11 Important Questions

1. How to stay positive when things do not work the way you expected?

First of all, the concept itself that you always need to be positive is dangerous. Nowadays, there is a big tendency in society to be positive in any situation. Nonetheless, negative emotions are also part of life.

Of course, if we live mostly with positive emotions, we are physically and mentally healthier. However, if only positive emotions are our main goal, it can be very dangerous. The positive state that comes from the mind is temporary. And here, in this world, should be harmony: 3-4 positive emotions per one negative.

When we live on the level of the mind and we are trying to be always positive, it is dangerous, because positive emotions work like a pendulum. At a certain point it will swing. And the more pendulum was taken up to one side (the positive emotions), the stronger it will swing towards the opposite side, negative emotions. This is clearly seen in the example of Hollywood stars who are positive, rich, and beautiful, but time passes, and they become depressed. According to statistics, if they do not follow any spiritual practices, by the age of 40 most of them are addicted to drugs.

We should be receiving positive emotions from our soul, from our spirit, from our divine nature. If we are in a state of “here and now”, in a state of unconditional love and selfless service to the world. In this case we live in reality, then higher emotions, supreme satisfaction, happiness, blissfulness become part of our nature and then we pay less attention to various life crises.

How to handle crises is a whole separate subject. A superficial attitude “Everything will be okay” does not work, and on the contrary, it may destroy us. In short, only a genuine spirituality can help surpass any crisis, even the most difficult one. It is when we see God in everything. When we understand that we came to this world to learn unconditional love and everything what happens to us here is for the sake of our spiritual growth.

The foundation of the inner, positive, proper passing through all negative situations consists in seeing God in every person and situation. Being in the state of gratitude for everything, ensuring we do not have attachments and dependencies on anything in this world. Buddha said that our attachments were the cause of our suffering. And the less dependencies and affection we have (to people, circumstances, places of residence, and etc.) the more happiness we experience.

You can be eating a delicious cake and be crying that it will be finished soon, and thus not experience the pleasure of its taste. Also in this world, if we live without getting too attached, in a state of unconditional love, in a state of selfless service, mindfulness, in a state “here and now”, if we serve unselfishly to the world, only then we can enjoy everything, including food, relaxation, because in this case we do not have any dependencies and affections, AND OUR HUGE INNER BLISS DOES NOT PRACTICALLY DEPEND ON WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS UNPREDICTABLE WORLD. If someone is jealous, selfish and ignorant, even a small misery or resentment will cause him huge stress.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda says, one of the main causes of diseases is that we always want that everything happens as we wish.  Yet it is impossible, and it should be accepted INTERNALLY and concentrate on: the internal awareness, selflessness and unconditional love for all living beings as PARTS OF GOD.

2.How to forgive parents for not treating me good enough when I was a child?

First of all, you have to understand that we were born in a certain family, according to our karma, our past actions, thoughts. We, as souls, have chosen these families. Perfect families do not exist. And, on the other hand, I know people who grew up in wealthy families, where they were cared for, and still, they have a lot of complaints about their parents. They even sued their parents who didn’t give enough love. Therefore, the inner state is important: if a person is resentful, prideful, has many complaints, he will always find someone or something to be offended by. But even if you have proofs of violence or abuse, you have been mistreated, it is even more important to understand why forgiving parents is necessary.

Father and mother are divine reflections of masculine and feminine. When we take offense at our parents, or one of our ancestors, our support from the family “closes”. If one had issues with the father — support from the masculine, from the male Divine part; the mother, respectively — from the feminine. I conducted over 10,000 consultations over the years and have never seen a man succeeding in his private life if he has strong aggression towards his mother. But to a greater extent, this applies more to women. If there is resentment against the father, anger or hatred towards the father figure, these women rarely enjoy a long, happy relationship with a man.

Parents must be respected. Therefore, in the East, where parents are still revered, families are much stronger and there are more healthy children.

Forgiving parents is important on a subconscious level; there are many grievances that we are not aware of. Some people believe that they have excellent relationships with their parents, but subconsciously any person who saw his/her parents arguing when they were small, would carry grievances towards parents. We are not aware of most of our subconscious insults.

There is a very powerful practice that tens of thousands of people have followed. I had received only positive feedback from them: fate changed, health improved. Communication with parents which was ceased suddenly was renewed because of parent’s call.

It is necessary to write three phrases with your left hand for at least 40 days: “Dear Father (name, for example, John), I am sorry for everything”, “Dear Father John, I forgive you for everything”, “Dear Father John, I thank you for everything”. It is important to prescribe it with the left hand because the left hand is connected with the right hemisphere, which is responsible for the subconscious. And when we write with our left hand, this information further penetrates our subconscious, in this case, clearing it of grievances and aggression. If you write it while kneeling, the technique’s effect is amplified many times.

The same needs to be done for the mother. Along with writing, it is also important to bow to parents as parts of God.

I recommend doing this practice for both parents, whether you are aware of your grievances or not. To some extent, we all have grievances towards our parents. Resentment against a parent is an offense against God.

And when you accomplish this practice, you will see how much your destiny will change, and the level of your vibrations will raise.

You can use this technique with any person. It can shorten many hours of work with a psychologist or even a psychotherapist.

3. Why little innocent children get terrible sicknesses or even die in at very young age?

One of our main problems is that we do not see the whole picture or we don’t want to accept it.

You may be wondering why a person gets ill at the age of 20–25, or why there are so many very young people and children with cancer, or have cardiovascular diseases which literally 40–50 years ago were not that inherent. However, if you look at how these people eat, what kind of life they have, they are in constant state of stress. The media corrupts them through pornography, alcohol, etc.. Making conclusions about contemporary lifestyles you will understand why these people became sick.

The soul is eternal, and the body is temporary, and there is a law of causal relationship — nothing happens by chance. When the omnipotent Lord allows someone to be born sick and lame, and someone rich and successful. This is a consequence of the very subtle laws of karma, the laws of cause and effect. The way a child was born is determined by his behavior and thoughts in many previous incarnations and his general level of spiritual growth.

We often resent why children are sick or why I suffer. But how many of us can say that he lived the last 10 lives as a saint? And practically all religions, including early Christianity, the mystical branch of Islam, Sufism and so on say that we lived many lives, the soul lives more than one life, and we had many incarnations.

And we are born, according to our previous thoughts and actions, also in accordance with our karmic tasks in this incarnation.

It is my specialty to read the fate, and help people change their fate based on astrological chart and other signs, I also participated in meditations, conducted group trainings, we have videos of regressions, when people remembered their past lives.

I can say for sure that no one gets anything undeservedly in this world. And any birth is the natural laws of cause and effect.

Parents partially may be able change the fate of the baby, especially during pregnancy. But how to change the fate of adults and children is a separate story.

4. How to overcome the death of a close person?

The correct philosophical understanding of this world and knowledge of the laws of nature is important.

There is a wonderful parable in Buddhism. One woman came to Buddha and required him to revive her only son, who had just died. She said: «You are a saint, you do miracles.» And he said: «Well, I will do it, but at the beginning bring me the mustard seed from any home, from any family where no one has ever died.» And she searched all day, went around several villages. And when she came back in the evening, she bowed at his feet. She became enlightened and was smiling because she understood that death is the same attribute of this material world as life and joy. She hasn’t been able to find a house where no one died.

In fact, the soul doesn’t die, the body dies. We all came with our different karmic patterns, with different karma. And especially nowadays it doesn’t necessarily mean that the grandfathers, grandmothers, and parents die first. For example, my eldest daughter died first from an unsuccessful heart operation. But it was also visible in my astrological chart, especially in my first wife’s chart. This is also part of fate: the child had to work out karma before liberation, go through the last karmic tasks. It is important to understand that it’s a part of life, and then we begin to live a full life because we start to appreciate this person. If we understand that we will have to leave eventually, we begin to value people, relationships and all that surrounds us.

There were many experiments, even at American universities, when students were told: imagine that you will die in six months. They immediately began to value their relationships and their behavior improved a lot. It is important to realize the absolute outcome of this world — at any moment we can leave this world. In ancient Indian philosophy, this world was called the abode of death, mritya loka (in Sanscrit), where everyone dies. It is natural.

When we did everything to ensure that our children and close relatives were protected, but somehow something unexpected happened — this is fate. The Ramayana says that everything that happens to us unexpectedly and against our will is fate, it must be accepted internally.

And then we begin to value our lives, we understand eventually we will die, that all our relationships, achievements and possessions are all temporary and we should not be attached to this.

And then we begin to value our life, we understand eventually we will die, that all our relationships, achievements and possessions are all temporary and we should not be attached to this.

It is important to understand that we incarnate in order to learn love, mindfulness, selflessness. And all these toys that distract us: cars, titles, fame, money, positions in religious organizations — this is all that just can distract us, this is not the main goal of our life.

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21

Often the death of a beloved one helps us to understand the illusory and temporary nature of this world.

The death of my mother when I was 18 had a profound effect on me. I realized that each of us could die at any time and began to engage in spiritual practice much more seriously.

Another important point: when we grieve for too long, more than 40 days, we prevent souls from moving ahead. If a person is normal, he never wants his beloved ones to suffer for years after his death. Of course, a selfish, envious person wants everyone to cry and grieve about him forever, but this is a deformation of the mind and a manifestation of egoism. The best gift for the dead is to advance along the path of genuine spirituality, selflessness, mindfulness and unconditional love. Only this will bring great happiness to yourself and your beloved ones.

5. Why do people, who always had a healthy lifestyle, are getting sick and those who drink alcohol and smoke sometimes live longer?

According to statistics alcoholics are not long-lived people. And a very low percentage of smokers overcome the threshold of a long life expectancy.

You can find scientific studies that confirm that smoking and alcohol are one of the main causes of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and many other diseases.

But anyway healthy lifestyle, especially yoga, outdoor meditation in nature, breathing exercises, hiking, swimming in natural ponds have a hugely positive effect on both the physical and mental levels. We can purify our mind, cleanse lymph and improve our body at all levels and get rid of negative emotions.

This does not guarantee us longevity, because we also have a genetic and karmic code, but it guarantees a high quality of life. There are people who are genetically predisposed to a short life, and they need to work a lot, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually to improve it. For example, dr. Lipton states that by changing the mentality we can change genes.

There is also the karmic code of fate. As a specialist who reads to some extent the karmic code of fate, I can say that I saw a lot of people who were given a short time to live. Doctors were telling that they didn’t have much time to live, but they changed their diet, lifestyle, mentality and became truly more spiritual, conscious, selfless, and they had more unconditional love, and they lived longer than predicted.

And I know individuals who were genetically predisposed to longevity. Their ancestors lived for a long time and never were sick, but taking offense and becoming negative made them seriously ill, or if they started smoking, drinking alcohol, and their life deteriorated sharply. Smoking, alcohol, as well as tamasic, ignorant food: meat, beer, canned food, white bread, white sugar — all this, destroys not only physical, but also mental, and to some degree, spiritual health.

Therefore, it is still very important to evolve on all 4 levels: physical, social, intellectual and spiritual. And a healthy lifestyle is the closest to the natural flow, it is the foundation for success on the other levels.

IF WE DO NOT HAVE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH, IT WILL BE PROBLEMATIC TO ENJOY ANY ASPECT OF THIS LIFE AND WE WILL BE A burden FOR our beloved. But in order to be healthy, you need to follow the right lifestyle starting with nutrition and physical exercises. This also allows you to produce serotonin — a hormone of happiness.

According to WHO, our health depends on 10 percent of medicine, 15 percent of the gene and 75 percent of the person himself, on what kind of lifestyle he or she chooses.

6. Depression and anxiety, what is the course and cure?

The root cause of depression, anxiety or worry, firstly is an unspiritual or immoral way of life that does not take into account the laws of nature.

Ayurveda also says that the farther we are from our destiny or life purpose, the more restless our mind gets, therefore, the more depression, anxiety and physical illness are progressing.

It is very important to lead a harmonious lifestyle. At the physical level, engage in physical exercises, sports, yoga, healthy diet, do breathing exercises, cold water showers, live or visit nature as often as possible. Meditation, even short one, is very important during the day.

At the social level, it is very important to conscientiously fulfill our roles as son, father, husband, worker, maintain good relations with people around us, use computers as little as possible, watch less television and news, because this virtual world takes us out of reality, which in turn leads at least to anxiety.

On an intellectual level, it is important to understand our life purpose — what are we living for, what is our purpose in life. To realize that we are souls and came here to learn unconditional love, mindfulness, and selflessness.

It is also important to be able to control your emotions, feelings. One of the most important qualities of a spiritual person is not to have attachments and dependencies in this world. All anxiety, discontent, and depression arise from the fact that we do not accept something or someone in this world. If we accept, we will internally accept the whole world, and at the same time begin to work on where we can change something. After we will get rid of or will greatly reduce anxiety and depression.

Everything is based on proper work on the physical and mental levels, and ultimately on the spiritual level. You can hardly even imagine an enlightened Lama, a monk or a saint who is depressed. This is impossible because he fully trusts God, lives in reality, selflessly, does a lot of physical work and is not particularly attached to anything.

7. How to stop criticize/be angry to other people?

Primarily, it is important to understand that when we do not accept people, we criticize and get angry at them. If we do not accept a certain person or a situation we feel discontent and angry. Therefore, it is very important to obtain a deeper acceptance for anyone and let them live the life they have. Outwardly, we can give them pieces of advice, inspire them to change their lifestyles, but within ourselves, we need to accept any eventuality.

Pride is of the main qualities on which anger and criticism are based. Pride is inherent in immoral people as well as in people who are highly moral and self-righteous: “I am so pure, I pray a lot, I don’t eat meat, and they are so imperfect…”. And then we begin to criticize.

Eastern psychology teaches that a person can gain excessive pride from his achievements, sports victories, politics, progress in the so-called spiritual life. Criticism delights our ego, our pride. The lower the level of consciousness of a person, the more often he criticizes, condemns, displays aggression, including anger.

According to the law of karma, it is said that we give away part of our good karma to those whom we criticize and take a part of the bad karma from them. And if we praise someone, then we acquire the good qualities of the ones we praise. The higher the level of consciousness of a person, the more he praises others and thanks to them. And he practically does not get angry, because he accepts any course of events. Thus, if a person’s pride decreases, then, as a result, he needs less to criticize someone to show how good he is. This is one of the reasons for criticizing others: to compare oneself against others as a good and right one.

8. How to see situation from others’ point of view?

Primarily, you need to meditate, calm the mind and imagine that you are this person. It helps to know his or her situation. And again, everything rests on human egoism and pride. The more pride a person has, the less chance that he can sincerely sympathize, empathize, understand, accept people as they are, and ultimately look at the world through the eyes of other people.

This leads to quarrels, failures, and illnesses. Get accustomed to seeing teachers in all people and respect them with love, learn from then, and compassionately listen to people (I recommend my book THE ALCHEMY OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS), and finally serve them selflessly.

This will lead to obtaining many good friends, a good mood, you will become a more healthy and successful person.

9. Does my life need changes? What are the signals? What are the steps to change situation?

A person by himself determines whether he or she needs changes in life. Everything in this world is constantly changing: our thoughts, our cells, the situation around, etc.

If we don’t continue self-evolution, if we are not constantly progressing on all 4 levels (physical, social, mental and spiritual), we degrade. This is similar to how we drive a car uphill. If we stop keep driving, then at some point we won’t resist, and sooner or later our car will start to slide down. So our life requires regular work on ourselves, continuous improvement. If you do not wipe the dust in the room, after two or three days you will see that everything is in the dust.

The same with our body and mind: if we do not cleanse our body with proper nutrition, regular cleansing, sports, if we do not purify our mind with meditations and other practices of calming the mind, we are starting to degrade.

Ayurveda says that if a person develops harmoniously, his inner happiness increases and his relationships with other people become better.

One of the main indicators that we are going the wrong direction is an internal feeling of emptiness, discontent. Outwardly, everything may be fine, we’re going to a party with friends but there is a feeling of inner emptiness and a lack of clarity about why we are going there.

There are effective steps that can change the situation. This is primarily a communication with truly wise spiritual people through books, lectures and ideally face to face communication. First of all, it will give us the correct values. When we have the right values, it is very important to draw up a plan of the goal for life.

Changing life begins with the fact that we take a vow or make a decision to do something, write plans and follow this. But it all starts with the right values.

It is also important to learn how to be successful and happy, regardless of external circumstances.

10. Is life/the fate of man predefined? If yes, what still can be changed by myself?

To some extent, our lives are predetermined. According to the LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS, our past thoughts and actions have already caused a definite fate, there are things that we cannot change, but also there are things that we can change.

Therefore, the wise say that they pray: “Oh, God, allow us to accept internally what we cannot change, and give us the strength and inspiration to change what we can change.”

The more spiritually advanced a person is, the purer his mind and consciousness are, as a result, the more he is selfless and mindful, the more opportunities he is given to change his fate. Such people can change a lot.

Envious, greedy, prideful people with a low, primitive level of consciousness are very limited in their choice, and they have almost everything predetermined.

As an example, when you see a drunk man walking, staggering, you can predict that soon he will fall asleep for a long time, he will wake up with a sore head and will feel sick in the morning and. You can easily predict this.

BUT a sober person who has a lot of energy, a calm mind who serves selflessly, who knows how to make plans and achieve them, can change a lot, but still not everything.

In eastern philosophy and psychology, there is such a term as prarabha-karma — this is the karma that we need to suffer, to work out and we can’t avoid it. This is, for example, our parents, or several events in life that must have occurred.

Once, I spoke with a very successful couple of yoga teachers. They said that they have achieved a lot, can change everything, change the weather, and so on. I could not verify this, but they certainly didn’t prevent a drought in their country.

I bet with them that I can give them any money, that they won’t grow 10-20 centimeters in this life AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY NBA, even if they pray a lot, do yoga and so on. There are things that we can’t change.

We come here TO evolve at all levels, and first of all, on the spiritual level, and not to make great efforts to achieve and change something illusory. Here is one parable: two monks came and they saw one yogi walking on water and say: “I spent 50 years learning how to do this.” They went further and one of them, the senior monk cried, and the youngest says: “He spent 50 years of his life just to save 2 rupees. We paid 2 rupees and we were transported by boat.”

It is very important how we use the energy that is given to us, for which purpose. Our goals should be aimed at calmness, purity of mind, the development of mindfulness, selflessness, and most importantly, the development of Unconditional Divine Love, because this is the nature of the soul. Everything else, to some extent, is an illusion, a waste of time.

11. Does the fate of country and/or planet predefined?

There are ancient Vedic scriptures that describe the rhythms of the universe, there is a description of our time, about the technocratic age and what will happen next.

Thus, the plot of the film is approximately predetermined. But within this film, we can change what is happening now: we can worsen the karma of the planet through the selfish use of resources, the selfish pursuit of our goals with the denial of relationships, the predominance of consumer goals. By destroying the planet, to one degree or another, we influence its fate.

Or we can change our minds, engage in environmental projects, serve each other and all living beings, protect nature, then the planet will be most favorable.

There are people who, during a regression into past lives, recalled that they were planets. Planets also have their own life, their own destiny. We cannot fully understand it, just like the microbes that live in our bodies cannot understand that the body is a single whole.