The Influence of the Sun

The Sun is not only the central luminary of the Solar System, but the particular embodiment of the cosmic universal light. In Vedic astrology the position of the Sun indicates a person’s spiritual level, the causative body, that being which evolves from one incarnation into the next, which controls our fate by its will.

In the material world, the Sun is an embodiment of Divine radiance, of Brahman. In Islam God is described as the Supreme light. The Kabbala also says that we can comprehend the Creator only as a source of Divine light. Many people who have experienced clinical death say that they were in the presence of an unusually beautiful light, which seemed to consist of Love.
In the natal chart the Sun shows the level of a person’s soul, to what extent one is able to shine, literally and figuratively.

An aura of a soul

What is an aura? It is the light of our soul passed through our consciousness. The purer and higher our consciousness is, the lighter and brighter our aura is. They say that the heads of the saints are surrounded by a golden nimbus that can be seen even with the naked eye. According to our aura’s color you can determine how healthy we are mentally, and consequently physically.

In Ayurveda, it is considered that these two things are interrelated. The darker our aura is, the more illnesses and problems we have in our fate. But what causes our aura to darken? Where does this astral dirt come from? From our grievances, dejection, dirty thoughts, wishing bad to others, lies, fear etc.

Thought is material, as well as actions. No actions made by us ever disappear; they are connected with us every second. If we have done something bad, we think it stays in the past forever – but no, everything stays in our mind. It can be imagined as a big glass box, where all our past thoughts, impressions and actions in this life as well as in previous ones are placed. We look at the world through it, and the degree of its transparence depends on the purity of our motivations. If they are not clean, then the whole world seems to be dirty and we cannot feel happy. However, the goal of all people is to become happy, and the task of Ayurveda is to help us achieve this. Nevertheless, the energy of happiness emanates from the Sun, and if we want to gain access to this source of happiness, we must live in such a way that our thoughts and actions should intensify the favorable influence of The Sun on us. This becomes possible when we begin building our relations with this world correctly.

If we honestly say: “I want to live for everybody, to bring happiness to others, and I am ready to do my duties towards everyone!”, then at this moment the energy of the Sun starts coming into us and fills us with the power of happiness. But as soon as we decide to live only for our profit, the Sun energy immediately goes away and the feeling of happiness disappears.

Who is happier – people like mother Theresa or the so-called “new Russians”? According to the statistics, more than 70% of “new Russians” suffer from a variety of psychological disorders, from depression etc.
Therefore, the purpose of the Sun is to melt the false ego and revive the true one. True ego is the nature of the soul itself, which is that the soul wants to live for others, not for itself. We are miserable precisely because our thoughts and actions are in contradiction with our nature.
Purity of mind also depends on the Sun because both the Sun and mind have a fiery nature. Harmonious perception of the male active energy of the Sun makes the mind strong, whereas the Moon is the embodiment of female energy and is responsible for psycho- emotional condition of a person, it gives us possibility to feel calm and enjoy the present moment. The mind of a person who has weak contact with the Sun works inertly, it is difficult for him to think.

Sun in three energies

The influence of the Sun in Ignorance is characterized by the following traits of character and typical models of behavior: an inability to wake up at early hours and to go to sleep early, laziness, vanity, indolence of mind, a huge ego, painful dependence on the opinions of others, complete irresponsibility, inability and unwillingness to keep one’s promise, a desire to enjoy watching others suffer, a hostile attitude towards the world, incessant complaints to others, long-lasting rage, huge arrogance (or, conversely, total self- doubt), extreme disrespect to everyone, especially towards one’s father and the government, a completely aimless life, readiness and willingness to cause others pain and suffering for the sake of achieving a high position or fame.

The Sun in Passion: A strong desire to be in the spotlight, artificial smiles, pride, impulsiveness, great craving for power, desire to manipulate and exploit others, dependence on the opinions of others, increased activity in pursuit of one’s own selfish goals, taking responsibility only if one can benefit from it and it promises to bring glory, self-glorification; respect and a good attitude towards father and other authority can be only if they “have something for which to earn respect” or if they may be useful; an obsessive desire to save all. Such a person feels happy when he gets to be in the spotlight, when he gets a prestigious position, fame and glory. He does not care how the others feel about it.

The Sun in Goodness: A great sense of responsibility – for oneself, one’s generation, one’s nation and all living beings, nobility, magnanimity, generosity, pleasure in activity, a great sense of one’s worth, humanity, commitment, determination, self-discipline, great willpower, leadership with minimal use of punishment, cheerfulness, originality, a respectful attitude both to oneself and to others, a lack of pride and conceit, a loud commanding voice, independence from the views of surrounding people but careful attention to all advice, sincerity, regular early rising and early bedtime, constant enthusiasm, a great sense of gratitude to everyone and everything; such a person can easily make others happy, and he derives great pleasure out of it; the ability to think clearly and quickly grasp the essence of things.

Rami Bleckt

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