Energies in a Woman

It is important when material desires are dominant in a woman (family, home, comfort). The woman achieves Divine Love through family, children, caring, creating the atmosphere of love within the house and around her. For a woman the outer stability is very important.

Without stability it is difficult to bring up children and have a calm mind. Female mind and body are not created for austerities and penances. You can find very few examples of women who went to the caves to meditate for many years, and less of those who were successful in this. If in case of the temporary emotional and spiritual ecstasy she has head for the cave or the desert to take on some austerities, nature has given women fear of mice, lizards and a strong desire for idle chatter.

It is important to devote 60% of their energy on the material aspects of life, leaving 40% for the spiritual life. This healthy balance will allow to give birth to healthy children.

Rami Bleckt