«Spirituality is very often indistinguishable from the feeling of love; it disguises as love and pretends to be it. How do we spot a fake, how do we feel the difference? Well, it is actually pretty easy. Spirituality is connected to the mind. (Lazarev’s definition of ‘mind’ is the mentality, the consciousness). As soon as we start analyzing, comparing, deciding what’s right and what’s wrong, we leave the world of love for the world of spirituality and instantly lose the higher energy. From that point on all we can do is realize whatever remains of it.»

“If we consider someone to be right, we subconsciously start to idolize them. And if we decide someone is wrong, the judgment and contempt follow immediately. Those emotions block love and rob the soul of energy.

There are many difficult fates that I encounter due to my work and I do not want to traumatize you with those stories. You do start to involuntarily look at those people as victims, at yourself as a savior and at the particular external circumstances as aggressors. All of that is only strengthened by different videos and articles from the Internet, which people send to me or which I have to be aware of as an editor of a magazine. At some point, when you identify with all of that involvement, aversion and inner disagreement and pity, you get caught up under that Egregore, or as it is fashionable to say now – the pendulum.

Then the duality switches on, along with the judgment, the analysis. And you can’t help but involuntarily hate the ‘sources of evil’ in the world and ‘love’ those who act kindly. But that is the same realm of the mind and the ego… That’s what any opposition in our life feeds on. What we hate and fight against is what we dedicate all of that energy to. It is made worse by the fact that the forces, which demean the spiritual values in this world, have a very low and aggressive energy, which gets picked up when we come into contact with it mentally.

How to come out of those realizations:

  • Minimize any information you receive about politics or injustices in the world;
  • Wish the divine love and harmony to every single ‘bad’ person and generally to everybody. If you feel a very strong aggression towards them, and can’t possibly imagine wishing such a person well, feel love towards the part of the Divine in them, to that part of God we all have inside us, no matter how gruesome our actions are.
  • Read and listen to the saints, wise people and those who are in harmony with themselves and the world around them.
  • Bodily senses should get Sattvic stimulus from all possible sources (more on that I have in the book Three Energies. The forgotten canons of health and harmony) In the current political turmoil there is a lot of rage and a lot of ignorance, but the bodily functions – what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell — must receive only goodness. That is a step towards harmony and health.
  • Spend more time in nature, spend more time CONSCIOUSLY praying and meditating;
  • While having a sense of inner acceptance of everything that is going on, we must still actively participate in social work, help people to avoid physical and mental degradation;
  • Always here and always now we must be a vessel for the Divine Energy

At least it helps me


Here is a different quote that was very thought provoking, also opened by accident, this time in a different book:

«Ego is not only unobserved mind, the voice inside your head that pretends to be you, but it is also the ignored emotions with which the body reacts to its speeches»

That is one of the main definitions of false ego in Eastern psychology. It is also important to understand that when very strong emotions take us over, even if they are positive, such as the desire to save and spiritualize the world, it is extremely hard to disitentify from them. We get consumed by the voice in our heads, by the emotions, which are harder and harder to trace, and as a result we identify even more with these emotions and that voice which says all those rightful and spiritual things.

That identification is again the level of mind and ego.

More important things from that same book:

«Non-resistance is the key to the greatest force in the Universe. It enables the spirit to free itself from the form. Not resisting the form, whatever is or happens, means negating the absolute reality of the form.»

There are more important paragraphs in the text which elaborate in that:

«Resistance makes the world and its components seem more real, more permanent and long-lasting than they actually are and that includes your own identification with the form of the ego. Resistance means you place importance on and direct your energy to the world and the ego, make them universally important, which results in treating the world and ourselves very seriously. The playing of forms then is suddenly perceived as a fight for survival and our perception largely affects our reality. Everything that happens, all the multitude of forms that life takes on, are ephemeral by nature. They are all fleeting moments, transitory and impermanent. Objects, bodies and egos, events and situations, thoughts, desires, ambitions, fears, drama – all of that comes, makes you feel like it is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT and, before you notice, disappears in the void that it came from. Was it ever real? Was it ever anything more than a dream, a dream of the form?»

This book also gives some examples of situations in which one’s form is extremely limiting, due to disabilities or poverty, but they remain mindful and by accepting the situation fully with peace they can be very happy and achieve as much.

Limitations can be political, climatic, environmental as well as physical. Generally, the more selfish we are the more limited we are. A selfish person has a disability of the soul. Deprived of its flight, they also have very little creative potential, weak intuition, etc. I have taught that plenty of times, plenty of times began to believe in it and considered that I ‘knew’ something, but.. Even one untraced thought can take you very far, especially if you have a sense of your own rightness.

Even though we are all playing temporary roles and the aim should be to simply be an observer while doing something active externally, especially if it helps other people, it is still very important to maintain inner acceptance of reality and trace your thoughts and emotions.

I have also understood that a desire appeared in me to save people’s bodies and comfort, rather than the soul – that desire is pity. True empathy is expressing love for all living beings, desiring to help fulfill their life with love and harmony.


On that subject, I have recently heard an interview with Radhanath Swami – the author of the great book «The Journey Home» –, which was actually sent to me by a friend who normally sends me very political and negative materials. That interview just transmits love and peace and I have found the following quote in it:

«Real religion is not about being a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim. Real religion is about loving God, & dedicating one’s life to be an instrument of God’s COMPASSION, kindness towards other living beings.» (Radhanath Swami)

Rami Bleckt