The Alchemy of Interpersonal Relations

A few of years ago, I gave a CD of my seminars to a very successful businessman in Finland as a present. A few hours later, he rang me up and began to thank me with great enthusiasm. At that time, he was on his way attending a number of seminars and lectures. He was particularly grateful for the seminar, which has been taken as the basis of this book, and was of the opinion that it should be made available to everyone. (By the way, several people wrote to me saying that this knowledge should be included in the compulsory curriculum in schools and universities). He added that if he had known all that earlier, he could have avoided quite a few mistakes in his future business and private life…

It was important and pleasant for me to hear these words, especially from a well-educated man with a high level of inner and outer culture, who had vast experience in interpersonal relations with spiritual gurus. He also said that he intended to pass his new knowledge on to his top managers and the heads of departments and branches.

I remember the time when my curiosity was aroused about this kind of knowledge. That was about 12 years ago, in 1997. I was reading an interesting and informative book (Madelyn Burley-Allen «Listening: The Forgotten Skill». If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you to read precisely this book, although unfortunately it has been out of print for a long time) and I made a number of discoveries that later have become a great help for me in many areas of life.

Then I read many books and articles by western psychologists which were devoted to this subject, but by and large their contents were the same. That is to say it was not the only good book devoted to the psychology of interpersonal relations, and I wouldn’t have paid such close attention to it if I hadn’t seen how this knowledge works in practice: in my life, in the lives of my friends and acquaintances, and that is an important indicator for me.

I particularly remember an incident with my friend. When he finished school and the elite military academy with distinction, he was quite practically minded but unfortunately had serious problems in communicating with the people around him and, therefore, experienced failures in his private life.

Suddenly, however, I noticed that in all areas of his life considerable changes for the better began to happen; his ability to conduct negotiations and interact with other people started to gain him respect. I realized that he followed the main instructions given in this book very precisely. Now he lives a happy life with his family in Australia.

In the following years, I have read many books and articles about effective interpersonal relations, attended many seminars on this topic, and have always tried to put this knowledge into practice. Some of the information I had read I have discarded as being impractical. Something was added from my own experience of life, and, as a result, I developed my own training programme on this subject, which was warmly received and got many favourable reviews.

In this training programme I tried to combine psychological work experience with oriental wisdom, for the knowledge of this topic is a necessary prerequisite for fast progress in the spiritual and material aspects of life.

This small book is a slightly abridged and revised printed version of the training programme. We have tried to retain an informal style of writing for easy reading and understanding, hoping that it will be understood by the reader.

I very much hope that this knowledge will be interesting and useful for you and the people around you.

With love


Rami Bleckt is a rare type of teacher, healer and spiritual leader. He is bright, honest, deeply sensitive (but firm when necessary), has a good sense of humour and is natural on stage. His combination of heart, mind and spirit makes for an entertaining experience that really helps people to learn, grow and to embrace their own capacities and resources.

Prof. Frank Cardel
Psychotherapist and the world leader in personal growth


This is one of the best books about communicative psychology.

Dr. Ludmila Travkoff director of a psychology clinic


This is one of the best books on communication psychology I have ever read. According to the British Psychological Society, psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and behaviour. This book is really about people, mind and behaviour as well as happiness of understanding and communication. The author is dropping all sorts of knowledge on the reader from every angle. It is super-well-written and covers a LOT of grounds. It covers my favourite themes: the unconscious, spirituality, the limits of rational thought as well as limits of language. It is an easy reading for a psychology lover who will read it for pleasure. If you study psychology, this great book can supplement your studies being one of the best choices to deepen your knowledge of psychology. I am very grateful to Rami Bleckt for this new brilliant book and cordially recommend it to everyone.

Elena Korotaev
Life Coach, Toronto