Purification on All Levels

One needs to understand one simple thing: we all need cleansing from time to time.
Even if you have the most gorgeous house and lovely furniture, it still requires cleaning. The dust is collected on the furniture regardless of your will, even if your house is very nice and you live far away from city. Likewise, a human body should be cleansed. Regular cleansing is a very important thing, both in Oriental medicine and in Eastern psychology.

Purification on the PHYSICAL level

The human body is built in such a way that it secretes a certain amount of waste. During the day the body needs to consume food and in the evening it begins, by contrast, producing waste. Therefore, Oriental medicine does not advise to use night cream: it is believed that is it not absorbed and stops access of oxygen to the skin and toes not allow excretion of toxins. Ayurveda teaches that 95% of our illnesses arise because waste is accumulated in the intestines. English modern scientists agree with it: they believe that this is the cause of broken metabolism.

Physical purification requires

At least 2 showers per day. First, you need to take a shower in the morning because our body excretes waste until 9 a.m., and unless we wash it off until this time, it will be absorbed back. In the evening, 2 hours before sleep, it is required to have another bath to relieve stress. Just before going to bed wash your feet with cold water: it will wash off the negative energy accumulated during the day.

Ayurveda teaches the importance of morning evacuate (bowel movement), so you need to adjust the digestion.

Every morning one should clean his tongue, since most of the waste is accumulated on the tongue rather than on the teeth. Please note that if you ate a lot of harmful and fat foods, then in the morning you will see a white fur on the tongue. It is very harmful and toxic. All yogis are sure to clean their tongue in the morning.

Tongue scraping


It is very important to eat proper food and compatible products

When a man does regular cleansing, most of physical and mental illnesses go away. Once a year it is required to clean the intestines and the liver, once every two or three years — the kidneys. The condition of our body affects our mentality too. If the body is clean and not contaminated, the person gets more creative ideas and feels better. Waste and stagnant bile in the body stimulate expression of negative emotions. It is important to clean the body first on the physical level (body). You can find this information in the books on yoga.

Purification on EMOTIONAL level

All diseases do not initially arise in the physical body. Therefore, it is very important to purify oneself of mental and emotional problems.

Even modern doctors have arrived to the conclusion that many physical diseases are caused by negative thoughts and emotions. If a person is pessimistic, or thinks with anger about someone, it affects him immensely.

For emotional purification do the following:

Let go of negative emotions. Anger emotion is particularly destructive; it instantly triggers dangerous biochemical processes in the body. One should take care of oneself and not allow negative thoughts dwell in the mind, because they primarily complicate our life.

Even if you are very mindful of your emotionsyou can be influenced by somebody’s energy. The emotional body can be affected similar to staining the physical body. For example, you just talked to a negative (or resource lacking person in modern psychology terminology) who is filled with fear, you may pick up this mood/state of mind. You seem to be living at ease, but thereafter you start feeling similar fears. All this affects your subtle body, so that problems may manifest on the physical level. This results in difficulties in life: a person attracts certain reality and, as a result, is not able to achieve success in his career, private life and so on.

Do not dwell on your part memories. We need memories for realization of a certain experience. If we tried twice to pass on the road and fell twice because of a pit in the middle, it means that we shouldn’t go there for the third time. However, ordinary people often regret about the past and dream of the future. Our power is to live in the present, “here and now”. Most of the energy is sucked away by negative memories and grievances. Sometimes a person may remember offences from his school time all his conscious life. Some research shows that offences and grievances cause serious illnesses like cancer.

One should not suppress memories or ignore them. But if some thoughts of the past come to our mind, we shall observe them without emotions; yes, it happened and passed. You can try an exercise: draw a straight line visualizing length of your life, and mark on it all periods of time when something unpleasant happened to you. At these points draw flowers or something else that you associate with (ideally, unconditional) love. Imagine how the energy of love fills up those periods. Doing it sincerely once or twice will assist past negative emotions to go away.

Take a shower for emotional uplifting —a cool shower in the morning and a warm one in the evening. You could even say during having the shower: “The trouble (dream, ailment, etc.) goes away with water.” This method was traditionally used in Russia, I was taught by Slavic healers. As you are taking shower, visualize the water takes all unpleasant things away from you.

Communicate with interesting, wise people, who are able to teach you something positive.

Mild forms of meditation are very helpful. Nowadays a lot of people believe that in order to meditate, you must be a yogi or live in the Himalayas. It is not true. If you’re upset or tired in the evening after a long working day, try to meditate. Take a shower and turn off a TV. Sit for 10 minutes in silence, watching your breath and mind. Yogis have a system called “pranayama” when a person breathes in a certain way, and all the negative goes away. It is also very important to say during practicing: “I wish all people God’s love” or “I wish you all happiness”, and to imagine how the energy of love and bliss pervades every cell in your body and is transmitted to other people, and in the first place, to your offenders. It purifies the consciousness.

Meditation sun


Purification on the SPIRITUAL level

On the spiritual level cleansing means harmonization of our state of mind. We must live feeling unconditional love towards everything and everyone. But the more selfishness, fear and negative emotions appear in our life, the stronger, the worse karma acts.

Repentance helps to purify on the spiritual level. If you make a mistake, then you need to make a ritual of repentance. It is very important to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you.

In addition, selfless activity helps to negate bad karma. When you do something for others without announcing it, it also gives you peace of mind.

There are two criteria by which people can define that everything goes correctly.

First, one feels that his or her life becomes happier every day and even hour after hour, and this is a ongoing feeling. It is not related to the fact that one has eaten something delicious, or had 10 minutes of wonderful sex. This is a feeling of life in general — the constant inner spirit.

Secondly, every day a person feels his relationships with others get better and better.

Cleansing your home

In Russia few people heard of the ancient Indian doctrine Vastu. It is assumed that ancient Slavs used it to arrange their homes, then Buddhist monks adopted its elements and took them over to China with them, and there on the basis of the Vastu teachings the Feng Shui was formed.

Basic Vastu recommendations

Trash and garbage should not be accumulated in the house. It is particularly important to keep the entrance to your house clean and beautiful. If you have something dumped at the doorstep, it is believed to prevent positive energy from entering your house.

It is very important to keep the house clean. If the house is dirty, then the thoughts become clogged, and suddenly you notice that for no reason the husband starts to shout, the wife gets angry, the children become naughty.


There shall be no clutter in the house. Of course, you need to take care of family or religious relics. But in other cases old things carry a lot of negative energy. We should throw away things that belonged to a man who was sick and died.


Throw away old things, they carry the energy of Saturn, and this planet is considered to be a personification of loneliness, unhappiness and troubles. It is believed that because of the old things in the house new energy can not enter it. For example, if you have a whole closet full of old and unfashionable clothes that you have not worn for a long time, then you stop access of new energy to yourself. The universe seems to be saying: “Why do you need money for a new dress? You have enough of them!” And you really start to earn less. The best thing to do then is just to give away your stuff to those who need it.

If a woman marries for the second time, she needs to throw away the clothes in which she used to date with other men. This is especially true of underwear as well as bed linen. This carries other people’s energy, and on the subconscious level her new man will feel it. He may not realize why he gets annoyed, but he will treat his wife worse. It is believed that the old things left over from a previous marriage destroy a new family.

If you were seriously ill, and there was a threat to life, after recovery it is required to throw away the clothes that you wore during sickness, to get rid of the bed linen on which you slept. There are such situations when you may and should keep the old clothes. For example, a woman is happily married and has a dress which is associated with pleasant moments. This dress can be kept and then even might be passed to her daughter, because it carries positive energy.

Throw away broken and ugly things without remorse

There shall be no artificial materials kept in the house such as polyester or synthetic textiles. Do not buy artificial flowers for home: they are considered to take away the energy of Venus and bring poverty. They can only be used for funerals.


Paintings for the house must be chosen very carefully. There shall not be anything associated with death and melancholy depicted on them. Do not hang on the walls inharmonious pictures. Beautiful landscapes, flowers, paintings with a spiritual or religious meaning influence positively the energy in the house. Teens love to decorate their room with posters of favorite musicians and actors. Meanwhile, pictures of half-naked women or men with aggressive and violent faces are very harmful because pictures affect our subconscious mind.

Make sure that your home is always beautiful and comfortable. Elegant, beautiful things made of natural materials bring the Venus energy into the house, necessary for a happy marriage and material prosperity. If furniture at home is too simple and minimalistic, then a man may start feeling attraction for another woman at some stage because he needs the energy of love and comfort.

Rami Bleckt