Rami Bleckt, Ph.D.

President of Spiritual United Nations of Canada Inc.

May 18, 2015


Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1


Hon. Liz Sandals, Ontario Minister of Education
14th Floor, Mowat Block
900 Bay Street
Toronto ON M7A 1L2


The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Petitions Department

Legislative Bldg, Rm 104
111 Wellesley St W
Toronto ON M7A 1A2


The Right Hon. Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Dear Sirs:



This letter-petition is in response to the government of Ontario’s proposed implementation of the newly revised graphic sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. By way of copying this letter to the attention of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario I ask that the same be considered as a petition in relation to any legislative initiation relating to this matter and implementation of the newly revised graphic sex-ed curriculum in Ontario.  In addition, by way of copying the letter upon the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Hon. Stephen Harper, I hope the message contained in the within letter will reach responsible offices on a federal level, as well as the level of other Provinces, to ensure common comprehension of the issues and the potential effects of the proposed sex-ed program in Ontario.

Although I have never been particularly interested in politics, I cannot stay silent about the pressing issue that I am addressing. The government of Ontario’s determination to instigate sexual education from the age of 12 to the young age of 6 can shock any person who is familiar with the consequences of a such proposed implementation.

To demonstrate the importance of the issue here, I was not that disturbed when I learned that Ontario was about to financially collapse, since some financial experts consider that Ontario is on the borderline of a recession. The Province’s debt is over 286 billion dollars. Moreover, interest payout on this debt is over 10.6 billion dollars (even increasing in estimated budget to 11.4 billion dollars) which is more than all projected social benefits. Despite, implementation of the new changes to the sex-ed program is something that I refuse to ignore and intend to oppose vigorously.


While I respect that the government tries to instil values of tolerance and such to new generations, I do not believe that they need to learn about sexuality at such a young age when they are not old enough to comprehend these actions. I believe that this new addition to the sex-ed program is essentially promoting sex to children in primary school. 

For your consideration, below is reference to some facts:

1. Less than a 100 years ago, promptly upon gaining the power in Russia, the communists began to enforce free sexual education in some schools and in kindergartens. There were organized parades of naked people in the centre of Moscow.  This led the children to degrade and their psyche was damaged beyond repair. Hence the communists had to stop this program immediately.

2. Canada owes duty for its prosperity, high cultural level and achievements in part to the high standards of morality and ethics established within the culture by the Aboriginal Peoples and the founding colonists. The government of Ontario now takes advantage of these cultural ethics preserved by many generations and actively energetically borrows from the future generations, financially and intellectually. As  a result, it throws the Province and the whole country into poverty, spiritual and material…

3. Please note that medical and true spiritual schools underline the importance of appropriate relations with sexual energy, which determines psychological and physical health of a person, including the level of happiness and success in life. The majority of these professionals proclaim that the later in life the individual touches upon sexual content, the more healthy, wealthy and successful he/she will be. In general, it’s the question of survival. Wellbeing and survival of society depends on prosperity and the survival of individuals in it. For many of us, who are  professionals and who can see what is going on with the body (on physical, mental and emotional levels), it is obvious that sexual education at this early age stops mental and spiritual development of a personality on lower energy chakras, and their upper energy centers are getting blocked. Therefore, the person remains primitive in his or her development.

4. Spiritual schools claim that if the energy goes to the genital organs, then children, ESPECIALLY young males, lose their ability to study and focus. Many families who care about the development of their children cannot help but notice that when their son’s success in school drops, it is directly correlated to the boys’ addiction to masturbation and erotic content that has become so easily accessible and promoted in schools under the mask of sex-ed.

5. Furthermore, what the spiritual schools teach is easy to confirm. Countries where morality and culture are preserved, the children are able to learn higher level things and are much more career driven (ex. China, India, Singapore etc). For example, regions in Western Europe regretfully are often morally degrading. In comparison with the immigrant population from countries where the culture and morality are still bring upheld, Western Europe’s native population exposed to degrading sexual and explicit content is reducing rapidly. Such degradation is the cause of infertility, young people’s tendency to review sexual relations as self-gratifying pleasure and not a way to procreate and to form loving families where children are raised. Our society is quickly turning into one where everyone merely seeks pleasure and the concept of a family does not exist, and instead, avoided at all costs. Is this really the type of society we want to turn Ontario and Canada into? If you read the European demographic data, you will see the alarming decrease of the population in Europe. I reiterate, sexual lechery, which is all over the media and entertainment, is to blame for that as well.  Sexual immorality in schools is disguised as sexual education. The school program turns  more «primitive» with each year as the children becoming more sexually obsessed can’t understand simple facts. For example, the math program which was studied in the 5th grade prior to infiltration of sexual education is now studied in college. I have read some studies indicating that most of the students who are able to do so are new immigrants. I relate it to the fact that these children are not yet exposed to the extensive and graphic sexual education.

6. We hear how the generation of the 80’s is called the “lost” generation. I agree. It is not surprising as the 80’s is when this horrible experiment of education on sexuality was commenced. It is not often that you can meet many of this generation to have normal and happy families, with children, to have good relations with parents. There are so many geniuses that could not develop, and thus the country could not benefit from their skills and input. Now they say that Canada is living through a demographic catastrophe, and it is despite the country is accepting almost the largest amount of immigrants in the world… But even then, back in the 80’s, «experiments» on these people started while they were at the age of 10-13. You now want to degrade the population you are responsible for from the age of 6.
7. There is no single independent scientific research that would prove that the proposed sex-ed program is useful, beneficial and healthy. In  fact, there is revealing evidence to the contrary. For example, the research of Dr. Miriam Grossman, who postulates that it will have a catastrophic effect not only on individuals, but also on the society in general, as the quality of the individuals make up the quality of the society.

8. There is also an example of Sweden where in the past it was quite culturally prospering country. After the implementation of programs in schools and social programs, the state started to play the role of «family» for children instead of letting the parents take care of the children’s ethical development. This is how tragic sex-ed programs are getting implemented. As a result, rapid degradation of morals and ethics occurred, and there is now a cultural and legal crash. Now it is basically a nation under extinction where the juvenile crime and vandalism rates are among the first ranks in the world. As a consequence of moral degradation, this country also faces demographic catastrophe.

9. As in Sweden, the rates of rape, sexually transmitted diseases among children, pregnancy by underage girls, alcohol and drug abuse, juvenile crime in Canada and USA have all increased  catastrophically, which is also directly linked to the implementation of degrading educational and upbringing techniques. Notably, only a 100 years ago one of the most serious crimes was verbal abuse towards women. And now it is a norm, it is something that women deal with on a daily basis. Furthermore, in USA there is a rape occurring every 2 minutes, and about 44% of victims are under the age of 18. In Canada, statistics indicates that 60% of sexual abuse/assault victims are under the age of 17, over 80% of sex crime victims are women, 15% of sexual assault victims are boys under 16, and one in four North American women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime.    In addition, in Canada the rates of STIs are steadily increasing, and young Canadians have the highest reported rates of sexuality transmitted infections. For example, Canadian universities are constantly dealing with rape scandals and sexual abusers on campus. This is a result of early sexual education which causes this moral degradation of the young. The government’s proposed sex-ed will exacerbate these occasions.

As a professional working with many people of various ages and ethnic groups, and being able to observe their emotional, physical and mental levels and impact on families and little children of early sexual exposure, I can say that the government of Ontario’s proposed innovations are not properly designed to prevent sexual offences. In addition, it will not increase the level of comprehension and responsibility, or prevent STIs and teen pregnancies. IN FACT, THEY DO THE OPPOSITE! Such early age exposure to sexual content leads to corruption of morality and intellect. This is a shock to children’s psyche and will be a major cause to degrading progeny which will result in social and financial collapse! Are you willing to take responsibility for such potential repercussions?

We ask you to stop!

We ask that you take this program out of primary and secondary school, as well as of high school! We ask you to spend more time to the study of morality, ethics, general culture and mathematics.

Children should be spending their time learning about ethics, literature and mathematics, not about sex! Sexual education will only corrupt the minds making them less likely to be functional and positive members in society. Modern children exposed to sex immorality are basically not capable of studying anything apart from drama classes, and they do not know yet that you and your government’s team are turning their lives into one horrible drama and tragedy!

It appears that the intended goal of these new implementations is to promote tolerance and acceptance of those who are different, but there are other means of doing so and teaching a 6 year old about sex, especially in graphics, will not achieve this!


Mr. Rami Bleckt, Ph.D.

— Author of many books translated into 9 languages, President of Spiritual United Nation of Canada Inc. — non-for-profit organization that unites spiritual people with the sole purpose of service to humanity and organizes charity actions at its own efforts in Canada, India and East European countries.


P.S. I notice the tendency of you and your team to declare those opposing your concepts as being homophobes or religious fanatics. Your attempt to relate to the author of this petition as such will not be based on facts and will be vigorously opposed. Please note that as far back as 25 years ago I have been actively involved in defending minorities in communist countries at the risk of my own freedom.