This lecture was presented by Rami in Sivananda Ashram Bahamas May 2015

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Namaste! I am very glad to see you all, to be here.  We are going to discuss quite important topics for all of us. I studied Vedic astrology for about twenty-six years. And it began when I was in a military institute in former Soviet Union. We studied different techniques: how we can improve changingour psychology, how we can reach good results in many techniques.  And we studied a lot and one of the main reasons was that all of us has some kind of genetic code (genetics, family and so on), and we are always dependent on, its preferable first of all to take an officer with good genetics, which would require less work with him. But after some time I had a realization — it all was during communistic times, and it was forbidden even to speak about fate. it just begin Perestroika begun I discovered that we had some fate.

First of my experiences was form one very intellectual person from Afghanistan, he and his family worked for Soviet Union government and he was very intellectual, and he worked for KGB (Russian Secret Service). He had very interesting talent, he could take your passport, just number of your passport, nothing more. For example, Canadian, from US passport number, say ten digits and he calculated something and he could say about you a lot, you know, what were in which family were you born, you know what happened two years ago, important things to know. And he worked for Russian Secret service, not Russian, Soviet Union secret service and after that I went to a library I began to study about fate and I discovered that at least in Russian king family they had almost all the times some person who could predict them. I red what they predict. For example, two hundred years ago for next two hundred years ago, eighty percent or sometimes nineteen percent <of predictions were true>. And after that I studied more and more and I became more than sure that we have fate.

I began to study it. Of course I studied with different schools and I began to study first of all how our psychology depends. After that I begin to study spiritual subjects, different ways and in seven or nine years I taught history of religion, but I liked this topics about our fate: how we can change it and how its important for us.

RB- natal chart

I studied with many different schools, but finally at 25 years, I came to Vedic astrology schools. From my point of view it is one of the best. We can read our karmic code. We have genetic code and we have karmic code. I worked with this for twenty-five years and wasn’t sure that all of us we have some karma, some fate. Definitely, we cannot read one hundred percent, nobody can predict your life by the hour, but in general ways its quite easy to read. And in which time we came, our destiny and how we could be happy in family life in which period of time. We can read it. I work with it.  Now we have International School of Vedic Astrology <ISHVARA>, David Frawley said it’s one of the biggest in the world. Not only in Moscow, in Israel, we have it in France, Germany, in Canada it’s small. In US it’s just a small one.

About three thousands five hundred students who passed through school, generally Russian speaking people, and when I worked in Israel about fifteen years ago, in Israel, like in Canada, to tell the truth, people, especially intellectual people, who get good education, they are very practical. They demand: «Get to the point!» I like this approach, in Israel I get used to work with people…  I have a Ph. D. in Psychology and Philosophy and I get used to speak about scientific approach and I consulted about ten thousand people and I have some scientific base. I could teach this in University, how its works. Vedic Astrology is quite a scientific way to approach to our fate. It is quite short, logical and systematic and clear explanation.

The Vedas are the instructions to this world and there are some really nice explanations about our fate, about astrology, how stars influence us.  If you don’t believe that stars could influence us, you can experiment and put some seeds into the ground, plant them in bad moon period, and you will not be successful, even you could have good water to water them nice and so on, they will not grow well. In Jewish, Russian and some Keltic traditions, in West Europe they knew it many years ago, but after they were Christianized, and this knowledge (about moon and planetary cycles and influences) was forbidden. Later a lot of diseases came, a lot of problems with harvest and so on.

We have to know how planets influence us. If a person is born in some specific periods, his chances to have epilepsy is increases hundred times. There is some scientific evidence that chances of birth with epilepsy <diagnosed later> increases in those specific periods of time. The Western science just arrived to this knowledge, but in India they wrote about it many thousands years ago. There are also some special days when if you begin your business you will be much more successful, but there are some special days if you begin your travel for example or business, you will fail.

I consulted many politicians, leaders including key people from the government in some countries, I cannot say their names, but please believe me, all of them have good astrologists. Some (movies) stars in USA have astrologers as well, I know. Sometimes I see events in Western Europe, and <I hate to see this sometimes> the days they choose for some events — they are doomed to be unsuccessful. Why they do it?…

The Vedic astrology teaches that we have seven chakras, energetic centres, there are many more chakras, but we have main seven, and we connect with main nine planets. This planets influence all of us. For example, if you were born for example with weak moon you will have a specific set of problems. For example I was born with a weak Moon, I lost my mother in the age of nineteen, and in my childhood I had some problems with her. Bur I have very strong Sun, which gave me some success in work with politicians, leaders and my father was very well known and he helped me a lot. It is a very simple way. Vedic astrology is much, much more deeper, I try to explain in a simple way.

RB - iceberg-principle

And again came to the chakras, because I hope here all of us are quite familiar with chakras, and these planets work with us and attract some situation because we have according yoga psychology we have mind, subconscious mind and deep subconscious mind and planetary influence is according to our programs, according to our activity, and according to our thoughts, and in accordance with our previous lives and this life times. For example, if period of weak Saturn came, you could loose your weight, have most sadness in your life, it just attracts, but problems that in your subconsciousness you have the same program. It’s not because some stars or whatever, nobody cannot be born if your subtle body does’t connect with stars/planets..

Sometimes couples should wait two-three years, five years to have a child because stars have to work, our fate have to work.

I had some scientific approaching, I did some consultations to approximately to thirty-forty women C-section. They could choose a day. But it’s a VERY interesting point: ninety percent gave birth anyway when stars were especially for them. In Moscow by the way, we have one of our students, she had an appointment <chose exact time for the surgery> to have a C-section, and was very interesting moment, he told us after that, doctor brought her, OK, somebody called the doctor: Sorry, some urgent patient came!. he went to deliver the birth for another woman. And according to my research, the woman anyway gave a birth according to some stars, according her phycology, because from the chart of your son or your daughter you could see character of your parents, and generally their fate, and also it should be followed.

An accountant who works with us in Moscow adapted a new child with a good chart, I don’t know if she knew about it or not, she adopted some small child, and that child in chart of the small girl, is that she will have a very nice mother, she will take care of her, she is quite wealthy, and she is at age about forty and for her its like an angel, but her biological parents are just alcoholics.

How this workshop could help you: first of all we have to know about the planets, how this planets influence all of us, and I have here my books, its translated into few languages and it’s very simple How to make I deal with the Universe, the planets influence on our fate and health. I recommend to read it. Because we have to know some influence and the truth of this universe, how it works with us and generally we have nine planets and according to our thoughts we could improve or worsen the influence of these planets. It’s a very important thing.

About twenty-five years ago, I realized that all of us have fate. I began to study how we can change it, and I worked with my profession for the last 25 yeas to help people to change their fate

I have evidence of about twenty five persons who passed through cancer…  May be hundred couples who give birth, when doctors said it was not possible, doctors said to forget it.

Sometimes we have to accept it as reality, that having children is not possible. Doctors could tell yes, but if in the chart one hundred <per cent probability> in both charts of a man and woman, no chance to have a child. Generally <in these cases> its just losing of money and time to try to have a child, to give a birth to a child.

I cannot tell enough about Vedic astrology but I am crazy about it, I like it so much! I like it because it is logical, short and it works. Not just speaking, because in western phycology,  in phycology also and in astrology you could speak for one hour, two hours, your Saturn is there, your Sun is there, it’s OK. How does it to get to the point? How its works for us?

And shortly I could tell you how we can improve our fate. In Vedic scriptures they say we have three Shaktis/energies: Jnana Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Bala Shakti.

Jnana Shakti means we have to study to become a wise person. Wise person means not that you have diplomas of the best university in the world. You know. And wise person means that we have some wisdom. Wisdom means that we understand that we are spirit soul and we came to this world just to play and to study unconditional love and to be here and now. And that everything is temporary in this world, its Jnana, to realize that we are a spirit soul, not this material body, not this mind and the goal of our live is unconditional love.

And Kriya Shakti means that we have to have some goals or plans, because in this material world we live according to our desires. According to our karma. But karma means our desires, what we desire. And it’s a very interesting point in some time I came to point that much more important our subconscious desires. Because we have it in our mind.

RB - thouhgts in head

Generally a person has about fivty-sixty thousand thoughts per day. «I’d like this or that», «I want this gentleman to stop talking» All the time in our mind there are ongoing thoughts or desires.  Generally we are not aware of them. That is the problem. We have to plan and if you if you have a good karma our plans are very easy to fulfil. If karma is not good it’s not good.

We have to understand what do we want.  Good intellect, according to Vedic and Buddhist psychology, this means that we know the goal of our life, why we came to this world. The goal of our life is unconditional love, to be here and now, to study how to be more selfless and to clear our heart.

We also have to have goals on physical level: to have strong body, no illness, peaceful mind, or on social level we have to plan to have a good family, to earn enough money, in order to live in this world, to work according to our destiny, according to our talents for the benefit of all living beings. And on intellectual level it means we could control our senses and mind. And spiritual level means to be here and now, to live with unconditional love.

Third Shakti is Bala Shakti. Bala means active, doing something. Not just to meditate. If some of us had some Brahmanical nature it would make sense to sit and meditate all day. But today it is almost impossible. If you could sit and meditate ten hours per day, without any movement, you could do <benefit the world this way>. If you cannot, work hard. Sivananda Swami worked about fourteen-sixteen hours per day, he served to poor people in some hospital of sixteen hours per day fourteen years and six hours meditated in cold water of Ganga.

Bala Shakti means our activity, what we do in our world.  Its important, but not so, not which book we read. First of all is our activity, what we do. Because in our activity we all approaching unconditional love or destroy our life.

RB - reading karmic code

In Vedas they say how we can change our fate and what influences our fateFirst of all is it our natal chart. We came to this world with some chart. It is like a spiritual code or karmic code.  It’s our passport, where you were born, this day, this time, in which country, which place, which city. Secondly, our karma and our fate comes from our family. Where we grew up.  Because when a woman is pregnant, the baby in her womb is very sensitive to all of her ideas and thoughts.

I consulted one very rich woman in Tel Aviv, Israel, a very rich woman.  She worked with some diamonds.  And she had a very interesting case. Because I could not see in her chart that she could have problem with her children, but she has with her daughter and her son had serious illness from childhood. I asked her some questions, but I couldn’t see, even from the charts of babies, children. I couldn’t see it. I asked her what happened when you were pregnant. Especially on first I don’t remember the month. She said «it was very difficult for me, because we fight every day with my husband. Definitely I cursed him. I told him go out».

Aggression in that period is most important. The son was born very ill, her daughter hates her, because sub-concisely she knows, she was very proud this woman, and she destroyed a little fate for her children. Because aggression, irritation, anger, envy destroy good karma very easily. When that woman gave a birth, especially first three years are also very important, but three years also important. Some physiological schools say its until seven, but from Eastern phycology means the first three years are very important, because character of a child could change completely, if you know there is a very good book, one Japanese doctor, to tell the truth he was an owner of Sony corp., After three it is too late, may be you’ve heard about this book, very nice book. After three it is too late, it means after three its almost not possible to change a child.

Definitely it is a generalization, but its works. Why I am telling you this, you will say I am not going to give a birth, it’s OK, but please remember your first years in this world, in this body, you could say «I don’t remember, now I have very good connections with my parents, I don’t remember. I am healthy», for example, «I cannot remember what happened when my mother was pregnant with me». But influences our fate now.

I have some psychological research and some of my students who did these techniques that changed their lives. Because now subconciresness we all of us have one of the kind of aggression to our parents. In our days, generally it’s not a good approach to children. For example, in your childhood the father left you, especially if this happened before the age four-five. Until the child is seven years old its very important. Yet if this happened in the first three years, it is <100% is now ingrained> in your subconsciousness. There is 99% percent probability that you have very strong aggression towards your father. Even if you now have a very good relationship with him, it doesn’t matter.

Subconscious determines, influences our lives 93%-95% percent. According to modern phycology (not Eastern), and according to our phycological code program we attract in our lives different situations.

If we have any aggression to our parents, for example, if we have aggression to our mother, we automatically have aggression to all women and it could bring problems to our children and some decease on left part of our body.

I consulted many woman who have subconscious aggression to their father, 90-99% percent, may be one hundred percent that they will have serious problems with their personal life. Because automatically they hate their sexual partner or husband, let me say so. But if they have aggression, they could have money, they could have good karma, but some fighting will appear, your know, attract to their life.

That mean on the second level we have to clear our problems with our parents. You could say: oh, you know my parents were so bad, they drank, they beat me. It doesn’t matter. It’s our karma. The parents are representatives of God. If we don’t respect them, if we don’t serve them, we stop receiving help and support from whole family tree. Thats why in Vedic history and in all the religions, we have to respect our ancestors.

If you don’t have support from our ancestors, its very difficult to be successful in this life. In our days, especially in the West you could see it in all the films, in all the culture there is a lot of disrespect to parents. Just turn on any movie. Children speak: Oh, my father!

I consulted very rich person in the West, in their family there is a completely different situation. It is forbidden to them to study early about the sexuality. Its for plebs, you know, for shudras (worker class). But a real rich successful person, they chose to get a very nice education and respect their family and good approach to each other. Because they know if they don’t have values, in one-two, maximum three generation, they family tree will finish.

Our health depends on our relationship with our parents. Health and success in this world also. That’s why its very important. If you would like to get some success in anything, just ask blessings from your parents. You could say: Joe! Lets say: Father, bless me for our marriage, for example. And you could check. You never find any marriage lasting if parents cursed or didn’t give any permission.  Just check it. I don’t know, may be you know them, please tell me, I study for many years I didn’t find this.

They knew it well in different cultures. It is very important that parents should give blessings, especially for marriage, in life generally.

Thirdly, what influences our live is association and communication (read this article on importance of correct speech). The kind of communication we choose, and people we are associated with.

Communication, Bhaktivinoda ákura one very well known in India science person he told: «Our life today is the associations we had in previous lifetime, and our future depend on our associations and communication with other people today».

Communications and associations does not mean saying «How are you?»  «Well.»

It is all important: internet, books we read, music we listen, places where we live and so on.  It all influences us. That’s why eastern psychology demands us, not recommends, demands: please chose your association <wisely>.

RB - association

If you have a lot association with pessimistic people: oh, everything is bad, I had everything and now it is lost in one month you will become the same, may be in two month.   Thats why the association is very important, especially books and films, because we live in time/era of Rahu. Rahu is a demoniacal planet, it means everything is artificial. Rahu means artificial. Artificial fabrics, artificial food, films, some radio/TV, electricity, it is all artificial, lights. And we live in some, it was predicted many thousands years ago that we pass through it, period of Rahu, and in Rahu we could all quickly achieve progress or we could very quickly to destroy our lives. Because Rahu it also means alcohol, beer, wine, other alcohol cigarettes, you know and, but in Rahu we could do real good progress in all parts of our live if we chose sattvic way of our live. Sattvic, you know what we mean. Sattvic — goodness, in this book — «Three Energies».

Its very interesting I am very thankful to my students, or friends, almost all those books were translated by persons who liked it. I didn’t pay them. In this book, Three Energies, I explain all three energies of this world, how it works, and if you, we have to know this topics very well, that in this world we have three energies tamasic, rajasic and sattvic. Tamasic is ignorance, rajasic — passion and sattvic is goodness. If we chose rajasic/tamasic like now in the West, our lives will be destroyed.

In rajasic life style the nectar, <sense gratification> is in the beginning, the destruction and pain come afterwards.  What does it mean?  You arrive to some party and you take some vodka, some meat, music is rajasic, you could say: Oh, it is nectar! I like it!» But after that in the morning you wake up: Oh my God, why did I do it?! Or may be in a few month you come to a doctor, the doctor says: So sorry, you have some kind of cancer. But in the beginning it’s OK, it’s a nectar. It’s a rajasic enjoyment.

In Sattva we have to wake up early in the morning to do meditation, to do yoga, to study for example Ayurveda. It’s difficult in the beginning, yes? It is all morning: Oh I’d like to dress, oh, I’d like to have coffee, yes in that time it’s a nectar, it’s ok, but after that some problems will come in our lives.

If we live Sattvic way, planets begin to influence us in a sattvic way, that means that our live begin work in harmony. Sattvic means harmony also, sattvic means real happiness, happiness from inside of us. We don’t need to go to some parties, because we are so happy, you know. Why do we have to go somewhere and to eat some legs? You know, to drink some alcohol, why? Our live is so happy and if we live at least 90% percent in sattvic way, we chose sattvic food, its natural food, vegetarian food, drink enough water, and we live in a sattvic way, in a sattvic place, means that we live in very beautiful, very sattvic nature.

One Ayurvedic doctor told me that you know we sell a lot of Ayurvedic medicine, but I give you one advice if you follow it in a few month you will forget about all your health problems because your immune system will work one hundred percent. I said really? What? You have to move to live in the nature, just live in the nature, don’t live in a big city.» In the nature with fresh air, preferably in the hills or some mountains, because mountains with hills are sattvic, or forest, sattvic ways, and nature gives us a lot of energy. And if we chose sattva the whole our live, our live begin happy and harmonious, and the planets almost don’t influence on us.

We have to have some plan for our lives. If we don’t have it, if you don’t write any plan for your life then other people or society will right it for us. Thats why its important to know what do you want from this world on the physical level, social level, spiritual level, intellectual level. And just to do it.

Talking about about Vedic astrology today, especially last few hundreds years from Medieval Age suggest chanting special mantras. For example, today is the day of Mars, very good time to do some exercise, some running, swimming, to write. The Moon now is now waxing, and it’s a good time for write some plans, may be especially related to victory, fighting, oh I’d like to win over somebody, so but anyway to write some plans, to do exercise, and for today for example, mantras of Mars are nice to chant: Om Namo Bhagavate Narasimhadevaya»

Or one of the most powerful mantras for Mars, which I received from one of my teachers, professor of Vedic astrology:

Om Kram Krim Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namaha

This mantra is very powerful because it cleans our mind, it cleans our subconscious from bad karma and harmonizes the influence of Mars for us. If we are passing through really difficult times, cancer of very serious problems in your life, its preferable to chant:





In addition to mantras and Vedic astrology also uses yagiyas. Yagiyas mean sometimes fire, in yagiyas you chant some mantras. I was travelling in South India with Brahmans I met in Brindavan or Vrindavan its about twenty-two ears ago, very interesting, they didn’t do any advertisement, a few Brahmans (Vedic priests), Brahmans, for example, you came and you have a serious disease, you sit close to fire, not too close, but anyway, they sit around of you and chant a few hours of mantras, some special mantras, they check many times you chart, and they chant some special mantras, and chant you know, and put some oil, ghee to the fire and they chant I am sure you that you have seen it, in a few hours a person came and after doctors checked him he didn’t have any difficult disease, you know, because karma is cleaned, but it’s difficult to get such Brahmans, I passed some of such yagiyas, its influences, its changes our karmas also, could change. Or some yagiyas for example, I have a week Saturn and I passed through some yagiyas, for example to Saturday, you know Monday — day of Moon, Sunday — day of Sun, its from ancient time, and Saturday you could put, for example, a little iron to the earth and chant mantras to Saturn and in a few months the bad influence of your Saturn will improve.

Yagiyas, one of the most influence, most real strong yagiyas is to fast, if you fast on Saturday you increase the influence of Saturn, Sunday — Sun, Monday — Moon, and so on Fasting (abstinence from food) really works well, chanting of mantras and fasting and may be some yagiyas could help us a lot. From my experience.

I have to be honest with you, in my experience only yagiyas and even mantras don’t work: if we don’t change our mind, if we don’t change ourcharacters, because stars, or planets (Sanscrit Grahas) influence all of us, depend on our mind, and depend on our activity, on our thoughts, thats why its very important to write your plan. By the way, in this book I wrote Ten steps to happiness and how we can write, how we can find our plan, how we can change our fate, after that we have to clean not only mind, also our subconscious mind from any aggression, because aggression is tamasic, if you hate somebody, if you irritate, we attract in our live some Mars and Saturn that bring us some disease, some problems, and if we live here and now and we are aware of our life, our planets almost don’t have influence on us.

If we live here and now. If we live with unconditional love. If we don’t have any attachment to this world, because purpose of the planets is clean our heart and help us to achieve God, unconditional love, or Bhakti.

May be you have some questions?

RAMI: I remember now how we got married with my wife Marina. When we got married after the ceremony I asked her: Tell me the truth, why did you get married to me? She said «why are you asking me? You told me many years ago, you predicted me that.» I said really?  I consulted her mother, they lived in Canada, I consulted her by phone, I told her that in a few years in summer time a man comes over overseas for a long time, he will look like such and such, and you get married to him. And she told me that summer only you came. I was invited to have workshops in Canada, and only you came in this period and all what you told its like tall, humble, what you explained about yourself its everything. Coincidence.

Question: Thanks for your talk, I have one question: earlier you were speaking about sometimes we are coming to patterns and working with early childhood. And you offered some technics in terms of clearing part with parents.

RAMI: Yes, I worked with some professors from East Europe, together about this technics, about how we can clean our subconsciousness. If you have some aggression to some person, just: I forgive you! It’s OK (smiling). Its doesn’t work. Or it almost does’t work. You know. Because in our subconscious its much more powerful energy. Just: I am OK! No, it doesn’t work. I strongly recommend you to pass this technics, you loose four month or may be eighty days, but it changes your live, you clean your subconsciousness very easy.

RB - pisat-levoy-rukoy

Take pen in your left hand, because left hand connected to right hemisphere, and it is your subconscious, please write:

My dear father, for example Steve, please forgive me for everything,

My dear father Steve, I forgive you for everything,

My dear father Steve I am grateful for everything”

Just these three sentences with left side and after that, preferable to have his picture, just put his picture, or if you don’t have it, remember in your mind, if you never saw your father, just pray to God that now you do it for your father, and after that just bow a few times, it works very nice. And forty days, if you work with it forty days, preferable two months, for some people who have strong, they fight with parents in their childhood, parents beat them, I don’t know preferable three months. But at least forty days. It takes from you three-five minutes, I have a lot of evidence that you live could even in three days will begin to change.

Don’t think, because you work with your subconsciousness, in that time you could say: Oh my father don’t forgive me, etc, but you write with your left hand, and after that you bow, or if you feel some aggression to somebody, just bow, of course on the street you can not do it, or maybe, but at home, if you are alone, if you remember something <negative> — bow!

RB - Bow to the ground

And after that you will see in some time you could bow to everything, after that my advice to you is to put your picture and bow like a part of God. Because some people, who cannot bow to everybody, but not to themselves, but all of us are part of God and after you completed this to other people, please bow to yourself also. It works very nice, from my experience.

Question: Thank you for the wonderful technique, this is about if we are working with the father, how about if there are many problem with the mother?

RAMI: My advice to you to complete forty days or two month with your father and after that same time with your mother. If you have more problems with your mother, do it first, and after that work also more days may be for your mother of for your father if you have more problems but at least forty days and every day! Sometimes you can right down may be ten sentences ten times and you can bow one hundred eight times, it is much more powerful. But at least one bow per day and one set of sentences.

Question: What if I don’t know if I have some questions, but I don’t know if it was caused by mother or father, how?

RAMI: Don’t think a lot, just do it! And after that, my advice to you if you had a bad experience in your relationship, your husband for example, left you, your wife, you had a lot of problems, just also do this techniques, because you never see, or its difficult to find let me say so, if a person has a lot of aggression in subconsciousness to previous partner, and that he or she has a very nice relationship for twenty-thirty years with a new one.

It is preferable to begin this practice for father on Sunday, when Moon is waxing and for mother on Monday when Moon also waxing. It depends on your chart to tell the truth, but generally on Venus day, Friday, is a good day to start bowing to ex or present partner.

There is lot of evidence, even cancer came because we cannot forgive somebody, but the person could say: No! I go to church every week, I forgive to everyone, but in subconsciousness — and I consulted a lot of people in West Europe and in US — people could smile and they still have aggression in their subconsciousness.

Question: Oh, I have a question, I had a friend at work. She was really upset and resentful about early death of her sister, and she said her sister was going to prayer groups, was eating healthy, spent a lot of money on organic food and still died pretty young in her opinion, so to what degree do say yagiyas when the person really does all the things on the physical can affect her fate like a living creature?

RAMI: Fate, but her sister has died?

Q: Yes, she still really upset that her sister did everything she could, but she still died.

RAMI: Yes, but the fate is a fate. Sometimes it doesn’t depend on us. Sometimes you can eat only organic cucumbers. Our current life depends on our previous lives very much. In this period and, but its very important, I realized, that many people have aggression to fate, or to God. «Why my sister died? I hate my fate» for example. It’s very dangerous, because if we hate our fate, if we hate something, this or those subjects will destroy our live.

Because the nature of this world is the unconditional love. If we are full of fieriness, fierce or aggression, we destroy our live. If we cannot accept ourfate its one of the kind of aggression to our fate.  My advice to you to do may be not for forty days but at least three days for everyone:

Oh my fate, please forgive me for everything.

Oh my fate, I forgive you for everything.

Oh my fate, I am grateful for everything.

And bow to fate, just imagine it. It works very nice. Just three — four days. Please do it. Generally we have in subconciresness resentment, some aggression to our fate.

When you bow, we destroy our ego. All our problem in this world are from our ego. To tell you the truth, especially nowadays when we have a lot of aggression, many of us cannot accept this world, we were born here just based on our karma. In order to change this world, we have to accept it inside of us, because everything is God and we have to accept it.

I hope you got some knowledge!

Rami Bleckt (Bahamas, Sivananda Ashram, May 2015)

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  2. I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I definitely liked reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the aarticles coming. I enjoyed it!

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