1. They clearly know that they are an eternal soul, which, from time to time, is embodied in this material world to undergo certain lessons and work off karmic consequences of its past activities.
  1. They treat their bodies with love and respect, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and eat right. The soul, behaving in this way, is like a good driver who takes good care of his vehicle.

  1. They have no problem with asking for or refusing help, if necessary. They say «no», if they know that the execution of the request would bring great inconvenience to them, their family or others. Unless, of course, it is a matter of life and death. They are not embarrassed to set a price for their services and take money for their work.
  1. They do not allow themselves to be treated rudely and disrespectfully, and in turn, treat others with respect and courtesy. They avoid criticism, accusation and especially condemnation of both themselves and others. They have no need to justify themselves.
  1. They plan and build their own life, being attentive to others’ opinion or advice, but making their decisions independently.
  1. They treat their time carefully, with knowledge that no one can return the moment, not even for millions of dollars. They avoid idle and mindless pastime.
  1. They are constantly engaged in self-education and self-development. They are able and love to be alone, are not dependent on the crowds, TV and the Internet.
  1. Their relationships with others are based on the principle: you win — I win, otherwise we do not enter into any relationship at all. Or, «I am okay, and you are okay.»
  1. They live consciously, without participating in any manipulative games. They do not play the roles of rescuer, victim or aggressor.
  1. They accept themselves for who they are. They are not proud of their strengths or complexesabout the imaginary or real disadvantages. At the same time, they work on their weaknesses, develop their strengths and talents.

11. They do what they like to do for a living, in accordance with their talents andpsycho-physiological nature. It is important for them to do something that brings good to the people around and makes them happy and healthy.

  1. They understand spiritual Divinity, a part of the Unified Spirit within themselves. They see in everyone the soul as the primary. Their love to themselves is manifested in the fact that they certainly love everyone, and love God. They know that the highest expression of love to themselves is the humble service to the world without self-interest or expectations.