Honest dialogue. Sergey Lazarev and Rami Bleckt about the role of spiritual leaders and every person.

Rami: Dear Sergey Nikolayevich, my best regards, I am delighted to have you here on our live broadcast. I must note that today is sort of an anniversary of our relationship. 20 years ago I first came to your seminar and your private counselling session, which, in my opinion, was really helpful.  It was about 20 years ago in Israel. Later, we travelled a lot around Israel and had some discussions. You helped me a lot. Then we met in Lithuania and India.

By the way, there may be people here that do not know you, some of my followers,  so let me briefly introduce you, why I think you you are one of the spiritual leaders, at least in the Russian-speaking world. You have tens of millions of published books. Especially in the nineties and early twenties that you were particularly famous. Of course, you are still widely known, but I think those who were on the spiritual development path in those years, know you very well. Why I personally respect you, as I once told you in Lithuania: «I respect your works  because they really change people and provide help.»

Nowadays there are a lot of esoteric trends, a lot of new movements, but I have noticed that your books really help those who read them. Now you have a lot of  great new books , however, your earlier books  might have been wrongly forgotten, like “The Diagnostics of Karma”.  I was leaving Moscow for a couple of months and my assistant brought me a whole pile of books to read. Well, thank you!  Unfortunately, I just took a few which I was reading in South America and Antarctica while travelling. I am sorry I left the others because I had excess baggage but these books were really useful for me.

And one more reason why it is great honor for me to introduce you: you are a quite harmonious person, because despite the fact that you are about twenty years older than me, you are really fit. I remember we swam in the Dead Sea in Israel and decided to have a swimming competition. I must admit I felt a bit embarrassed as I am a Candidate Mater of Sports in swimming. I asked you if you had ever practiced, you said you swam a little, had some practice in a pond or something. In fact, you almost beat me! You lost only because your swimming trunk slipped when you took a dive. I do not know if you remember that or not. You also beat me in tennis once. And I remember how strong you were when we walked in the mountains or raced along the sea, when I was out of breath like a dead horse already, and you were still energetic and even kept talking to me. Because the spiritual way, as they say, was very powerful. But I remember I bet you in bowling, at least this makes me feel better, but the last time you won again. And I also remember when we were in India together, my students were astonished. They said: «He is so much right in the moment,  in reality.»

 I remember I translated your counselling session with an astrologist, and he spoke so highly about you. He said you are a Great Soul, that has come to help and serve people, that you have been a Wiseman for many lives. It is a pleasure for me to have this conversation with you now.

One of the first questions — the agenda about what should spiritual leaders do.  Actually, what should we all do now, as we are all spiritual leaders for ourselves at least.

What do you have to say to the world regarding the current situation? What is happening now is not even funny. In Canada schools are closed, kids of five should wear masks, people have their temperature taken everywhere, children are separated. There is fear. Universities are closed and are transferred to online learning system. We talked about all these things six months ago – education failures and vaccination.

And now we see it happening in Russia: people will be vaccinated, though 75% of the doctors refuse to take this vaccine. The doctors! And they are talking about vaccinating kids, while kids do not even catch covid! We have limitations… all in all the situation is peculiar. Moreover, we have now people turning to slaves, as you put it, the electronic slavery. On the subtle level, as I see it, it is happening because people are already the slaves to their feelings and desires.

Could you please share your opinion on what is happening now in the world? And then what should spiritual leaders and ordinary people do? Sorry for such a long introduction.

S.N. Lasarev: About Israel. I have a feeling that it was a couple of days ago. Life is going so fast! We swam in the pool, but before we took a dive. Then you swam 25 meters and offered me, and old man, to do the same. I swam 50 and you were surprised. But you did great!

Rami: You should have had better swimming trunks!

S.N. Lasarev: Right you are. Let us put it down to the swimming trunks! Hahahaha!

It was so good in India. I remember their fishermen amazed me! They take a boat, swim the distance of 50-70 meters offshore, throw the net, drag it 200 meters, pull it out full of fish and immediately start selling. This is the true nature. And it is amazing it can still be found. In our rivers or seas and even in the Mediterranean you won’t see it there anymore.

If we talk about the present civilization, there are two points of view. The first one is the conspiracy theory. They say there is a conspiracy of the elite. We see automatization and robotization, 90% of hands are out of need. These are kind of unnecessary people that are not needed on this planet. 90% of people need to be gotten rid of. And this idea of conspiracy has a leg to stand on. And we are to be killed, as we are not a part of the elite. Well, this is a theory and it seems to be plausible. The thing is that if you believe in God, you look at the matter differently. May God want to kill our civilization using the hands of some people? All these people – those who have power or money, the satanists, — they are also guided from above. The scientists have identified that we are guided by subconscious by 95-97%. So, people are guided by subconscious images that push them. I have discovered the simple truth: if you want to understand something, never look for the guilty party. As soon as you have found the guilty one, you stop thinking deeper, all your thoughts are about punishing. The issue is over. If I look at an issue from the point of view of common sense and natural law, I try to understand why it all happened, I look for the reason.

When you offered me this topic for the conversation, I gave it a good thought and came to an interesting conclusion. We now see that we get back to slavery, digital slavery. People start losing their rights. We see deterioration of morality and education. And why is this happening? Because our civilization is satanic. Can people feel good in it? Should satanic civilization survive? I think not. And I can prove you that our civilization is satanic in ten minutes. Maybe a little later.

Rami: I quite agree with you that our civilization is satanic. We have a lot of proves of that. We have videos where Hollywood stars worship Satan. We have a situation with the juvenile justice. The art now is of such low quality and we can even call it satanic!   Education of children, teaching masturbation to children at the age of 7, you know, pornography to show to children. In Germany, a woman received a certificate of a kindergarten teacher and they already (it was two years ago) had rooms in kindergarten for masturbation of children. And during the lessons — teachers need to undress and show their genitals. That is, all this is a satanic way in my opinion. And any spirituality is often suppressed under the guise of fighting against sects and so on.

S.N.Lazarev: The thing is that no conspiracy can explain this wave and the fact that most people accept it. It`s more than a conspiracy, it’s a trend that is being implemented. It means that we need to look not for the guilty one, but for the reasons of the trend.

If we talk about the sin (in Judaism, a sin is translated as behavior, an act), when Christ came, he said that any sin comes from within. The action is preceded by feelings. If the feelings are distorted, the behavior will be distorted too. It means that our civilization is satanic, and this is already visible on the level of behavior. But it is interesting how it appeared in terms of content, what the reasons are. This is how I see it. The purpose forms the function, the function forms the organ. If the purpose is not correct, the problems with the function begin, and then the organ begins to disintegrate. Let me give you an example.

If we call the washing machine a meat grinder, the purpose is distorted, then there will be a problem with its use, and then we throw it away because we can’t get the meatballs. Does it make sense? So, everything starts with the wrong target, wrong concepts, wrong definitions. If we don’t understand what the main points are, if we treat them incorrectly, then there will be a gradual destruction.

Therefore, the problem of our civilization – an incorrect, distorted picture of the world. And this, from my point of view, is the main reason. Externally to struggle with satanists or try to win the richest people who are about to destroy the biggest part of people on the earth — is useless. Because it is a trend, it has gained strength. It is necessary to fight on the level of the cause, on the level of information. If everything is cleared there, it will be cleared in everything else. So, first we need to deal with the concepts, but unfortunately everyone has their own concept. But I think that if we talk about spiritual leaders, then first of all a spiritual leader should talk, should designate a system, a correct picture of the world — what is good, what is bad, a system of priorities, a system of concepts. And then there is a chance for everything else.

Rami: We need to define the right values because the plans are preceded by values. And what values do you think modern spiritual leaders should have?

S.N. Lazarev: You know, there is a joke. Two jokes that I like.

One lady says the other:

— I am getting a divorce from my husband.

— And why is that?

— He treats me like a dog.

— Why? What does he do?

— He wants me to be faithful!

That is, everyone has their own system of values. For this lady, it is a dog’s attitude.

And another joke.

An old Jew teaches his son: «Remember, son, when you have hard times, there will always be friends to get to you. And the more you get, the more friends will be there.»

Everyone has his own ideas, his own concepts. And we need to understand the concepts. Otherwise, we may look like two people looking at number six drawn on a paper. For one it is six and he is right, but for the other it is nine and he is right too. How is being right different from being true? Everyone may be right, but the truth is that a six can be a nine, depending on the way to look at it. The truth is the unification of many right things. To make it united you need the sense of Love. So, where there is Love is, there is Truth.

And it is all clear with the satanist civilization. What does Satan want? 

Rami: I have recently written a book “The dialogue with the Devil’s Master”, but can’t say right now…  Maybe he wants to hold us in the material world, put the souls down to lower vibrations to keep them drowning in all those material games?

S.N. Lazarev: Satan wants to make a man more sinful, putting it simply. But what is a sin?

Rami: Distance from love?

S.N. Lasarev: A sin is translated as a «failure, missing the target». A sin – is when the purpose of life of a person is not God or Love  but something else, or someone else. Right? Then the purpose of Satan is to change the main direction of love to God, faith in God, to take God form the first place and give it the second or the third one. That is the main purpose of Satan. Not only does he want us to give up God, but he also wants God to be dismissed. Any society or country is primarily based not on economics or military power, but religion. Religion is the picture of the world, it tells us how we should treat each other, ourselves, our women. These are the basic concepts that make our behavior. If religion is dying, its society is doomed, and so is the country and civilization. Do you see my logic?

Let us now take the religion we call Christianity, which in fact it is not. A simple question: What is the main commandment? What is the point of this religion? Everybody says: love your neighbor as yourself. Right? But I never heard any priest say that the main purpose of any person’s life is the love for God. Nobody says this and that`s it. I was thinking why it is like that. A friend of mine was in the church and the priest said that the most important thing is to love your neighbor. She came up to him later and said that he was not quite right, as that was the second commandment, while the first was to love God above all. His reply was: “Well, let them at least learn to love each other”.

What does that mean in fact? Let them learn how to build the walls, then we will tell them how to build the basement. When we put the second commandment above the first, we withdraw from God. We put the man we love above God. Why? Because we are told that the main thing is to love our neighbor. Oddly enough when the first commandment is ignored the second commandment withdraws us from God. Why then do we not have the first commandment? The answer is easy. We can love God above all only when there is something shared, something that connects God and Man. If I am initially a sinful creature, God is initially a pure creature. I cannot connect with him. I cannot aspire to him. Because Love – is connection, sharing, aspiring, assimilation. Why is it not possible? Because only Christ has the right to be the Son of God, though Christ himself taught us that we all are. What does the prayer “Our Father” tell us about? OUR Father, not MY Father…

The thesis about all of us being sinful, while only Jesus being the Son of God is already hidden satanism, no matter how strange it sounds.

Let us proceed. What is the main mission of Christ? Religion says that Christ’s mission is to save humanity. How? To give eternal life. Do you feel it here? Satanism. Why? Because the solvation that is promised is on the physical level, the body comes first. Then I thought, what was the mission of Christ? And I realized that it really is the solvation but the solvation from the Devil, the Devil’s sin, as the core of all further sins. And the mission of the Christ is to save our Souls. It is not about physical solvation. When we talk about faith in God, the Soul must come first.

Religion is about eternity. Neither Orthodox nor Catholics say that Christ defeated the Devil. Should we mention that? It is hard to say. The Devil’s defeat is an extraordinary event, isn’t it? When and how did that happen? On the physical level it is described in an episode in the desert: temptation on three levels. The Devil keeps pointing out basic items of people’s happiness, but Christ keeps saying to that: “Man does not live by bread alone”, “Do not tempt God for nothing”, “Worship God only”. First should come Love for God, then all other values.

Here is the next question: what is the Devil’s sin?  

There are three levels of the sin. I tried to make a system. Cain’s sin – is not merely a murder. A murder starts with greed and envy, readiness to steal, determination to rob and then to kill. There is a development.

Cain’s sin is preceded by Eve’s sin. It is desire, lust, passion. Cain has overcome his passion. Eve’s sin is preceded by Adam’s sin – rejection of God’s will.

And the foundation of all sins is the Devil’s sin. The essence of the Devil’s sin is that his purpose was not the love for God, not striving to Him even giving up his Self, not merging into God. His purpose was to keep his influence, his personality, and all other aspects of his.

Let us think a little deeper. What makes anybody happy?

 All benefits we talk about are the manifestation of our desires. And the core of our desires is our Self, pleasing our Self. When God comes first and our Self comes second, we defeat the Devil’s sin. When our Self comes first and God comes second, the satanism is inevitable. That is why Christ came and said: “You are the children of God and your True Self is of divine nature and your human Self should come second”. And here is the victory over the Devil’s sin.

What do we get from religion now? Religion says that Crist saved us on the physical level, and we are imperfect. Religion says that our main purpose is not to aspire for God, but to get to Paradise. Let us be honest, what is the meaning of life for any believer? To get to Paradise.

Rami: Yes, it is obvious here in America or Canada. Especially in protestant movements.

S.N. Lazarev: But nobody knows what Paradise is exactly. Paradise is opposite to Hell. What is there in hell? A pot, a frying pan, pliers – everything for torturing the body to frighten the sinners. And problems with food. What is there in paradise? The land of milk and honey and no violence – everything for pleasing the body of a believer. We can conclude that the purpose and the biggest happiness for any person is physical comfort, physical pleasures. And nothing is said about the soul. When physical pleasure is all a person is thinking of he forgets about God. It is a substitution. All those dreams about paradise distort the purpose. Everything Christ taught is distorted. He said: “Be perfect like Our Father”. It means, be like God, learn to love no matter what, develop yourself. The purposes are whole different here! So what do we get?

Let us take an assumption about  eternal sinners, for example. It had been originally believed that everybody will be saved. But that was considered heresy and there appeared the term “eternal sinners”. Just to have more influence on people. Some sin which cannot be forgiven. And what do we get here? People differ in appearance, on the physical level, but on the level of the soul and the subconscious we are united, we are the same, like the leaves of the tree. If some part of us is not saved, then all the rest are not saved either. And if we all cannot be saved, it means God cannot save us. Why then do we need to believe in God?

Moreover, if there are people that are eternal sinners, then their nature is not Divine. They are Eternal Sinners! Then what kind of nature do they have? That means there is another god! That`s it! And here we have destruction of the faith. There are phrases I have tried to understand for years, if not the whole life. One is: “Blessed are the beggars to the spirit”. And the other is: “Blaspheme the Holy Spirit”. Mysterious lines I could not explain to myself. Remember: “Those who blaspheme the Son of God will be saved, but those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit, will never be”.

We are living in a difficult time now – the time of the Higher Court. Every sin, as well as every virtue will be multiplied. And if blaspheming the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven, apparently this sin is extremely dangerous and needs to be evaded.

So, I have reasoned in many projections, variants, but I will now make story short. Christ felt in himself Divine nature, true «Self”. Is that right? Christ felt or spoke about the dual nature of man, about the fact that man is Divine in essence and imperfect in form. I explain it this way. The soul has come from God and feeds on Divine love. The body has come from the earth and feeds on what the earth gives. So, a human being is at the same time a kind of twofold creature, a ternary. It has both Divine and human – it is all in one.

And now the most important thing. When we despise or condemn a human being, we blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Why do we blaspheme? If we believe that a human being is only a physical body, then we condemn his body blaspheming the Divine «Self», and the program of self-destruction appears. That blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a denial that a person is Divine in essence. What are the conclusions? The conclusions are quite simple.

I have recently been saying this: “Never tell a child that he is bad. Say he is good, but he failed in something. You are good, I love you, but you have a specific character or feelings”. That is, it is necessary to treat with reverence the Divine person, not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and to be critical of the human “Self”. Therefore, a person should not say to an adult: «You are a scoundrel», he should say: «You have the character of a scoundrel». You should not say to him: «You are a scoundrel; you have been brought up badly.

Rami: Or «You’ve done a bad thing».

S.N. Lazarev: Yes. When we leave a place for Love, then we do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit, that is, at any criticism it turns out that we must not forget that a person is Divine, then there will be no blasphemy on the Holy Spirit. And I often say when consulting: “Understand a simple thing: criticism is sometimes necessary, but before you say something critical, say good things about a person”. And this good thing, this warm feeling will slow down from turning criticism into destruction. When there is Love, the punishment turns into education. When there is no Love, the punishment turns into destruction.

So now we can conclude. Those who claim that man is not a divine being — blaspheme the Holy Spirit. And then the question arises first to those who teach us. And because of this misperception of the world, religion interprets the doctrine of Christ quite superficially. The fact that it was not understood 2000 years ago is natural, but the fact that it is enshrined in dogmas now is a disaster. And so, the catastrophe in religious views has migrated and became a catastrophe in our scientific views. Have you ever thought about the fact that the concept of scientific and technological progress is satanic?

Rami: To some extent, yes, because it is an external achievement, an escape from the internal. Sergey Nikolayevich, I will sum up, if I may, what we have discussed.

The first thing we talked about. It is particularly important for a person to have the right values and the main value is the aspiration to God, love for God, not just to love even parts of some God. It is, for example, the Himalayan yogis say that you must see God and love God and see him in all, not so that you choose some part, some person, country, place. This is called affection if a person gives you something good.

So, for spiritual leaders and all people, if I understand correctly, you have to have the main goal in life — it’s Love for God, Divine Love, it is unconditional, to be able to see God in everything. And this is the basis. And we can build secondary things based on that.

Paradise is such an abstract understanding. Because the main kingdom of God is within us. The main thing is to live in spirit on the level of Love because everything else is external. And on the other hand — everything is very temporary in this material world. We think to build something, some  ideal society. But as one of the Eastern saints also said, we will live here for another 30-40 years at most, and it is very important to work first on our Soul, on our level of Love, consciousness, work selflessly. But building a society is somewhat secondary. Because many people are spiritual, but they just go into some external, social life.

S.N. Lazarev: I would compare it with something. For example, I have to come to some point. And a year or two I am busy equipping the yacht, looking for the shell, cabins, portholes and sails. Will the yacht reach its destination? It is a question. Because in addition to the strong shell, you need to navigate, you need to know the route, to see your goal. So, all current projects are purely materialistic, they relate to the hull of the yacht. Nobody talks about the navigation and the goal.

So if we want to build a harmonious society, we must ask ourselves the question: «What is the goal of this society and how should it function? And only then what it should look like. The matter is that we have got used to living with displaced guiding lights. We have got used to not approaching the truth, but going away from it. Here is a simple question: “What is the main condition of forgiving a man”?

Rami: The ability to see God in everything and the ability to see each person as a teacher, and to understand that all this was created through internal programs.

S.N. Lazarev: Yes, right, but from a human point of view? My child misbehaved and when I say to him: «Do I forgive you or do I  not?»

Rami: Inside we should probably always forgive a child.

S.N. Lazarev: Absolutely right.

Rami: And externally punish. Sometimes you must be tough for some serious things.

S.N. Lazarev: You can punish, or you can not punish. On what does it depend  on?

 Rami: It depends on the situation.

 S.N. Lazarev: On the situation and on the readiness of the child not to do that anymore.

Here the child comes to me and says: “Daddy, I cheated, but I will do it again, forgive me”. I will say: “No, dear, I would better punish you”. In other words, the condition of forgiveness is the willingness to change your behavior and your character and not to do so anymore.

So, what is the conclusion? The main condition for forgiving a man is the change of character. Is it not? If the character does not change, and the person persists in his delusion, his forgiveness is his corruption. And now let’s think about the ritual that has been performed in churches for 2000 years – the ceremony of forgiveness. Do people change in this process? I doubt it very much.

Rami: I don’t think so, I don’t think so.

 S.N. Lazarev: And instead of helping people, satanic rites are held in temples. Not to God, but away from God. Man’s sinfulness is multiplied, because sins are forgiven, although the person has not changed. Here is another trend of Satanism.

Why is scientific and technological progress a satanic concept? Because science, or rather technology, technical progress is a physical aspect. The science is the spiritual aspect, and where is the Soul? No Soul. And it turns out that the scientific and technological progress is the development of body and spirit with disregard for the Soul. This is Satanism. The Soul is eliminated.

Moving over, our materialistic mindset is Satanism too. What does the so-called medicine or science speak about? Consciousness is a product of the brain. The body is primarily in relation to the Spirit. And if the body is primary in relation to the Spirit, then the most important value of a man is the body and body life. As they say, the most precious thing in a human being is life. And if the most precious thing is life, then it is possible to betray and kill for the sake of life saving. You break bad and still life is good! This is the logic that makes everything happen now in the West. They forbid schoolchildren to throw snowballs at each other because it hurts. Everything is at the physical level, all efforts are being made to save the physical aspect. And at the level of the Soul, which science still denies, there is a complete decay. But no one cares about it. So what do we get? The current psychology is also a satanic science, as it turns out. Have you read on the Internet about psychologists, about their destiny? If you have not read it, I will share with you.

In the U.S.A, the author of the book “Family harmony. How to save a marriage” shot his wife and posted a picture of the corpse on Facebook. Dale Carnegie, the author of the book “How to win friends, how to influence people” died all alone. Benjamin Spock, the author of the best-selling book “The Child and the Care of Him” – his own sons wanted to give him to the nursing home. Maria Montessori, a famous teacher, gave her son to a foster family, feeling that her destiny was to devote herself to other people’s children. A Korean writer, author of the bestseller «How to be happy», hanged herself from depression. This is all you need to know about various trainings of personal growth, esoteric gurus, coaches and so on.

What does it mean? I will tell you. The fact is that when a person sees his desires and success as his goal, the more he succeeds, the more Satanism he will have. Because the ability without love is satanism.

Religion leads us to Satanism. And why are we surprised that electronic slavery is being prepared? Why can mankind die? It must perish! In this purely logical reasoning, we can come to this conclusion. Sad but true.

Rami: Yes, I see, thank you very much. Sergey Nikolayevich, here is a question. You use your own terminology, because in Eastern psychology what you call the Soul, we call causal or astral level of consciousness, a more subtle plane. But I personally thank you that 20 years ago I came to you. And I remember coming to you, you say: «You have an aura of spirituality”. I say: «For 12 years I have been meditating for a few hours a day, I have been a monk for 5 years, work in a charity society, I feed people, I am so good”. And you look at me like this: «You have three crosses, you have lungs problem (I had a lung cancer at that period) and you have a child that will not live long (I had a dying daughter)”.

I remember I was stunned: «How is it?» Because at that time I thought that spirituality is always good, it is necessary to visit churches and holy places as much as possible in this life, to pray more, to meditate. And this is partly what Buddhism says, because this way godliness is gained. I was shocked that it can be bad, to say the least: to give a disabled child, give lung cancer, and so on. And you remember everybody was consulted for 2-3 minutes, and then I was given 40 minutes and you explained everything clearly enough. When instead of Love for God we go to some spiritual ideals.

Can I ask you now to comment in short: what is the danger of going into spirituality? Because we probably have many people listening and going to spirituality is quite relevant for many of them.

 S.N. Lazarev: The thing is that development goes through the law of denial. The new denies the old. The spiritual denies the physical. That`s why, when we start to develop we first worship the physical, then we realize that getting attached to the physical is not very good and then we say: “The spiritual is good, but the physical is not good”. Then we understand that the spiritual can also be problematic and then we start to get attached to the hearty, soulful. Family, the people we love are the main thing. And then it turns out and this is not the most important thing. Why did Christ say: “The main enemies of a person are his family”? It turns out that this should not be happiness either. And the most important thing is the Love to God. A human being must walk the steps, I will compare it this way if we talk about spirituality.

My uncle and I were in Las Vegas 25 years ago and we were flying away from there by American Airlines, a silver case, a magnificent plane. And a very curious situation happened. The desert: the air is hot, discharged, and the air above is cold. This cold air has become like a ceiling. The airplane began to rise and beat against this cold air and the vibration started. And the vibration lasted 10 seconds, 15 seconds and I feel that 5 more seconds and the plane will fall apart. The pilot drops the speed, then starts to rise again. Again d-d-d-d-d-d… if it were just a shake, that would be fine. But imagine me sitting in an airplane and I see people jumping up by one meter. And suddenly it comes to me — we are in one cabin. I turned around and looked at a flight attendant, a black woman. She was as white as a napkin. That was when I made a curious observation. When the plane has problems: shaking, there may be an accident, — first, children cry, then women start moaning, then the screaming starts. But when the plane really dies — there is a dead silence, everyone is silent, there are no screams. Everybody was silent in that plane. And the pilot dropped the altitude five times, then somehow got up and flew. I liked the reaction of my uncle. He turned to me and said: “This is a real roller coaster”!

So, about the spiritual and material. I would compare it this way. The material is a return to the base at the airport. Spiritual — is to fight against the ceiling of the air, until the plane crashes. And the uniformity, the right way to look at things — is to combine all two opposites. Go back, try again, come back and eventually rise. Our civilization worships either material or spiritual. Worshiping the material, as the Western countries, it begins to fall apart, going to Sodom and Gomorrah. Worshiping the spiritual, like Orthodoxy, it beats against the ceiling, and then collapses. So died Byzantium, the Russian Empire and the same is awaiting for the present Russia. Therefore, if there is no new look at the world, if science does not connect with religion, it is called the True Uniformity, then we will not see tomorrow. But this is another topic to discuss.

And some words about the danger of the spiritual. In Bhagavad Gita it is said: “All that is born must die”. Everything spiritual is born, so it is temporary. Only God is eternal, so all values, except love to God, are temporary. And you can get attached to it, forgetting about God.

In such cases I say: «Do material values mean much to you”? A person says: “Well, yes, a lot, but I can do without them”. I say, “That’s right, because you know that they will be lost anyway”.

You will take the spiritual values to the grave. Your spiritual values have been around for much longer. So, if you can cling to material values thoroughly, then there is probably much more to spiritual values. Spiritual values are much bigger – tens, hundreds and thousands of times bigger than any material values. But it is still a good thing. And the better it is, the more we can cling to it, again, forgetting about God. So, we are not talking about the fact that spiritual values can be bad. They are a huge good, which is also a huge danger, but this one has never been mentioned anywhere. Only one phrase of Christ, as far as I know in history, is “Blessed are the beggars of the Spirit”. And so far in all religions and teachings: spirituality is only good. But this is danger as well.

Rami: Thank you so much. You said that our civilization will die. Do we have to do something about it?

It will die in your opinion. In my opinion, it will die or change. But what do you say? Do we have to do something on the external level, I don’t know, some public organizations against vaccinations and so on. Because, for example, in Germany they started to introduce e-passports, vaccination is mandatory and hundreds of thousands of people went out to demonstrations and protests. Although it wasn’t especially shown on TV and so on, but it forced the government to reconsider their views. Because the Germans are usually very obedient, do what they are told, and now they are angry. Do people need to do something keeping Love inside, but to do something outwardly?

S.N. Lazarev: Well, I think that any problem always happens on three levels: physical, spiritual, and mental. So, any problem has to be solved on three levels. But the physical level is the last level, it is the most effective externally. But in fact, it is the least effective. Well, let’s imagine they will refuse to be vaccinated. They will come up with a new virus, people will start dying again, again a lot of effort and money will be spent on physical counteraction, a result close to zero.

A more sensible result, to work not with the investigation, but with the cause. This is called to unite all people, to understand that it is necessary to protect not so much the body, but education, upbringing, to save families, which are now falling apart. After all, morality comes from the family. Do you know why? Because only a mother can genuinely love her child. In kindergarten it is impossible. And when a child is not loved…

How did the decay begin? Under the guise of emancipation women were forced to work and all the love and all the energy that previously women gave to children was left at work. And a child who is not in love cannot unite the opposites. He begins to think like a slave, like a heathen: either left or right.

And here we come up to a society that will degrade and die out. Therefore, a woman who works has no time for love for children. If we talk about physical reforms, women must free up time so that they could love children and take care of them. But to do this, everyone must unite and understand that the family, upbringing, and education need to be protected. And so far, we are only protecting our physical skin from vaccinations. This is right, this is good, but this is a consequence.

And first of all, we need to protect the Love for God. And now there is a rejection of faith, of morality and it is demonstrative. It is a disaster, but nobody talks about it. Therefore, we need to protect ourselves on all three levels. But first, saving your soul and all our strength we put them to the new way of thinking, new way of understanding of what Christ taught us.

About the future. When a person has love in the first place, then he will not worship spirituality, and spirituality is linked to the future. The worship of spirituality is the worship of the future. Everything that we worship and put above God, we must lose. Therefore, strangely enough, the cult of money and the cult of material is an attempt to escape from the worship of spirituality.

So, in order not to be afraid of tomorrow, we need to put love on the first place. After all, when do we start to be afraid? We are afraid of the future when we depend on it. We are afraid of the future when we don’t want to be wrong. Worshiping the future leads to the fact that a person is afraid to make a mistake, which is the destruction of the future. And when a person is afraid to make a mistake, he has only one future scheme — he panics when this scheme does not work.

I used to panic a lot. I remember my reaction, the feeling of panic when I came to New York 25 years ago and went for a walk along Bright. Girls told me to feel free to walk, as everyone spoke Russian there. Exactly! I went to a big department store. On the first floor, I wanted to use the toilet. I ran up to the saleswomen: «Girls, where is the toilet?» They say: «There is a policeman standing there, go and ask him». I run up to the policeman and look at a big black guy standing there. And I’m like this: “Ups”! and I say, “Ah…” I forgot how to say the toilet in English. He looks at me and says: “Do you at least speak Russian? What do you want?” I say: “To the toilet”. He tells me: “That way!»

So that’s when I understood what panic is. But there is no need to panic. Everything is natural. There are dozens of ways out of any situation. But this happens when love comes first. Because love gives energy. And the future does not give energy. It is necessary to put the Soul on the first place, and the head, the consciousness on the second place.

Vedic knowledge says: «The mind is a friend of a man, but if it comes on the first place, it is the enemy of a man”. And Christ designed it with one formula: «Blessed are the beggars of the Spirit”.

That`s why what is important to achieve?  Continuity of Love. Then it will save you, but for love to be unconditional, you must throw away everything that prevents Love. It is necessary to understand that we are children of God. We must understand that every person is divine because it is an image of God and we have to love internally every person. You must not judge people, you must not think badly about anyone, because it is blasphemy on the Holy Spirit. And you cannot think about yourself badly. If we start to despair and fall into pessimism — it is a denial of Love and of God. So, we will be fine, we will all survive, we will just move to a new state, we will just think a little differently. But for this, we need to aspire with our soul and spirit and body. In other words, everything that has to be done has to be done, and I have no doubts that we will make it.

Well, I think it’s time to finish. Somehow the time has passed so quickly.

Rami: I have one or two more questions if it is possible. You are an invited guest. Your word is law.

S.N. Lazarev: But the guest should not stay too long. It is polite to leave in time.

Rami: Could you possibly answer at least one more question, Sergei Nikolayevich?

S.N. Lazarev: All right.

Rami: You were talking now about the importance of a mother and a child, the importance of a child being raised by a mother. And the Vedic culture also says that the degradation of society begins when the children are born out of family, when mothers do not give time to their children, families are destroyed, they do not raise children.

And you have talked a lot about that and I will tell you from my experience during counselling as an astrologist and when looking at the subtle body. If a woman goes out with many men, especially if she has more than four men, then there are problems in her personal life and with her children, as a rule. And you said that it is a scientific fact that a woman sleeps with many men, her family is degrading. Now it is very popular to be a sex star, I do not know what it is like — a porn star, at least just a model, something else, free love and so on. Can you tell us what is dangerous especially for a woman? Such a free life, so to say.

S.N. Lazarev: Let’s start again with Satanism. The current concept is as follows. It is important to answer the questions: “Who are we, where do we come from and where are we going?” A man subconsciously always copies his ancestors. Being sure hat a man is descended from a monkey lead us to the fact that, if I am sure that a man is descended from a monkey, then I will not go beyond monkey thinking. I will be a monkey. Well, this is my ancestor. And to survive biologically we must imitate our parents, as well as our ancestors. Therefore, when they say that a man is descended from a monkey, the evolutionary theory has won. I say: “Guys! The evolutionary theory will never win because it is right. But first, a man is the Soul that came from God”. Therefore, that man is not a body, the man is not a piece of meat, the man is the Soul, dressed in a physical shell. Therefore, God created the man, but the physical body has evolved.

So, it is very important to understand correctly what is happening. Have the right concepts and the right picture of the world.

We have been told since childhood that a person has only two instincts. This is the main instinct of propagation and the instinct of self-preservation – that is about all. These two instincts drive people and this is what everything is based on. And we are used to it, we got it with mother’s milk. But the fact is that the energy is distributed by our thoughts. In fact, a person has three instincts. And the first main instinct is Love for God, a sense of unity with the whole universe. Without this instinct, other instincts fade, they die. But no one has ever talked about it or thought about it, and without such a definition, the picture of the world cannot be correct.

So, when the Love for God weakens, stress, overexcitement and dependence on the other two instincts are activated. And since the main instinct is the instinct to continue life, this instinct is the one where the most energy is released after Love for God. And when there is no Love to God, all the energy goes to the instinct of continuation of the family. Do you know what happens next? When a woman has a lot of sex, especially when her goal is not to have children, but to have enjoyment, to cheat and so on, she forms a mechanism of energy loss. Love will always stop it when needed. When a person, eats for the Soul, then the Soul says: «Are you full? That’s enough”. He gets out of table half-full, it is good for him, and when a person lives for the body, the stomach is insatiable, and he will always overeat.

So, when Love is weakened, the instinct of continuation of the genus says: «Enjoy!” And during sex, a person throws a huge amount of energy to provide for offspring. And when a woman is engaged in debauchery, the amount of lost thin energy is tens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of times greater than the norm. And on the subtle plane, the woman and her descendants are all connected, even the future ones. Thus, debauchery leads to the fact that the souls, destinies, and bodies of future and present children lose their source of energy. 

The soul has a huge capacity, so when the energy flows out, it is not so apparent at first. But when it flows in large quantities, a physically sound child is born, but his Soul is truncated. He has almost no Love in the Soul. And further on such a child can only be a slave, he is weakened mentally. That is, to be moral, you need a lot of strength, a lot of energy, which is scarce. This child is originally a criminal, a suicider.

I often give an example: in America a woman should have been executed for debauchery, but she was pitied by a man who married her. And then 50 years later we saw the fate of her descendants: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. 80 descendants and all of them were murderers, suiciders, criminals and not a single healthy one. That is, the wrong attitude to the basic instinct leads to pathology of the Soul.

What is the Old Testament? Where does the Treaty with God begin? With circumcision, limitation of lust, sin of Eve, limitation of sexual instinct. Dependence on the instinct of self-preservation makes a person a murderer, thief, robber. Dependence on the instinct of propagation makes a person a lustful lecher. But depravity is worse than murder. These descendants of the harlot are cursed to the tenth tribe, because debauchery kills the soul, and the murderer kills the body.

And the sexual revolution that happened 50 years ago was not a revolution, it was a death sentence to the Western civilization, but nobody understood it. Now we reap the fruits of this sexual revolution. So, the society that has lost chastity and propagandizes debauchery will not live even fifty years more. In any sacred book, in any world religion, morality and restriction of instincts were preconditions for normal existence of the person. But they are not talking about it now, though I think that many people are already coming to it. The facts speak about the consequences of this debauchery, which is now called freedom and what not.

Freedom to commit a sin is suicide. I think everything fits into it.

Rami: Well, Sergei Nikolayevich, thank you very much for such a broadcast. I am sure that our listeners, about 3000 people here, plus we’ll leave this air on YouTube, will find it very useful. Thank you so much, take good care. And a happy coming birthday!

S.N. Lazarev: I am glad there are so many participants here today. Thank you, everybody, there are many friends of mine there. They asked me to smile more! I tried, really, next time I will do even better. Thank you so much!

 Rami: Someone also wrote to me that I look gloomy. But somehow, I heard the words that we will all die soon… huh?

 S.N. Lazarev: The topic is profoundly serious, but you still have to smile in any situation. I think with a smile we shall overcome. As the Apostles used to say: “Always rejoice”! So, we shall overcome!

 Rami: Thank you very much, Sergey Nikolayevich. Our viewers ask for more, maybe we will meet like this once in a few months, to discuss some other topics, if you please.

S.N. Lazarev: Well, we’ll see, we’ll see…Thank you very much.

Rami: Okay, have a nice day, goodbye!

S.N. Lazarev: Thanks to everyone! Goodbye!