Hello dear Rami! I want to share my realization with you, it was important for me to write it down. I beg your pardon in advance if something in the letter is not written respectfully, I had no intent to offend you, if I did, it is only because of my inability to properly express myself.

Recently I had a dream. One friend, one can say she is a clairvoyant, said to me that Rami is going to die, even mentioned an approximate time. I began to feel a lot of sadness, my heart ached, crying, and I just experienced severe suffering. Arriving to Rami’s lecture in my dream, I could not wait any longer to see him and did not at the end. I woke up in a state of grief, terrible tragedy. Even today I write these lines and the word “die” was very difficult to write. The first day went in terror, even a photo of Rami on the internet caused a sharp pain, a feeling of great tragedy, a loss. The entire day a single question was constantly on my mind: «And what about me? How am I going to live in a world where there is no Rami? «The next day, out of habit, I decided to forget everything, but the pain did not abate. I tried to persuade myself, “Rami is not my brother, not a husband, not a relative, well then, what’s the matter, what is all this suffering for and so and so», but later admitted to myself that Rami is much more: He is light, hope for something better, a living example of goodness in this world. Through him I understood a lot, saw a lot and that’s when I realized how strong my attachment is…

After all, everything is so simple, there is Rami, he teaches goodness, harmony, hence I’m not so lost, I can continue to stew in my own world, sometimes when it is going to be absolutely difficult in life all I’ll have to do is remember about Rami, cry about my imperfections, listen to a couple of Rami’s lectures, and most likely I’ll feel better, and will be able to continue to stew in my world … but I myself did not move forward, Rami gave me knowledge, but most of it is not applied. I do not support myself, there is no self-sufficiency, and there is constantly an internal emotional storm, and friends have a hard time with me. In my mind, Rami has become something like a rescue buoy, while he is alive, there is support, stability in the world, I was not looking for this support from within me. Life became very comfortable, here is the world, there are the people that make it better, but suddenly everything collapses when Rami is gone, where to find the peace?. No special temples or buildings named after Rami for his followers, he did not create a religious movement, where one could run to in moments of disorder? That is when the understanding came to me! Only yourself, you can find a foothold only in yourself, I need to change in such a way so as not to be simply peaceful myself, but so that the people around me become peaceful and calm. The knowledge that Rami teaches, became a dead weight as it was not being applied. The dream for me meant not the death of Rami, but that the knowledge would die for me if I do not start to take immediate actions in applying it. For me it is no longer possible to find peace, just by running into the church, to cry, asking for something for myself, or listening to a lecture, thinking how good and right the teachings are, and in doing so seemingly feel bright and better,but continue to live as before. This way of living did not make sense and does not help me anymore. The time has come to act and every failure to act immediately brings disorder and a storm in my heart.

Only now I realize how beautiful and how necessary your path is, Rami. Through your work, you not just comfort people, or take their dirt upon yourself, to alleviate the suffering, you call everyone to act, to change themselves, to find the strength, light and self sustaining peace in themselves. Not to be a parasite in the world, but its full-fledged united member, not to burden others with selfish impulses, but to support others and being a light to others.

Wish me please to achieve this. It is difficult to express in words, let alone write, the range of feelings and gratitude to you Rami. With all my heart I wish you good health, harmony at all levels and the unconditional love of God. I bow to you sincerely.



I received this letter. It is an example of my deification.

Many times I have asked not to do so, as I joked more than once: I have enough of self deification 🙂 Do not concentrate on my form. After all, I have a lot of shortcomings and subconscious programs that need work. Idealizing me, you can develop these programs and qualities from me.

1. Do not make idols.
If you received inspiration and wisdom through me, be grateful to God and my teachers, most likely, in these teaching moments, my ego and pride were not as big as usual. By concentrating on my form, you also run the risk: for when I do not get to hide any of my flaws, or I will do something “bad”, from your point of view, then you might give up on this knowledge for many life times.

2. Compassion — is a relative term, and everyone understands it differently.
You are extremely into «spirituality», hence your idealization of «worldly-goodness» (listen to lectures on this subject)

Learn to be harmonious and be as an unconditional loving presence. And then that loving-kindness to all living beings, of which the Buddha spoke, naturally will manifest in you.

I highly recommend reading the book «The Lucifer Effect. How good people turn evil

3. You’ll get used to internally treating everyone with respect, everyone and everything is a manifestation of a whole — of the Absolute Truth.
This is best achieved by worshiping God and all living creatures. Externally, it is important to: With those who are older and (or) wiser than you, to serve them and humbly learn from them. With equals we are friends. With younger or less advanced people we serve and nurture them, and provide appropriate instructions.

4. I do not accept personal service and donations to me and my family.
For me, the best service, if you start to seriously pursue a harmonious self-development and achieve progress, become more healthy and happy, and most importantly, loving and conscious.
Best gratitude to me — is the distribution of my books and lectures.

5. I often come to people in dreams. (We have a question/answer on this topic).
But if the dream is of my death, I usually am really on the edge. And if I go through it, it works as an entrance to the next level. Currently, for six month, I’m suffering from severe pain, and even now I write in the early morning, as I woke up in pain. Many internal realizations have been coming lately. Maybe I’ll write about them, if I do not die.

Rami Bleckt