Since October 2008 nearly in every country, where I conduct trainings, I have to deal with increasing feeling of fear — world economic crisis. People are afraid of their living standard to go down. Many of them have not had a good sleep for a long time, others have had a pessimistic outlook on the world, someone aren’t getting on well with relatives, friends and there are lots of extreme situations — people start smoking, taking alcohol and even drugs.
The advantage of crisis is that it checks the human: all his weaknesses reveal.
But if the human lives in harmony he easily overcomes all pitfalls and as a result goes up in various aspects.
I have decided to offer a brief of my Moscow training and I hope to help our readers to learn how to overcome any stresses and crises easily.

1. The main thing that should be understood in inner level — nothing is constant in this world, otherwise life would become boring. There must be changes in life which are considered as crises.

tree-change is the only constant
2. A crisis provides lots of new opportunities. In Chinese “crisis” consists of 2 parts: “danger” and “chance”. So, if you overcome crisis properly, you will have a very good chance to succeed.

3. To avoid “the crisis epidemic” don’t communicate to pessimists and don’t listen to news.
We choose our own mode of thinking. The old Indian epic “Ramayana” says: “Everything that happens to us unexpectedly against our will — is our fate”. Life circumstances — is our karma, it can’t be always changed immediately, but it depends on the person how to react to life situations and our fate can be changed.

4. Crisis shouldn’t be undervalued — different situations can happen, even something really unpleasant. But it is very important to imagine the worst-case scenario and go through it without complaining, accept the situation mentally and thank the God for it.
On the behavior level you should quietly but at the same time actively put effort to overcome the situation. If the worst didn’t happen to you, imagine what you would do if it happen (you could register with a job center, being put up by relatives, etc) — this thought gives you positive energy.

5. Don’t be afraid of crises; on the contrary learn to appreciate them. Only during these tests inner growth is possible. It is said that souls that are on a higher mental level always choose reincarnation where they have to solve serious problems. There is a proverb: “Failure teaches success”.

6. Crisis makes you look at life in a different way, revaluation of values take place and very important comprehension comes “everything in this world is temporary”. For example, when our relatives die we realize that we are mortal, we are not only the body, and everything is temporary here. It helps us not to get used to anything or anyone and makes us free from pain. The pain arises when we are not ready to accept inevitable life situations. If you accept the situation mentally, you can solve the problem much more easily and quicker.

7. Any stresses should be overcome in harmony, on all 4 levels.
On the physical level you should be very active because during exercising or any other activity hormones of happiness (endorphins) are produced by your body. Nature teaches this to us and many animals behave like this — during stresses they become very active.
Also it is very important to practice yoga (our body and mind become relaxed) and to be on a balanced, healthy diet. Meat, coffee, food, that are full of preservatives or any chemical additive, fill us with negative emotions. It also harmful to overeat or eat less then 4 hours before your sleep and drink less that 2 liters of water per day. Water has a lot of advantages, it positively influences on our body and mood, because it removes negative emotions.
A proper sleep is important too — your nervous system is relaxed between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. So you should early go to bed and early wake up.
To avoid insomnia it is necessary to spend enough time outside, to do some physical exercises, to swim, to take saline baths, 2 hours before sleep to take hot shower.
All these remove mental tension.
Crisis affects the health and our health is the basis of everything. So, start taking care of your health now, to be ready to any crisis. It helps to produce energy and strengthen the immune system.

8. On the social level, especially during crisis, it is very important to help people, who surround you, don’t concentrate only on yourself. Usually during the stress we think that we are in the worst situation in the world, but in fact there are a lot of people who feel much worse.
When we help selflessly, we transmit energy of happiness: the more you give, the more you get back.
So, it is better to help people on the selfless basis without thinking of getting any profits. “The world needs your help, so why don’t you make others become happier?”

9. On the intellectual level, it is very favorable to read philosophical and spiritual literature, which helps us to find the purpose of the life. It is necessary to know your goals and to understand what you are living for. Life without any purpose is full of stress. If you know the goals of your life it is easier to overcome crisis. Your mind is relaxed and new opportunities are given. Sensible life is your protection against crisis.
It is also useful to reconsider your system of values, to make changes in your plans, and to refuse some wishes and intensions.

books reading
10. Crises are different: economic, political, physical, in relationships. We need it because the crisis shows us the wrong way of our life.
Most crises are provoked by us sometimes without any reason. If our life was more harmonious, there would not be so many crises.
If we don’t overcome crises, we go on the lower level of life that can be dangerous. Anyway, in future we will face the same or worse situation because we have to learn this lesson.
For example, a man should overcome the crisis in relationships; his partner behaves in a strange way making him feel offended. If a man doesn’t forgive and accept the situation, he will face betrayal and then illnesses. And if he doesn’t work on his mistakes, he will die and this problem will be repeated in the next reincarnation.

11. During crisis you should be flexible, don’t have fear and greed.
But the main thing is the ability to cope with our obsessions and dependencies. The more we perceive ourselves just as a body, the more crisis influence on us. And that is the reason of illnesses.
We are not just the body; we are the soul, which lives in different bodies. After understanding it you overcome crisis on Spiritual level.
Our life is a play and we are actors or scriptwriters. The life could become either a comedy or a tragedy — it depends on our mode of thinking. It is only your choice how to react on different situations. Someone who has been just ruined jumps out of window; others are happy that they don’t need to work tomorrow.
Don’t be afraid of loosing money or property that were the aim of the life. You can build a new life or without groaning end it with limited money. If you lost your position don’t be afraid of hard working. Try to accept the situation- something happens because you need it as a lesson.

freedom rope
12. Human whose happiness depends on high living standard faces crisis. He becomes a slave of circumstances and it is easy to manipulate him. At the same time, human who is free from obsessions, easily overcomes crises. So, it is very important not to become used to material values and comfort.
If we want something very much, we lose it and the crisis starts. The more we want, the more we loose because we can possess something that we are not afraid of losing.
Only that businessman who is not afraid of losing capital is very rich and successful. He is free from worries. It is very important to understand that a strong obsession kills us mentally.
Human, whose happiness depends on living standards faces crisis. Comfort is the last “trap” of our civilization.
For the inner growth it is necessary to practice yoga, to go regularly on diet, limit yourself in something — it gives energy (“shakti”). Men’s power depends on patience and endurance.

13. Death, destruction, an end of something are always the beginning of something new! If one door is closing, the other is opening nearby. It is important to be in harmony, calm down your mind and then it is possible to see the opening door.

14. In a crisis you should sometimes express your emotions if you feel sad or when you are under the stress. Don’t try to hide your feelings behind a smiling face. If you don’t express emotions and all your negative energy is inside, so you are going to be mentally destroyed. You will have dual personality which can lead to illnesses and stresses. It is worth being under the emotion for some time, thinking about the problem and understand the reasons of it — there is nothing shameful.
Let yourself grieve. It’s better to say aloud: “I feel very sad and depressed; there is a lump in my throat, etc.”
When your talk about the emotion, it goes away much quicker and doesn’t leave any mental scars.
After facing crisis many people start going from one extreme to the other (good- bad, hot-cold, etc). One must understand that Divine Love is above contrasts.
If you overcome stressful situations correctly you will have very deep spiritual knowledge.

after the storm
15. Unconditional love overcomes crises and illnesses. Don’t try to struggle against crisis. If you struggle against something or someone, the opponent becomes aggressive and he gets all your energy. In eastern psychology, in eastern martial arts there is a rule: you can’t win unless you can unconditionally love.
Before every single combat opponents bowed before each other, showing the respect and sent love to each other. In such state a person lives in “a flow”and listens to intuition.
When we love life and everything around us, we are not obsessed with anything because our main aim is giving back and service to people. But you must not use love with selfish intentions — it doesn’t work. Our illnesses and stress are our “teachers” — look at it from different aspects, accept it and send love and gratitude.
The first step is internal acceptance of crisis, then gratitude and then acceptance with love.

16. Every crisis, especially a long one, can leave a depression and negative emotions in your sub consciousness. So, it is important to visualize it (for example, to draw some difficult situations) and fill it with love. Now you can’t behave in a different way and physically return in that moment, but you can do it mentally.

17. Crisis in 99 % causes a fear for the future and it is very harmful, it takes our energy.
There is only one moment — here and now. Just ask yourself: “What can I do here and now to improve the situation? Where and how can I show my creative abilities?”
If you are here and now, so you can easily solve the problem step by step, using all the opportunities. Stop pitying yourself and thinking like: “Why this situation has happened to me
(I am so good, I don’t deserve it)? What will happen if…”
The right question is: “What I need this situation for?”

18. Our happiness depends on how we sacrifice.
Everything in this world is achieved by our sacrifice. Without it we can achieve nothing: to achieve your goal it is necessary to work hard, regularly do your duties.
When a person archives something easily without any efforts, so he deserves it because of previous incarnations. All our problems are the result of our unwillingness to sacrifice, to accept situations and to give back.
In our civilization it is thought that any pain is bad and people do everything to avoid it. But we need some pain and some problems. If want to achieve something we must sacrifice.
While sacrificing you take crisis as an opportunity to help people. The life is being filled with sense and interest when you sacrifice for the idea. And the more serious, helpful the idea is, the happier you become.
Sacrifice for money provides happiness for some time but doesn’t fill with energy. Then you feel emptiness, because our soul needs only love, not money.
But if a person lives only for his sake and not even for his relatives — this is the real crisis.
A selfish person is in permanent crisis, he sacrifices life for his ego. It can provide fears, stresses, pride. The mission of the soul is unconditional love and service to everyone.

19. Everything is learnt in comparison. We are concentrated on our problems; consider ourselves the center of the World. And somewhere nearby people are dying, become cripples, suffer from dangerous illnesses, problems. In comparison with their hard situations, ours are unserious.
Something happened to you — you have lost the job, money or your boyfriend left you — thank God, because it is a good lesson at least for your soul. And often it is good for you body too. For example, if your boyfriend stayed with you, soon he would be the reason of pain or problems; maybe you would be killed for the money that you lost. Even when dying, it is possible to radiate happiness and love.

20. When you accept situations and problems, thank the God for it, you are filled with other energies. There is happiness, calmness inside you, and problems are solved easily, you can listen to intuition.
If you overcome crisis correctly, the situation improves and new crises appear rarely.
Just become harmonized, get rid of obsessions, live filled with love — it will be easy to overcome crisis and help yourself, relatives, friends and even the whole world.
Don’t listen to any forecasts — live with a thought that everything is good and every day everything becomes better and better in every respect. Create the reality full of love and happiness.

Be healthy, successful and happy!

I want to thank Olga Shiryaeva for the help of writing this text.

Rami Bleckt