I want to share with you one very effective and powerful technique.

All our problems are because of our arrogance, pride or ego. Which manifests in various forms. Many times I’ve seen people’s life deteriorate after their pride or ego increased.

I do not know a better method of getting rid of pride, especially subconscious pride, as the method of full prostrations. This method is mandatory in all theological schools.

I noticed a lot of times how talented and successful people stop their overall progress when their pride increased. At the last retreat in Georgia and in the Level-two of the Business Course, we spent the first half of the training just to deal with and clear people’s internal states and intentions.

I suggested everyone to practice for 40 days to do full body prostrations, 108 times. 5 points should be on the floor, starting from the forehead. The ones who started doing this, changed their consciousness very quickly. They got rid of subconscious complaints, aggression, and so on.

Not everyone can have enough time and patience to prostrate 108 times. So I recommend a minimum of 4 times while setting the intention in each:

  • First one to God.
  • Second one to spiritual teacher.
  • Third one to our parents (male and female representations of the Divine).
  • Fourth one to all living beings as part of God.

You can add a few more prostrations if you are aware of a specific aggression towards someone or some situation.

About a month later, if you notice a lack of respect for yourself, bow down to yourself as well — think of the Divine aspect in yourself, part of God.

Usually within 2-3 months, all the subconscious aggression and pride subside and a completely different life, real life, begins.

With love,


  1. I am both delighted and proud of the fact that you were born and grew up in my homeland, Uzbekistan. As I was listening and reading your thoughts I often found some heart warming features I grew up with at home, such as when someone sneezes we believe that it is the Almighty confirming the utterance and supposed to respond ‘hakkati rost’ which means ‘that is right!’. Actually, I still use this recognition/confirmation phrase every time someone sneezes in my family and my children who are only half of my Uzbek blood know it very well. The same with prostrations аskiing for forgiveness. It certainly works, I tested it out immediately after reading, left me feeling much lighter and clearer in mind and body since those two are closely connected. All these centuries old traditions and customs still continue within us which is so beautiful! Thank you very much for spreading the words of wisdom! With best wishes and regards, Gulsara

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