Cleaning up garbage in Georgia leads to the heart’s purification

An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory.

Swami Sivananda

One of my favorite activities is cleaning up the territory from garbage and organize cleaning; everything around is immediately cleaner. In Georgia (Caucasus), together with our future teachers we were engaged in this good activity every day. We cleared a huge canyon from garbage: the photo shows how trucks every day took out several tons of garbage. Now Georgia has become even more beautiful and cleaner!

Wherever our retreats take place, we try to clean up everywhere. And I, too, urge you to clean up the garbage everywhere. This is one of the best exercises for purifying the heart. 

The only one place where it was tough to clean up is in India, it’s not clear where they take out the garbage. 🙂 At best, they will take it from one place to another. We finally found a place of garbage dumping, and took all the junk we collected there. The locations of garbage collection are designated and managed by the government, and usually located on the beaches and on the holy grounds (like temples etc). 

We urge you to purify without expecting anything in return, this is one of the ways to serve the humanity.  Remember,  reality around us affects our us within (the mind)