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Take a look at this very interesting interview with Rami, which he gave on Kazakhstani radio.

Rami Bleckt, is a popular psychologist and astrologist, who is also a mentor to many political leaders, major public figures and well-known businessmen. In a previous interview, he explained how to be a winner in any crisis. In this follow up interview, he speaks on the subject of women. In particular, he dispels the modern myths, put about by to many psychology and health magazines.

JOURNALIST: During our last interview, you said that there are three pillars of women’s health: proper sleep, proper nutrition and regular sex. Y suggested this could be the topic of separate discussion. I suggest we devote today’s conversation to these issues. So, what did you mean?

Rami’s answer: I can answer this question based on the knowledge of Eastern psychology, oriental medicine and ancient Indian astrology. Indeed, this whole oriental culture says that a woman, in order to be healthy, needs to have healthy sleep, sex and nutrition.

Actually, it is also important for a man as well. We can not say of the man who eats indiscriminately, has sex with anyone, has trouble with sleeping, that all these have no effect in his life. Still, women are affected more strongly and this influence extends to her offspring.

Let’s look at sleep, sex and food from the position of the planets. Women are under the influence of Venus and the Moon, so women are much more emotional. Due to the fact that Venus influences to women six times more than men, they need to shop more often, and it can even be the twentieth pair of slippers in a row! Indeed, in a normal society, if you go to a large supermarket in the afternoon, you can see that women provide 95% of all sales. Similarly, the majority of magazines are for women. Men are less interested in all this.

The Moon and Venus, which are more likely to affect women, are very susceptible planets, very sensitive, especially the Moon, so even amorousness goes differently in a woman. A man can have a strong love, but if this love falls apart, then he, finding a good job, quickly forgets about this relationship.

There is a statistic that suggests, that the stronger a man was in love with someone – if this love ends — the sooner he would find someone else. While for a woman the connection with her last partner is retained in her subtle body for at least seven years. And this is not about only sexual connection. I have consulted thousands of women and saw different cases. For example, one woman when she was 17 was strongly in love. She only walked once under the moonlight hand in hand with her boyfriend, but the experience became reflected in her subtle bodies, as if she’s had a strong, long intimate relationship. The point is, if a woman falls in love, the emotional and sexual experience leave much stronger and larger prints in her, then in a man.

That is why in all cultures women were strongly cared for include their mental health. After all, if you look at the statistics of women who work as prostitutes, their family line race is dying out and they mostly end their lives using drugs; and at the end of life, as a rule, they have serious problems and fears. Because the woman is the host, and during emotional involvement, even without sex, when she is simply in love or having a desire, she receives the energy of a man whom she connects with. There are so many examples, and they are quite sad, when a young girl falls in love with someone and this affection remains for her whole life, and the life may become quite tragic after that.

For this reason, sexual relations for a woman have always been strongly regulated, and for young girls families tried to create conditions so that before the marriage they wouldn’t have a chance to fall in love, or have sex. There were specific restrictions for women. Cultures, in which there were such rules, have always been prospered and developed.

Now we can see that women are getting some freedom, but the number of poor and unhappy, mentally unsettled, troubled women after 40 y.o. breaks all records. Even during the severe wars and after them the situation was better.

Talking now about sexual relations, in order for a woman to receive a beneficial exchange of energy from a man, it is important for her to have a long, say 40-minute sexual foreplay — kissing, hugging and telling a woman how you love her.

Men have a different nature, more solar, «Martian» (related to the influence of the corresponding planet Mars- note of Tengrinews.kz.), and therefore a man acts like this: comes, sees, makes his business and walks away. That is, men simply tend to blow off steam, now I’m talking about men of the average level of development.

It’s all different in women. A woman gets psychologically traumatized when a man, even her loved one, just uses her, as she thinks. If a man does not kiss her, does not hug her, does not say nice words for a minimum 40-minutes prior to sexual activity, then an unconscious aggression grows in this woman to that man, she feels devastated and does not get her booster charge. This charging, both before and after, is very important for a woman. Even after the intercourse it is very important for her that a man would have said something, talked to her. If a woman does not get this, she becomes emotionally exhausted, starts to get ill often — first on the mental level, and then on the physical.

The good sleep is also important for women much more than for men. Because the man is under the influence of the Sun and the Mars, he is a defender, a warrior. But I’m talking about a normal man, we are not talking about modern western infantile individuals who resemble men only physiologically. I mean normal, regular, healthy men. So, they need much less sleep than women, because the nature has put it this way.

Moreover, men need to sleep separately from women, because if they sleep with someone in the room, they feel tension. They are protectors and can not relax. Women, on the contrary, need an embrace, at least before bedtime. A sleep is very important for women, especially from half past nine in the evening until one or two in the morning — it is very important to sleep at this time, because their nervous system is getting rest. Otherwise the inharmonious influence of the Rahu, harmful planet, affects them.

Also a long sleep is important for a woman, otherwise she will start to age very quickly. You can ask the photographers, they know that if a woman does not get enough sleep, then she looks, to put it mildly, not very good, because a lack of sleep immediately affects her appearance.

Healthy sleep in a peaceful serene atmosphere, where she feels the love — this is very important for a woman.

The only exception is that, when a woman has got children, nature takes cares of her. At this time many protective influences are present and certain hormones switch on; but at any other time a woman should sleep, because stress is more dangerous for her on the inner level. Outwardly, women can seem weak and emotional, shout, but energetically they are more powerful than men. But then again, if they are not fed properly, not given affection and care, then women begin to age rapidly.

The third point — is food. This, actually, is important for men as well, but what is more important for a woman is not just food itself, but beautifully cooked food, its smell; the food should have some kind of aesthetic appearance, to be delicious. The man in the army can eat his porridge from a boot in the cold and live a normal life, the main thing is that it would be somehow nutritional. The woman, because of improper food, gets disorders and diseases. Therefore, it is necessary for her to have everything more or less nice looking and delicious.

If the woman is not satisfied with the food, if she eats poorly, for example, the same porridge for three months, she will become a damned wretch, and this will impact on her mind.

If you pay attention, all these three aspects related to mental, nervous perception. It is therefore important that the food is clean, nicely served, properly cooked in a relaxed atmosphere. For if a woman will be accumulating the internal stress for a long time, then she will have problems with childbirth — what we now see in Western civilization.

JOURNALIST: If you read magazines, websites of popular psychology about a healthy lifestyle, they are often give prescriptions on how many times a week you should have sex. There are even entire research stating that people, who regularly have sex, look five years younger; in those who do it six times a week — intelligence increases, and if it happens seven days a week – increases a resistance to stress. As far as I know, you have a slightly different view on this issue?

Rami’s answer: There is a lot of propaganda in relation to sex. Open any newspaper; it states that you can have as much sex as you want, have no food restrictions… Look at promiscuous women, how do they end their lives? I was researching this question scientifically, and I can say, in 99% of cases their lives end tragically.

But of course there has to be some sexual life, it’s our nature, we need some sexual relationship. But humans, unlike animals can inspire their sexual communication; use sex as an approximation to the divine. Almost no one knows this technique, but in any case, sex should happen more rarely then we are used to hearing. When sex is every day — it drains, especially men.

If a woman changes her partners more often than once a month – she gets her energy level strongly damaged. I’m saying this as a person, who has consulted approximately seven thousand women, including pop stars. The future of these women is inauspicious.

JOURNALIST: But at the same time, these sites and magazines state that abstinence is harmful, that it may cause diseases.

Rami’s answer: I have researched this topic, because I was a monk myself for a while, I talked with a lot of monks who refrained correctly. Those are the most talented, most healthy people, especially healthy with intellect and mind, they all have an amazing memory.

For example, the morbidity of prostate cancer is common in these same sexual libertines. In addition, these people cannot live without alcohol and drugs after 40-50 y.o. because they are accustomed to getting an easy pleasure, used to indulge themselves in everything.

People who lead a healthy lifestyle, including implying healthy abstinence, are much healthier than people who copulate often and a lot.

I have had four or five women study on my courses, they were over 50 years old and they were virgins for all their lifetime. They were born in pious families, where it was as a rule that the first man for a woman must only be a husband, so it happened that they did not get a husband. But they were very successful people, very healthy. Only one woman worried that she did not have children and grandchildren, but in terms of mentality and physiology, she was healthy, had no illnesses. All these women had a good work and a good memory.

I have consulted the girl in Moscow, who was 25 years old and she was a virgin, she was saying that so far has not found a husband. At that moment she worked as a successful manager, was a very talented person, spoke several languages. You would never said, looking at her, that she is sick and old, unlike the usual 25-year-old Muscovite.

So I have quite another, scientific opinion on this question.

JOURNALIST: You are an opponent of alcohol. But then again, some of the publications, where professors of medicine are published, write about the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. One of the latest articles written by the professor even states this: «A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor’s away.» There he writes that recent studies suggest that moderate drinking — one drink per day for women and two for men — improves the immune system. What can you say about this?

Rami’s answer: I grew up in Central Asia where my grandfather was the best winemaker, and I know how it ends up. They grew the best grapes, won at competitions. I know on the thousands of examples about a glass of wine’s endings. It’s all fairy tales which are in magazines.. The turnover of alcohol is hundreds of trillions of dollars. With this money, it is not a big deal to hire professors who will say that a glass of wine will rejuvenate you and make you healthy. But believe me, for a woman, the wine especially, even though the best one in the most beautiful bottle becomes a poison. It destroys the woman’s mind and reproductive system.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a common sense, apart from scientific “facts”; now you can find thousands of evidence that, for example, in the Bible the grape juice has been replaced by wine. So it was translated. But look at the archaeological sites: the Greeks drank grape juice, and if it got fermented a bit, they usually diluted it with water as 1 to 4, so that it was weaker then kefir (fermented milk product with 0,05-0,2% of alcohol). Especially, the wine was never been given to women. After all, a woman may drink a glass of wine and in ten years her child could be born disabled. There is a scientific research to show this. In men, in three months (after the consumption – note of Tegrinews.kz.) alcohol ceases to affect the reproductive function, but in women it affects these functions for the whole life. See yourself how many sick children are born nowadays.

There is an opinion: consume a shot of vodka and your cold is gone. But a cold passes by itself anyway.

JOURNALIST: Once you have placed on your website an appeal to men. You call men to be free, with a note that freedom is the ability to control your mind, emotions, speech, genitals, the lack of attachment and dependency. Perhaps you have something to say to women as well…

Rami’s answer: For women I advise primarily to find a good husband — this is the best blessing, because it is difficult for a single woman to live in this world. Know that, but smoking, consuming even one glass of wine and leading a dissolute lifestyle withdraws women from this idea, and it must be understood. So, my advise would be: find a good husband, be happy, be creative, take care of someone, because a woman is happy when she cares for someone, serves someone, some idea, society, engages in self-development on all four levels: physical, social, intellectual and spiritual.

Interviewed by Renat Tashkinbaev