10 Steps to Happiness

In any large bookstore you will find multiple books on how to succeed in life, to become happy, and to get rid of diseases. The majority of these books give many practical recommendations; almost every one of them promises to easily turn you from a poor stepdaughter into a happy Cinderella. But if you turn to the statistics, you will learn that the number of happy and healthy people is declining.
In the author’s opinion, the reason for this is that there are no deep inner changes. It is a person’s character, mentality, and programs of the subconscious mind that determine their fate. Without changing them and correct understanding of the main principles of the Universe, the real changes will not happen. Any changes on the external level only, in behavior, often lead to accumulation of aggression and irritation; a person becomes hypocritical, and after a while the misfortunes and depressions return on a much larger scale. For example, the popular advice «make plans and strictly stick to them» reinforces egoism; «smile at everybody» if it does not come from the heart, will lead to hypocrisy; «take life lightly, do not show disappointment» pushes the negative emotions deep inside.
That is why in this book, along with practical recommendations, you will find quite profound philosophical ideas, explained in simple words. Just by reading these, you can get rid of conscious and subconscious negative agenda, inner complexes, grievances, fears, and all that prevents us from being happy, healthy, and successful.
This book is for everybody, no matter his or her age or social level, who is ready to devote some time to attentive reading of this book and with its help to try to become healthy and happy.

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