Three Energies. Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony

Everyone wants to be happy. Unfortunately, people in their attempts to become happy go further away from real contentment. The wisdom of ancient India contains eternal secrets of happiness. Nowadays these secrets are urgently needed, as they were thousands of years ago. Anyone can employ them in their life and experience the results. But before starting, some initial faith is required. Faith and desire will develop when we come in contact with someone who experiences the joys of living this path.

Rami Bleckt’s book «Three Energies» is valuable for this reason on the pages of this book readers can get in touch with the practical experience of a person following the ancient principals of the Vedas. One can look at the world through the author’s eyes and see the world as never before by understanding the subtle laws of love, harmony and justice in action. The author’s practical experience changes dry theory into a living reality and persistently encourages one to adopt this lifestyle to become happy and to learn how to make happy others.

Dr. Vadim Tuneev (BV Goswami), international expert in Ancient Indian Philosophy and Psychology.


In this book an answer can be found to the essential question, «What is the purpose of our existence?» After finding the answer to this more questions arise; for example, «What is the right way to live?» And if you learn attentively «Your life becomes better in all respects!» the topmost mantra and aim of the teachings of Rami Blekt. This book can be taken as not only a textbook, but also as a «virtual» conversation with an honorable and intelligent person.

Alex Dubas, writer, radio and TV presenter. 


Rami Bleckt has brought out an important new book on the gunas in the Russian language that brings them into a clear perspective for the modern reader. His book serves a vital need and offers many useful tools of self-healing, self-understanding and self-realization that can be of great transformational value for their lives and for their awareness. Rami is a trained psychologist, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic teacher and astrologer, who brings to this study much experience and knowledge. His is not just an academic presentation but the result of many years of personal practice, teaching and counseling. He has learned how to adapt this eastern science of the gunas to life in the modern world and can relate it to the reader accordingly in a clear and simple manner. (read more)

Dr. David Frawley 

Author: Yoga and Ayurveda, Ayurveda and the Mind etc., Santa, Fe NM USA (, June 2008


Life itself is neither good nor bad: it is a reservoir of both good and bad, depending on what you make of it.

Michel de Montaigne


In September 2006 we travelled around South India. It was extremely interesting. We undertook a full panchakarma course (cleansing the body of slugs and toxins) and met incredible people: astrologists, yogis, gurus (spiritual teachers). But the most amazing of all was that we met one well-known Ayurvedic doctor. He was 80 years old and looked incredible, full of happiness and peace.

All his life he studied and practiced Ayurveda and became very successful in it. Around his office were many awards and photographs with government letters of appreciation. He would look into men’s eyes, check their pulse, sometimes press different pressure points on the body and then give a correct diagnosis of the condition of different organs. Then he would give recommendations about diet and lifestyle. To some of us he gave special Ayurvedic medicine. He spent more time with the youngest among us. The doctor found several very serious diseases which the young man knew of already, for which other doctors had recommended surgery. But this Ayurvedic doctor told him that if he followed his instructions he would be cured in a few months. He prescribed some kind of herbs from the Himalayas which needed to be taken after boiling for several hours. This young man followed all the instructions and as a result the benign tumor, gastritis and urine-genital problems disappeared. The Ayurvedic doctor gave him not just herbs but also the knowledge by which the herbs miraculously worked. If one follows this system from birth then there will be no need for any medical treatments.

After some days we met one famous astrologer that prominent politicians and businessmen consult; this was possible only with the recommendation of one maharaja we knew. Meeting this Master was of great significance for me because he agreed to become my teacher. Over the next few days he taught me many important lessons. He amazed all of us by his deep understanding of life and different karmic situations and also by his psychic abilities. He also spoke about the knowledge by which the inauspicious influence of planets can be neutralized and even how to free one from the laws of karma. For ordinary people such knowledge can eliminate disease and suffering and shed light on how one can be happy, healthy and harmonious.

Both teachers looked effulgent because they had applied this knowledge in their lives; despite their old age they radiated health and happiness. They inspired me to write this book in a way that people living outside India can access this knowledge. In the past, Indian sages had this knowledge but nowadays few people know about it and even less realise how important and practical this knowledge is. I have seen so many times the phenomenal changes in people’s lives when they start using this knowledge: eradicating different physical and psychological diseases; eliminating problems from their personal lives; becoming successful socially; developing powerful intuition; progressing rapidly in spiritual life. The most important transformation is the overwhelming contentment that develops independent from external circumstances. If you want these miraculous changes in your life too you should at least once read this book.


Major problems that face us cannot be resolved on the same level of consciousness on which they were created.

Albert Einstein

This book is about how to attract the energy of happiness, health, success and harmony into our lives, and how to simultaneously eliminate the energy of destruction, diseases and unhappiness. Everything in this world consists of different energies; modern science has also come to this conclusion. Thousands of years ago enlightened sages taught how to attract correct energies into one’s life. The term Ayurveda is currently associated with ancient medicine that can improve one’s health through the use of herbs, massage, cleansing procedures and diet. Although this is correct, it is also a limited perspective that is convenient for advertising and business purposes. Few know that Ayurveda is primarily a system of psychology that can free one from diseases quickly and simply at various stages of development.

In «Ashtanga-Hridaya Samhita» (one of the main Ayurvedic texts written by enlightened sages thousands of years ago) it is stated that there are six stages of illness:
1. Psycho-physiological (gunas).
2. Energy-informational, Ethereal (imbalance of energy, sensory and knowledge acquiring channels).
3. Neuro-endocrinal (aggravated doshas).
4. Endo-toxic (accumulating of the products of weak metabolism, toxins).
5. Manifested, symptomatic (appearance of clinical symptoms of diseases).
6. Terminal (death of the infected organ).

It is understood that in the first two stages a disease can be cured easily, at stage three and four it is also curable, at the fifth it is difficult to cure and at the sixth it is incurable.

Modern medical systems usually deal with stage five and even stage six. Most Ayurvedic clinics function at stage three and four and the majority of purgative programs deal with stage four.

A well known Russian researcher and author of the series, «Diagnoses of Karma», S. N. Lazarev, by seeing a person’s energy field can successfully diagnose at the second stage. But his system would not help a person who is blocked at the first stage due to a predominance of ignorance and passion. For accuracy I should also mention that Ayurveda also describes the karmic stage which underlies all of the above six stages; it can be seen on the energy-informational, ethereal field of a person. How to change the karmic stage will be explained in the second chapter of this book.

This book explains the first stage and to some extent the second. On these levels everything can be changed and improved and if one applies this knowledge, depression and disease will be forgotten.

I remember that I was amazed when I discovered that in ancient India and China people were astonished when someone became ill and doctors would be disgraced: «How could he let it happen?» The main duty of a doctor at that time was to visit his patients to develop a personal relationship with them through discussing various philosophical and metaphysical topics. He would also advise on lifestyle, diet and social interaction.

Interestingly the Russian language originated from Sanskrit and belongs to the Indo-European group of languages, and has preserved within it many Sanskrit words and terms. For example, the Russian word for «doctor» developed from the Sanskrit word «to talk». In ancient times practically all Ayurvedic doctors were highly advanced spiritually; famous doctors who founded various schools and systems were prominent spiritual practitioners and gurus. This was also the case in other cultures «doctors» and priests were referred to as Magi in Slavic regions, Rambam within Jewish communities and Avicenna within Arabic areas.

Unfortunately this knowledge is generally written in a complicated way that many find difficult to understand; my main task has been to translate what I have studied and heard from these great teachers into more simple language. I have seen how this knowledge has helped many people regardless of their spiritual orientation. I am confident that it can help all of you!

The first part of this book is based on my introductory seminars and is suitable for those who have limited understanding of this knowledge. We deliberately left the style of writing very close to the speaking style to make the subject more accessible. Our experience is that educated people can easily understand it.
We have been pleased to receive warm feed back from people who are new to this knowledge as well as from those who have studied and worked in the field of eastern medicine and psychology for many years.

Even if your goal is not spiritual and you just want to be happy, healthy and successful then this knowledge can help you to achieve your goals in a practical way.


Science is making highly significant developments that have and will have a vast impact on our lives and which have the ability to completely alter our perception of the human psyche, pathology and perspectives of healing. Some of these major developments challenge traditional psychology and psychiatry and the Newtonian/Cartesian paradigm, which is the foundation of Western science. They can radically change our understanding of human nature, culture, history and reality itself.

Dr. Stanislaw Groff, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Psychiatric Research Centre, Maryland.

Modern science has come to a conclusion that refutes the materialistic view on life: matter in it’s essence is not material. The essence, the finest particles do not weigh anything. They are something else and more — information, movement, vibration, sound beyond the range of the human ear.

The characteristics of an object are determined by it’s inner structure.

Many modern scientists, particularly physicists, came to the conclusion that all matter consists of only waves and nothing else.

There are two types of waves — corked, which refer to matter, and free, which refer to radiation or light. These scientific statements prove the ancient theory which explains that the foundation of the material Universe is simply a movement and there is no other source for the Universe except movement.

Anyone familiar with the latest scientific advancements knows that light is a rhythmical vibration or activity (irregular movements).

Light, activity and stability are three main types of movement which are not only components of all substances but also provide the basis for the environment within which these substances exist.

According to modern science the characteristics of atoms and molecules depend only on their structure and in final analysis they are nothing more than different combinations of these three types of movement.

By studying physics and chemistry we can take any object and analyse its’ component parts in terms of movement — rhythmical movement, non-rhythmical movement and an absence of any movement.

In the chemical synthesis of any compound, for example DNA, if we add a radical in one place and take out one atom in another, the characteristic of the substance changes. Thus it is movement only can be considered as the foundation of the substance of the objective Universe.

The conclusions of eastern psychology and modern science are similar and affirm that movement appears to be the foundation of the physical Universe. The path is now open for accepting essential ancient teachings which define the basis of the Universe, both mental and everything that appears to be a combination of mental and physical phenomenon, as being a result of a purely mental or psychological manifestation.

Whatever modern physics has discovered until now is described in full in ancient Indian Vedic texts, practically without formulas. There were and still are two ways of receiving knowledge of nature. One is represented by western science, which requires proof, experiments, etc. In the other, eastern, knowledge is received from an outside esoteric source, for example, the process of meditation. Esoteric knowledge is not taken, it is given to people. At some stage the esoteric path was lost and then another way was developed, extremely difficult and slow. In the last thousand years we have come to the knowledge that has been known in the East for over 5000 years ago.

Director of International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics
Professor A. E. Akimov

Despite the fact that not all of his colleagues agreed with this scientist, his statement is interesting. Certainly the further science progresses then more it validates what was understood thousands of years ago. This book is dedicated to the «gunas», the three main energies of the Universe, which determine the path of our lives.

In ancient ages, enlightened sages knew about these three energies and the three different types of movements. They stated the following:

The physical world, observed in it’s objective aspect of atoms and molecules, is a field of activity of three types of movement, which by their endless variety of combinations develop a flow of material manifestations. If we analyse how the gunas manifest in different aspects of life we see that they have their roots in their own fundamental and special natures, which depend on three types of movement: harmonious, chaotic and static.

Movement and nothing else is the structural foundation of the gunas. Actually, there are only three main types of movement. Movement can be rhythmical or non-rhythmical. The latter type is found in molecules moving in gas or liquid. Such movement is described by the Sanskrit word kriy (which means an activity) and corresponds to rajas (passion). Movement can be rhythmical or harmonious, for example, light or sound. This is called prakasha meaning a vibration or light; light is a typical example of a vibration, enlightening a mind, where the movement of electrons is a «locked light». Even sound vibrations evoke cognition of an object — the emitting sound can enlighten the mind. The third type of movement is a fixed condition and is called sthiti or stability. When we carefully study matter the «absence of movement» also can be considered to be a main type of movement which corresponds to tamas (ignorance), as prakasa corresponds to sattva (goodness).

One who has some knowledge of physics and chemistry can take any material object and analyse its composition in terms of rhythmical, non-rhythmical and static movements. Take water for example. What is the composition of water? Its’ mass consists of the chaotically moving molecules H2O. It is kriya. Each molecule contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, united together and separated by a fixed distance. That is sthiti. In each hydrogen and oxygen atom electrons spin with the speed of light, which we know as «locked light». That is prakasa. Therefore, any object can be represented as a unique combination of these three fundamental types of movement or, using terms from yoga psychology, as a unique transformation of the gunas.  The distinctive qualities of all objects depend on certain unique combinations or structures and change when the structure changes. In this way, only movement can be considered as the base and substance of the objective Universe. In this instance occultism and science are in agreement…

«Introduction to Yoga Psychology» by the great eastern psychologist I. Taimni.


Book reviews:

I read this book twice and to my mind this is one of the best books in the world devoted to psychology, medicine, healing and personal growth. The complicated ideas are described in simple words and this gives a strong impulse to creative changes.



I have read the book twice from the beginning to the end. Now it is always with me. While traveling or if I just have some spare time I open the book at any page and start reading. My feeling and thoughts immediately become free and light. I see deep sense and meaning in each and every word. There is a lot of wisdom in every sentence. I am so grateful to Rami