money and sacrificing your time for concrete help in resolving particular issues.
    3. I highly recommend recording the consultation. In a week you will only remember 5-10% of it, that’s how our memory works. Normally, I speak very much to the point and don’t waste time. Everyday questions, like how to part ways with your husband (meaning an unhappy relationship), how to talk to the neighbor who plays loud music at night – all of those I answer in short and to the point. But I can’t tell you how to make it so your husband/wife doesn’t want to leave you or how to make it so you don’t encounter unpleasant neighbors, etc. During the consultation, your mind can wander and you might miss an important point. Speaking from experience, those with best results are those who listen to the recorded consultation a couple of times or take notes.
    4. Do prepare the questions beforehand; you will need to read them out lout. It is important for me to hear either your own voice or the voice of someone close to you, asking about you/ your well-being.
    5. You will receive the information that is necessary at this point in time, according to your own mental state.
    6. In 70% of the cases a follow-up consultation is unnecessary. Usually one consultation is enough. Sometimes I will say that it would be good if you come again in a certain period of time – that’s up to you though. However, if you require another consultation in person or by phone call, I state that clearly. If you do not have money for such a consultation then it will be free. I think everyone should have a consultation like this once in their life, just to know their karmic tasks and subconscious programs, how to act in particular periods of life, etc.
    7. If you do think you are likely to bring relatives to the consultations, it is better to book them all in one go. It will turn out cheaper and you will also get more thorough answers, as well as making it energetically easier for me. Very often people start to book consultations for their relatives after their own, but that turns out more expensive and I have to spend more energy. If you all come together I can immediately see the karma of the family or your karma with a particular person, and a lot of other aspects. If I do need to speak to a particular person involved in your life during our consultation, we can contact them by phone during the process (without any extra charges) Very rarely, if I can see a serious problem and you confirm that, then that person should come personally to a consultation.
    8. After the consultation, you will not receive any written material, apart from maybe small notes or drawings from me. There are astrological programs which will give you a 10 page printout of general, usually contradicting information. I think that is very confusing for a person, even though it is pleasant for the ego to read about yourself. In USA and Canada that costs around 10$, but in Russia for some reason it can exceed100$. I prefer to give and receive precise and short consultations, where the causes of trouble are established and diagnosed and concrete recommendations are given for that particular stage of life.
    9. Prior to the consultation, please do read my books and (or) watch the video courses, the lectures and the seminars.
    10. Before the consultation, say a small prayer, ask the Universe and God – do I need this? And then listen to your heart.



9 thoughts on “CONSULTATIONS

  1. Добрый день,
    Хотела узнать, как можно записаться на консультацию с Рами по скайпу или персонально? Сколько стоит консультация?

    1. Здравствуйте!
      Для записи на консультацию напишите, пожалуйста, на электронный адрес В ответ Вам пришлют письмо с подробной информацией и стоимостью.
      С уважением,

  2. Hello Inna Shwarzman here would to book a consultation with Rami. I live in Toronto thus meeting in person wouldn’t be an issue. I have read and studies all of Rami’s work thus ready for our appointment
    I can be reached at 416-988-8833

  3. Hi, please send me the information how to order the consultation. I am in.NZ , from Riga since 1998 Russian or English Language hanks, regards

  4. Доброго времени суток. Меня зовут Кристина, и я интересуюсь персональной консультацией . Скажите, пожалуйста, если сейчас проводиться такие и если да, то какая цена? Благодарю.

    P.S. you can answer in English.

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