JOURNEY IN SEARCH OF THE MEANING OF LIFE (Stories of those who have found it)

This unusual narrative book is written by Rami Blekt — a man with extraordinary destiny who consulted many thousands of people from around the world and conducted seminars in many countries. Almost everyone, even the minor characters, are real people. Part of what is described was experienced by the author himself.

Unlike the vast majority of modern books which do not serve the harmonious development of personality but rather serve as a rapid degradation, and if of any help, it’s to kill time, to destroy the most precious thing in our life. Those few books with a spiritual tinge which are now distributed often «sin» in that they are written through the prism of some religious or political concept, which is absent in this book.

This amazing book of real stories about interesting personalities presents the reader not only with a pleasant pastime but also teaches a lot. Almost everyone can find something in it that is useful and that will change his/her life for the better.

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4 thoughts on “JOURNEY IN SEARCH OF THE MEANING OF LIFE (Stories of those who have found it)

  1. Добрый день,

    Меня интересуют книги Рами на английском языке. Скажите как мне правильно оформить заказ, чтобы книги дошли в Нидерланды.

    Заранее благодарю

  2. I just after listening your books in Russian. May God’s blessings fulfil your life, you have done such amazing work writing those books! People need them as our lungs need fresh air! I definitely had lost my track & your books bring me back to my real being! Thank you! Especially, Arthur’s story is very inspirational. I’m Latvian myself & luckily I still can read books in Russian!

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