Let’s begin by establishing a simple truth: everybody needs cleansing from time to time. Imagine: even if you have the most luxurious house with the most amazing furniture, it still needs to be cleaned. Dust collects on furniture without your control, even if the house you live in is extremely beautiful and you are far away from the cities.

In the same way a person needs cleansing. Regular cleanses are very important in Eastern medicine and psychology.


Human body functions in such a way that it exerts a number of toxins. There is such specificity: during the day, body needs food and energy and in the night it would release toxins. That is why Eastern medicine recommends to not use any night creams on the basis that they do not soak in very well, block the oxygen supply and prevent the skin from releasing toxins. Ayurveda states that 95% of our illnesses arise from the build-ups of toxins. Modern British scientists agree – they believe it has an effect on the metabolism.

For a physical cleanse: 

One needs to bathe at least twice. First you should shower n the morning, as our body releases toxins up until 9AM and if we don’t wash them off by then, they remain on the skin. In the evening, 2 hours before going to bed you should bathe again to release the negative tension. Specifically, before sleep wash your feet with cold water, as they can collect negative energy during the day.

In Ayurveda, it is very important that the digestive system is cleansed in the morning, so one needs to harmonize their digestive process to enable that.

It is necessary to clean your tongue every morning, because most of the bacteria collect on the tongue and not on the teeth. Notice that if you eat unhealthy fatty foods before sleeping, in the morning there is white plaque on the tongue. It is extremely unhealthy. Yogis always clean the tongue in the morning.

It is essential to eat well and only eat foods, which are compatible with each other.

The body, of course, also needs regular cleanses. When a person does it, most of their physical and mental illness goes away. Approximately once a year you should cleanse the digestive system and your liver, and once in 2-3 years your kidneys.

The state of your body determines your mentality. If the body isn’t polluted, one gets more creative ideas, feels better. And toxins and pollutants in the body stimulate negative emotions, so it is crucial to get rid of them. Those who want to do it can read Gennadi Malakhov’s books or yoga literature.


All diseases begin not in the physical body. That’s is why it is so essential to cleanse yourself from the mental and emotional issues. Even modern medical scientists came to a conclusion that being physically unwell can be directly linked to negative mentality. If someone is pessimistic or angry at something, it reflects in themselves.

For an emotional cleanse:

Try to get rid of negative emotions. Rage is especially destructive, as it initiates the biochemical processes in the body momentarily.

One needs to pay attention to themselves and not let the negativity in, because it first and foremost affects their own lives.

Even if you are very attentive to your emotions, you can still be under the influence of someone else’s energy. In the same way as you can get your body dirty, you can pollute the emotional body. Even if you just had short communications with a negative or, as they say in modern psychology, an ‘unresourceful’ person, who is filled with fear, you can pick up that energy. Everything was fine before, but suddenly you start experiencing similar fears. That deforms the thin body and over time creates problems on the physical level and complications in personal life: the person attracts a particular reality and, as a result, cannot fulfill their career, relationships, etc.

Do not become dependent on your memories. Memories are necessary only as a realization of particular experiences. If we try to walk the same path twice, but keep falling, because there is a pit in the middle, then there is no need to walk there the third time. However, people normally regret their past and hope for their future, when our real power is in living in the present moment. Past misfortunes and pain take the most energy out of us. Sometimes, people get really emotionally hurt in school and then remember it for their whole conscious life. Some research shows that it is that kind of carried pain that can cause really serious illnesses, such as cancer. However, there is no need to suppress or ignore your memories. If the memories come, they should be observed without the emotional coloring – yes it happened, but it is gone. It can even be helpful to draw a little scheme – make a straight line and mark all the periods where something unpleasant happened to you in your life. Then draw something pleasant on these marks – something you associate with love. Imagine the energy of love filling those periods. If you manage to do that sincerely once or twice, it will help to get rid of the negativity.

For emotional wellbeing it is also important to bathe – in the morning with cold water and with hot water in the night. You can even say ‘with water goes the trouble’ (or sleepiness, tiredness, illness). That technique is actually common in Russia and Slavic healers taught me that. While doing it you should also imagine everything unpleasant washing off from you.

Communicate with interesting, wise people, who can teach you something.

Light forms of mediation are extremely useful. Nowadays many people think that in order to meditate you need to become a yogi or go to the Himalayans. That is very far from the truth. If you come home upset from work, try to meditate for a little bit. Take a shower, turn off the TV and sit for 10 minutes in silence, observe your breath and your mind. Yogis have a system called ‘pranayama’, when you breathe in a particular manner and all the negativity goes away. It is also important to say ‘I wish everybody divine love’ or ‘May everyone be happy’ – and imagine the energy of love and bliss fill every cell of your body and go through you to other people. First and foremost to those, who do or did you wrong. That cleanses the mind.


On spiritual level cleansing means harmonizing our inner state. We should mostly live under unconditional love, but the more selfish and fearful we get the worse is our karma.

Repentance enables spiritual cleansing. If you made a mistake, then you should have some kind of repentance ritual. It is important to forgive yourself, and forgive those who did you wrong.

Aside from that, selfless actions facilitate cleansing your karma. If you are doing something for others, without telling anyone about it, it enables the peace of your mind.

There are two signs that you can tell that you are doing everything right:

Firstly, you can feel that life gets better and happier every day, if not every hour, and it is a constant feeling. It has nothing to do with short-term pleasures, like eating something nice or experiencing 10 minutes of good sex. It is a state resulted from life in general – a constant inner condition.

Secondly, every day your relationships with those around you get better.


In Russia, very few people heard of the ancient Indian teaching Vastu. It is considered that Slavic people actually used it and Buddhist monks took its elements and popularized it in China, where on the basis of Vastu developed fengshui.

Basic recommendations of Vastu:

There should be no clutter in the house. It is important that the entrance to your home is clean and beautiful. If you have clutter by the doors, it is considered to make it harder for the positive energy to enter the house.

It is crucial that it is clean inside the house. If the house is dirty, then your thoughts get cluttered, you will notice the husband starts to shout more, the wife gets angry, and children become more disobedient.

There should be no useless things in the home. Of course, you can preserve valuable family or religious relics. But otherwise old things carry a great deal of negative energy. You should also get rid of things, which belonged to someone who got diseased and died.

Throw away old things, the carry the energy of Saturn, and that is the planet, which symbolizes loneliness, unhappiness and misery. It is considered that old things prevent new energy from entering the house. For example, if you have a whole wardrobe of old and unfashionable things, which you have not been wearing for years, you are blocking the access energy. The Universe sees: why do you need to make money to buy new clothes? Your wardrobes are already full! And you actually start earning less. The best thing to do is to give the clothes to those who need it.

If a woman marries twice, she should throw away the clothes she used to wear with the first husband. Especially that concerns underwear and bed sheets. All of these things carry another person’s energy and on a subconscious level the man is going to feel that. He might not realize why he is getting annoyed, but he will treat his wife worse. It is considered that old things left from the previous marriage, destroy the new one. If you were severely ill and there was a threat to your life, after getting better you should throw away all the clothes you wore during that period and get rid of the bed sheets on which you slept.

There are cases when it is good to keep something – for example, if a woman is in a happy marriage and has a dress which is associated with good moments, that dress is good to keep and to maybe even give to her daughter – because it carries positive energy.

With no regrets throw away broken stuff and things that are not beautiful.

Nothing in the house should be made from artificial materials – polyester or synthetic fabrics. Do not buy fake flowers for your home – they are considered to take the Venus energy and bring poverty. You should only get those for funerals.

Art in your house should be carefully chosen. There shouldn’t be anything, which is related to death or gloomy subjects. Don’t put clashing pictures on your walls. The best things for your home’s energy are beautiful landscapes, flowers, pictures with spiritual or religious meaning. Teenagers like to decorate their rooms with the posters of their favourite musicians and actors. However, images of half-naked women or aggressive men are very harmful, because all imagery very much affects our subconscious.

Make sure your home is beautiful and comforting. Elegant, beautiful things from natural materials bring Venus energy into your house, and it is essential for happy marriage and material prosperity. If the home’s environment is too simple and minimalistic, then the man will at some point subconsciously desire other women, as he is in need of loving and comforting energy.

Rami Bleckt