Good afternoon!
 Please could you tell me how to purify the energy of the house, in which other people lived before us? 
Eugene (Israel)

Hello, Eugene!
 First of all, it is very important to choose the home according to Vastu (Feng Shui). You can’t even imagine how important this is.
 A very strong influence is exerted on the house by previous tenants, or if it was built by angry, disgruntled constructors with low vibrations.

That’s why, in the past people preferred to build their houses with their own hands or together with good friends or relatives.

But anyway, to purify the house after tenants with low vibrations you should do the following:

— Completely repaint it and throw away all the things and furniture;

— It’s good to rinse it with cow manure, it purifies it on the subtle plan, but you need to use it just a bit, otherwise the neighbours go away too :);

— Before moving in walk around the house with incense or frankincense, the best are those of the monasteries, reading prayers and (or) the mantras;

— Do the same with a flame (candle) and sprinkle with holy water and read the mantras;

— It would be good to have at home a stone or some soil from a Holy place or places of strength, where you have been and obtained a deep spiritual experience, a sense of unconditional love for all living beings.

All this brings harmony on the level of all main elements.

But it is important not only to purify, but also to maintain a good energy in the house. Then good luck and health will come into your life.

This can be achieved if you:

1. Do not swear and quarrel at home. It is said that Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune and prosperity, herself comes to the house where the spouses love and respect each other.

2. Keep the external cleanliness. A dirty and messy house attracts the destructive energy of Rahu (demonic planet).

3. Do not let the enemies and people who are envious, greedy and aggressive. Especially in the bedroom where such people must not even look. And vice versa, invite sublime personalities and talk to them about God, the holy places, pray and chant the Holy names.

4. !! Be sure to have an altar or a place dedicated to spirituality and on a regular basis pray there, and meditate. Ideally, this will be the north-east of the house (apartment).

5. It is also desirable to hang Yantras (graphic images) around the house, which harmonise the Vastu. It is important, that if you have pictures, they are of a beautiful nature, images of saints and exalted personalities.
Also is important to have a corner where you can keep your own photo and ones of those you love and who love you.

6. To get support from your kin (ancestors), it would be good to have a place, ideally in the western part of the house (apartment), where you would put photos of all of your ancestors, but not of those who committed suicide. Arrange them in beautiful frames.
Bow to them, pray to them and for them.

7. From time to time light candles in the house, especially in the altar or before the ancestors. Regularly ventilate the rooms.

8. Do not watch  low-grade TV channels, especially erotic and, even worse, porn. If this is happening, it means the couple will divorce and will be unhappy, and those who are lonely will not find a good partner for a happy life.
Through TV and Internet a destructive energy may enter the house or vice versa, a lot of harmonizing and pure, spiritual energy may enter.

Our home is a temple for our body. The place where we live and, in lesser degree, where we work, is extremely important to us!

It is better not to buy houses where there have been suicides, murders, various dens, constant fights or where people used any drugs or killed  animals.

I hope these rules will make you happier and healthier.

With love,

Slightly spiritualized foreman,