This article used an interview with Miriam Grossman M.D. conducted by Rami Bleckt and the materials from Grossman’s work. Her website is http://www.miriamgrossmanmd.com

Miriam Grossman is not a religious person, nor she is following any confession, she is simply a highly experienced doctor and a researcher.

Various aspects of early sexualization and sexual education are being implemented now under different pretexts and appealing slogans in East Europe and CIS countries. Dr. Miriam Grossman has been studying the core of the matter and the consequences and of these programs.

In a number of her lectures, talks, articles and books Miriam Grossman is revealing the essence of the Sexual Education, imposed by the proponents of the Family Planning, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), etc.

MD Miriam Grossman’s research shows the danger of the early sexualization for physical, mental and spiritual wellness of children and teens, and imply upsurge of the teenage suicides.

Question: Why did you decide to embark in the mass movement against the sexual education programs?

MG: As a doctor, I aim to keep people away from the offices of doctors and therapists. I spent thousands of hours with my patients — students living on campus, to be able to conclude that the sexual health is affected, when sexual freedom reigns the society.

In my research I found that the «Sex Education» program of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the American Council on Sex Information and Education (SIECUS) do not aim to «prevent sexually transmitted infections» (STIs), nor aim for the «protection of reproductive health “, as they declare. Under the guise of a «Science-based Sex Education» they promote dangerous and immoral ideas and behaviour patterns to the children that can completely destroy their lives. Their priority is not the sexual health. Their main goal is sexual freedom!

I want to draw your attention to the fact, that all that these organizations declare to parents and politicians differs from what they eventually teaching the young people. Sex educators believe that sexuality begins in the cradle and lasts to the grave. They support early sexual activity, multiple sexual partners and sexual experimentations.

Question: What made you come to this conclusion?

MG: I refer to the «Healthy, Happy and Hot» brochure and «International Technical Guidelines on Sexuality Education: an evidence-based approach to education in realm of sex, relationships and HIV/STD prevention,» which UNESCO distributes.

Here is a quote on making a decision whether to become sexually active from a IPPF (http://www.ippf.org) approved book: «Only you can decide for yourself whether you are ready for sex or not, and whether you can bear the responsibility for this decision.»

In fact, children are not encouraged to wait to the start their sexual activity. These organizations do not live up to their promises. Moreover, they actually introduce children to the behaviour patterns and lifestyles associated with high risk, and make it the norm, describing it as acceptable and healthy options.

I attentively studied the books and websites offered in the sex education classes, and I was shocked. There are no forbidden topics on the recommended to the students websites: sadomasochism, uncontrolled sexual behaviour and all that once was considered «deviant behaviour» (behaviour that requires correction, treatment),  everything is available there.

For example, the information on anal sex, available on IPPF website and addressed to youth: «Some traditional couples use anal sex in order to preserve female virginity. For those, who like it, anal stimulation can be a part of masturbation, sexual intercourse or oral sex». 

You probably understand what they suggest: its a fecal oral contact. This is a highest risk behaviour model one can only imagine. And this is certainly not what parents want their children to know, I do not mention to practice it. This «Sexual Education» is deeply unscientific. The sex educators suppress the scientific data of the modern science.

Question: Can you provide evidence of this?

MG: Yes, certainly. Today, for example, the dentists are advised do the oral cancer screenings. The oral cancer is closely linked to the papillomavirus infection that one can get from large number of partners engaged in oral sex. They do not inform children that the papillomavirus infection causes the oral cancer. Instead, the Federation of Family Planning is informing them about anal sex and oral-anal contact. The interaction of the human papillomavirus with the head and neck cancer is known already in 2007. Guess why in this case it is not mentioned in the Comprehensive Program of the Sexual Education!?

It’s a scientifically proven fact that the presence of the human papillomavirus for the development of cervical cancer is required. Why are girls and young women are especially susceptible to this virus? Because a teenage girl or a young women’s cervix is still underdeveloped, and its thickness is only one cell wide. This fine surface is called «transformation zone», it shrinks with age, but until that happens it is the perfect place to attack for HPV, chlamydia and STDs. Think about girls/young women’s anatomy: the ejaculate that contains sexually transmitted infections, falls right in the bull’s eye, that’s why so many girls are infected with the human papillomavirus and other sexually transmitted infections. This area decreases with age, as I said, and after a woman gives birth it disappears completely.

Therefore, the presence of this zone indicates that girls are highly vulnerable in terms of sexually transmitted infections. The reproductive system of men doesn’t have such a zone of vulnerability. But they have similar place in the digestive system, for instance in the anal area. The mucous there is very fragile, thick as just one cell.

In the Planned Parenthood Federation pamphlet «Healthy, happy and hot», the Federation could explain all this, as the pamphlet is addressed to HIV-infected youth.

The Federation had an ideal opportunity to say: «Look! This area is very sensitive, it is easy to break, there’s a lot of blood vessels. It’s easy to get an infection, especially if you have HIV. In addition to blood transmission, for example, HIV is most commonly transmitted through anal intercourse. At least its 20-30 times easier to transmit HIV through an anal intercourse than a vaginal.

In the same pamphlet informs the young HIV-infected people they have the right to sexual pleasure, but they are not required to disclose their status to their partners nor to the society until a sexual intercourse, therefore HIV-infected are convinced that they do not need to talk about their condition as long as it is not convenient for them to share.

It is a proven fact, that one intercourse is enough to become contaminated with HIV. I personally met these people. If a contaminated person is not aware of his/her condition and he/she may go on having sexual contact with new partners, not being aware that previous relationship was dangerous. So, now the contaminated person at early stage of the disease before he had a positive reaction to HIV test, can contaminate other people. That how the epidemics starts, and continue to spread. And then we ask ourselves: «Why AIDS is out of control?»

One of the goals of Comprehensive Sexual Education Program is to reduce sexual risk behaviour, and then they come out and say that sexual partners not necessarily to be informed on their HIV condition? Because of all this, innocent people lose their lives.

The fact on cervix is widely known in the medical environment. The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) informs us: STDs is a serious threat to the health of women and their fertility (capability to reproduction). The biological factors put women at greater risk then men. One of these factors is a cervical cancer.

This is not mentioned in the Comprehensive Program of Sexual Education.

During the last twenty years we knew (and these are scientific facts), that the hormones that are being produced during intimacy cause affection and trust. Especially in a female body, because oxytocin is mainly a female hormone. This makes the claim that sexual behaviour does not imply emotional attachment completely absurd.

What is a hormone? Hormone is a molecule that «travels» from one organ to another and transmits a message. And oxytocin transmits a following message: «Make a connection, create an emotional attachment!» Young people should know that oxytocin is released during intimacy. The intercourse itself is not necessary to start the production of oxytocin. Oxytocin includes love and trust. It disables caution and reluctance in the brain. But this is also not mentioned in the IPPF Sexual Education Program, nor in any similar programs.

And I think that young people today have a false sense of security when they are advised to rely on condoms. We must bear in mind that sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted in different ways. Some of them are skin located, some of them are in the blood. I share the statistics in my book that indicate the protection probability against some sexually transmitted infections (condom) is very low and may even approach zero. I also want to mention that this «education» is pushing teenagers to have early and premarital sexual contacts, contributes to propagation of different kind of adolescent sexual infections. If STIs is an enormous stress for an adult, for a teenager with his immature psyche it can become unbearable ordeal that pushes him to commit suicide.

Causing the early sexualization of children, the «sex educators» hide from adolescents and young adults that the only way to be spared of the dangers and consequences of «safe sex». This simple method helps to preserve the health of this and future generations, which humanity practiced for thousands of years: preservation of premarital chastity (sexual purity) in order to build a strong family with a person who adheres the same principles.

Question: In your opinion, what can protect the children from the harmful influence of sex-education?

MG: Above all, children need go understand from a young age that everything they see in media, on Internet or on TV is a fiction. Honesty is also very important in the relationship with children: only then they will be able to open up to their parents, and not to their friends and people online.

Its better if mothers talk to their daughters and fathers talk to their sons.

Its always important to consider the child’s achievement age, and when a child asks a question, to understand what the child is querying, and not to give more information, than the child is ready to understand.


And above all, we have to stop this madness: the sexualization of children and to advocate for their health and innocence. I want to emphasize that the stakes here are very high. The programs developed by the Federation of Family Planning and SEICUS, distributed worldwide through the United Nations, it is extremely dangerous. We are at war with misconception, and they are conquering.

I want to ask everyone: read this information and begin to act. We are signing a petition against this kind of programs aimed at the sexualization of our children and the propaganda of unhealthy lifestyles. You can also support our petition online www.StopSexualizingChildren.org. All of us all over the world, we are witnessing a catastrophic increase of sexually transmitted diseases, rapid deterioration and much more.

Only a strong protest can stop this madness.

The European Parliament almost adopted a resolution on early sexual education in Europe in Brussels in December 2013. The resolution provides that: «… children under 6 years old should know about same sex intimate relationships. At 9 years, they have be informed about contraceptive methods and become familiar with masturbation.» This time, only 7 voices separated a sane resolution from the insane one.

In the same way, a vigorous propaganda of homosexuality has started twenty years ago, an it was not accepted in Europe at first.