How to Make a Deal with the Universe

There are very few people nowadays who are able to make contact with their inner man, to build harmonious relationship with their family and nature. If you meet such a person, you’ll see that he/she is a prosperous person, healthy and very happy. Long ago it was noticed that the most successful people who have made the distinguished career were those who were able to establish good relations, negotiate with other people.

There were civilizations in the millenniums-old history of humanity, flourishing in all respects. Many of them have left such masterpieces of architecture, which we are not able to repeat, and what is more, it is even difficult to understand how they are created.

Pyramids of Egypt, ancient cities in the Latin America, in the Southern Urals, in India are only a tiny part of the great achievements of our predecessors on this planet; there were lots and lots of them.

These civilizations were based on certain knowledge in their cognition of the world, given from above and lived in a harmony with the nature. This knowledge has been clearly stated and recorded in the ancient Aryan civilization; you can also find their influence among the Jews and Greeks, in ancient Arabic books. If we live in accordance with this knowledge, the stars will be on our side, the Universe will be our best friend, and every new day will give us health, good luck and happiness.