We were talking many times that a man can be happy and healthy if he develops himself on 4 levels:

— physical,

— social,

— intellectual,

— and spiritual.

We analysed in details what each of these levels means and how to develop them. It is important to understand that in order to be in the centre on this diagram (see the pictures in parts 1 and 2), it is important to develop on a Spiritual level (Authentic Spirituality). If we don’t do this, then sooner or later the other levels will no longer receive energy and will bring us more suffering.


It is most important and the basic, most fundamental level. It is a source of infinite energy of the Supreme. Or if you turn over the pyramid, it is on top. But the concept of the Spirit has no top and bottom. The Spiritual level is fundamental, because if there is any flaw, it will appear at the lower levels tens to hundreds of times more. The lower the level, the greater the suffering and misery will be. A small flaw on the Spiritual level destroys mental health, and then the physical and vice versa, as stated in Bhagavad-gita, «even a little advancement on this Path will protect you from many misfortunes,» («The one who goes on this Way, do not know losses; even little progress on it will protect a person from the greatest danger «).


According to Ayurveda, the first step to illnesses begins with an increase of greed, selfishness that indicates problems on a Spiritual level. This leads to mental anxiety and tension in the mind and various parts of the body, from the disruption of homoeostasis and metabolism, to more and more mistakes in life, laziness, aggression and as a consequence — to all kinds of illnesses. But if through the proper spiritual development comes an inner peace, the mind settles down, then homoeostasis in the body will be restored fully. For a man it becomes easier to live a blissful life in accordance with the natural rhythms, eat healthy, do physical exercises, cleansing the body, etc. As a result we obtain health on a physical level.

It is important to increase in goodness, Sattva. Increasing Sattva leads to a reduction of selfishness and pride. Thus, we can make progress on a Spiritual level only if our life is dominated by the guna (mode) of goodness. In my book «Three energies» it is told in details how the influence of the gunas affects our lives and how to increase the Sattva guna).

We even begin to take care of our physical bodies to better serve others and not to cause anyone any concern with our problems.


The next level is a Social one. This is a higher level, and misery on a social level can cause more suffering to us and to others (for example, in personal life). Social level is important because at this level it is determined how well a person can build a relationship with other people. And love is manifested in a relationship. If love leaves the relationship, then it turns into hell. If the relationship, especially with loved ones, is inharmonious, we can’t be happy and successful.

For example, if a person does not release an offense (still gets offended), he is given a betrayal, if he (she) does not release the betrayal correctly both internally and externally, then he is given an illness and hard strokes of fate. But a person, correctly developed on the spiritual level, doesn’t get offended, and thus does not activate the whole chain.

Love — is a spiritual quality, not a material, and the spirit is infinite, all pervading and eternal. In a material world all energies are limited as in a rough so in a subtle matter (which, actually, in the diagram on the right in the «spiritual»). But there is one energy that is the source of all worlds and anything else at all, that supports everyone and everything connects everything — it is the energy of God’s Love.

If God’s love is added to a person’s life at all levels, life becomes a bliss, even if externally there is something bad (not in a way our ego would like).

If we put relationships (love) in the second place and money, work, etc. in the first, then we lose both the relationship and Love. This concerns not only relationships but also any other field of activity. All what we put above God’s love, to which we attach greater importance than Divine Love, from which we begin to depend on, to which we get attached and set it higher then Divine Love, we lose that, it makes us dependent and miserable.

We have the right to possess that which we are not afraid to lose.


Some Western psychologists, marketers, business coaches have already come to the conclusion that love is necessary, even in making money, in business management, etc. The idea is correct, but you can’t use love for your selfish gain. Love can be a target, but not the means. If you don’t treat money with love (with love means you see the Divine energy in them, but not attached to them, not proud if you have more money than the others, and if you have less, then not envy, treat money with respect, etc.), then money go away from you. But the love for money is not a passionate desire to possess them. Love and a passionate desire to possess are completely different things. We must seek them externally, but inside not to be attached to them. Such person does not commit frauds, deceptions, treacheries and so on for the sake of money, and in the beginning such person may not look like the most successful one, but in the end he becomes wealthy on all levels.

One of the translations of Artha (Arthashastra — section of the Vedas, dedicated to wealth) — is flourishing (many believe that it is just money, material wealth), which comes due to the fact that a person is internally harmonious, peaceful and happy. The genuine Wealth is the abundance from God. According to the position of the ancient sages, we are poor because we don’t have the prosperity that is reflected in the facts that:

1. We eat a healthy, nutritious, wholesome food, which provides us with prana, the vital energy by which the mind is calm and our body gives us happiness;

2. We breathe fresh air;

3. We maintain a good relationship with loved ones, we have family, friends;

4. We live in a spacious house, which is built according to Vastushastra (by natural laws). We enjoy beautiful views from the window.

At the present time, to earn money, people migrate to big cities, where they get their money. But does this money guarantee a healthy wholesome food, fresh air, good accommodation, etc.? Or warm and heartfelt relationship with other people? Hardly…

If we begin to treat all living beings with love, build family relationship based on a mutual giving and service, get engaged in activities with love according our destiny (and do not rush to where they pay more), we become truly wealthy on all levels.

We should point at the importance of family. The more a person is filled with love, the more he becomes a truly spiritually advanced — the more he understands the importance of family and family values: the relationship with parents, husband (wife), the birth and upbringing of children, the creation of a home. The more people and society are selfish and set to consumerism, the worse is the relationship to the family and family values, although many, at the same time, can consider themselves very «spiritual» people.

Only that man can renounce family, who 100% decided to devote himself to God, and to leave to a monastery. But this should be a conscious decision, not an escape from problems. What is also important is the lack of desire in people who have decided to completely devote themselves to God. Almost all traditions do not recommend it to women, or recommend, but at least in the second half of life. But in our time it is the same about men, and even that, as a rule, should happen in old age.


If Love leaves on an intellectual level, a man starts to go to hell (becoming more selfish also because pride is increases). If a person doesn’t have a strong spiritual level, he either has incorrectly made priorities and plans for life, or has no aspirations at all.

Intelligence is divided into two parts: internal and external.

External intelligence is directed outwards. It is trying to learn the material world and how it can be used. This is an intelligence of Western man — to discover the nature and its laws through external signs. At this level, the achievements are:

— the opening of the new laws, the inventions which improve the material life and give more comfort

— reading and studying more materials, more books, getting diplomas, etc.

— building own lives in such way to earn more and give less, make more use of other people.

(it is described in details in a remarkable book by Professor D. Frawley «Ayurveda & Mind»).

There is an inner, spiritual intellect, which is directed inward.


In this context, it refers to our High transcendental Self. At this level a man understands that the knowledge opens from inside and descends through the Masters.

For this to happen, you need a humility, respect to your Teachers, service to Them, conscious life and a calm mind.

If a person spiritualizes his intellect (especially through the understanding of the main purpose of life — Divine Love), he just gets all nature’s laws unfolded to him. Many sages have not even finished a middle school, but their treatises on the structure of the material world and its laws, on medicine, architecture, psychology, sociology, physiology, philosophy, astronomy, and many other topics are far superior to modern scientific achievements.

Intellectual level is characterized, above all, by the fact that a person knows why he lives. Having a weak intellect — it’s like to sail on a ship at the sea without a steering wheel. The Vedas say that the mind must be spiritualized. If it is spiritualized, we can achieve all what we want, we can distinguish between the eternal — Sat and temporary — Asat, we can accept in our lives everything that is favourable for the service and development of Unconditional Love, and reject that what is unfavourable, be able to live developing inner renunciation. This requires a spiritually strong mind. And the mind perfectly knows the goal, it is ready to go for it, and it has great strong aspirations. This can be done only by truly spiritually evolved person who has a strong spiritualized mind.

On an intellectual level, it is important to know the purpose of life, to understand what the Spiritual level is and to have a strong Will and a great desire to go for it. Also, a strong mind means a strong Will, and with a strong will a person can change his fate, but if the mind is not spiritualized, then a person still can go far, but «not  there».

When we rise on the Spiritual level, problems of the physical, social and intellectual levels are solved very easily. No matter where you live, if your motive is an approximation to the Divine Love and help to others to do the same,then the air, which people breathe in and suffer, becomes therapeutic for you.

Question: What are the qualities of a character that appear in a person who goes on an authentic spiritual Path?

This question was answered about 5,000 years ago. The Almighty said: «Fearlessness, purification of our existence, the development of spiritual knowledge, charity, self-control, sacrifices, studying the Vedas (editorial — or other God-given scriptures or those of enlightened sages), austerity, simplicity, non-violence, truthfulness, freedom from anger, renunciation, tranquillity, reluctance to seek imperfections in others, compassion for all living creatures, freedom from greed, kindness, humility, persistent determination, vigour, forgiveness, strength of spirit, purity, freedom from envy and from the desire for glory — all these transcendental qualities, Oh son of Bharata, inherent righteous people, endowed with Divine nature. «Bhagavad-gita, Ch. 16.