When we eat, our subconscious uncovers and it is very important HOW we eat, with WHO and WHY.

You absolutely must not argue, shout or discuss things while eating: all of that infiltrates the mind and the subconscious.

Some American nutritionists and psychologists consider that women who are trying to eat well and maintain their figure should spend time looking calmly at the food, chewing it for a very long time, in order to fill up faster, eat less and stay healthier.

Ayurveda shares that mentality: our body has to prepare for eating. If you are thinking about what you are eating, you will make smarter decisions: maybe choose to not eat something, or reconsider particular food.

In other words, when you eat mindfully, you naturally control the process and the quantity, as well as quality of the food. When you eat automatically, however, you consume a lot of unhealthy food.

If you eat while watching TV and talking, you will not properly notice neither the food, nor its quantity, nor the pleasure from eating it. Do not even discuss important things while eating, it is truly best to just be silent.

If you sit calmly, eat, turn on mantras or good music, use beautiful dishes and peacefully chew for 15-20 minutes you will be mesmerized by how quiet and tranquil your mind will become.

Food has to be chewed at least 33 times, preferably more, up to 50, so it becomes similar to liquid. If you do so you will have no problems with digestion.

Prior to eating, try to fulfill your meal with love, look at it, think about it and eat while feeling its flavor. Teach yourself to never eat without a prayer or words of gratitude.

If you want to drink water, do the same. Even if you forgot about it and started eating or drinking and then remembered – stop and say the prayer or the words and then continue eating.

From “The Magic Key to the 12 Houses of fate”

Rami Bleckt