Why are there so few real men to rely on?

Because these are the men brought up by you, dear women!

Women are trying to achieve equality, some even pay for themselves when they go out with a man to a restaurant. And now it turns out that equality is not always good.


From their childhood, boys needed to be taught that girl is like a flower, and she must be cared for and protected. Girls needed to taught how to deal with a man: to respect him, to believe in him, to make him feeling that he is a leader. Its very important for a man to feel that he is a leader, so why not play along?

If a woman believes in her man and shows it to him, then eventually his subtle energy body starts changing. He will become stronger and more confident in a year or two. Behind every great man there is a great woman. If a woman behaves equally to a man in a relationship, there will no be harmony. However, when she constantly gives her man a feeling that he is strong, its changes his energy.

I have seen many examples when a man is in a relationship with one woman, he has a certain pattern of behaviour, and if he lives with another woman, this model is changing. Man’s behaviour is determined by the woman’s inner state by 80%!

A wise woman would ask her man to help her, because he is strong, and she is weak. She would not impose her opinion, but she would ask him for his opinion or advice. She would teach their children to respect their father.

Let a man think that he makes decision. He really needs it. If a woman works equally to the man and she want, and wants to make decisions by herself, she is consciously or unconsciously suppresses the man, this is unacceptable for a man, even at his energetic level. I am not saying that a submission or suppression can take place in a family. Just behave respectfully. A man should protect his woman, to take care of her, to buy gifts for her. Let him do so.


«Woman’s happiness”. Rami Bleckt’s interview to “Domashnyi Ochag” magazine