Family values: does it make any sense? Or why a family is the only foundation for happiness, health and success

Recently I have read a research of an American sociologist, illustrating that our generation has undergone what may perhaps be the most rapid paradigm shift (established unquestionable opinions) in entire history.

Merely one generation ago Americans, like all normal nations, considered family as an important main component of a happy, healthy and successful life.

It was those Americans who led the country to huge progress. In the 50’s an average American family had at least four children and a small house; the father worked and the mother looked after the children.

But then came this curse — the sexual revolution which has led to the wild and destructive propaganda demeaning family values and chastity, the glorification of onanism (TV shows that show how to masturbate and make light of any detriment to health), pornography, homosexuality, “free” love, early sex, followed eventually by zoophilia and pedophilia.

I am presently living in the countryside in Canada, surrounded by many farms where large families lived happily for many generations — it was indeed these families that created this wonderful country. However today you can hardly see a large family, or even a full family, if it is not a family of devout Christians. Small towns and villages are dying out, and the amount of alcohol consumption is increasing.

A good friend of mine, a local doctor, having a large practice and wishing to arrange her private life and have children, told me that the overwhelming majority of her friends (women of 35-45 years old) are either not married or bringing up 1 or 2 children on their own. White Canadian men don’t want to get married and support a family; when they do get married, they as a rule make thousands of conditions.

And what did western society get after having destroyed the family institution?

1. Birth rate of healthy (Caucasian) children is very low. It is now rare to find families with two children that stay together for more than 15 years.
2. In high schools you can hardly meet a student that has parents who are not yet divorced and live in harmony.
3. Society became more ill physically and mentally (there are almost no people who do not have mental diseases like insomnia, depression, inability to concentrate, etc.). It is a society of loners who are anxious and very unhappy deep inside.
4. Such words as “crisis” and “tragedy” are now applicable in any area of life: in economics, ecology, politics, culture, art, relationships, etc.
5. The number of suicides increased significantly.
6. Crime and corruption have become commonplace in our life.
7. Concepts like honour, nobility, duty, sacrifice, morality, etc. are being forgotten.
8. A huge amount of retirement homes, children’s homes, etc. have sprung up.
9. Alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction became rampant among youth (starting from 10-12 years old) and almost a national phenomenon. Food has turned into chemical garbage due to the lack of family farms and enterprises.
10. The number of child prostitution has risen astoundingly. I saw a research showing that there are about three hundred thousand (!) children involved in it in the USA. And hundreds of thousands (many experts think it to be millions) of women get into sexual slavery all over the world.
11. The educational, intellectual, cultural, etc. level (especially among youth) has greatly declined.
12. White nations are disappearing by leaps and bounds without any (declared) war. It is easy to calculate that if current tendencies continue Germans, for example, will entirely disappear by 2060.
13. The number of single mothers and homeless children in Russia is perhaps even higher than it was during the most destructive wars and revolutions.

And the list can go on and on.

This is the obvious and natural consequence of the breakdown of the institute of family. Anyone sincerely seeking spirituality will discover the truth that all religions and all enlightened sages reinforce: there are only two ways for the development of the soul and for happy existence in the material world: either becoming a monk or family life — there is no third alternative. Any other path is the way of egoism and therefore leads to degeneration on all levels.

Who are men who refuse to take responsibility for women, children and for the family? They are egoists who prefer their own business and interests to self-sacrifice and care for their parents, wives, children, grandchildren, etc.

There are so many temptations in the world…

“Liberate” women arouse only pity — in truth nobody needs them… No matter how sexual or successful in her career a woman is, it will not bring her any happiness.

A woman is first of all a mother and a spouse. In all ages this has been the main indicator of a true woman’s genuine success. It is now that a woman’s success” has come to be defined by her capacity for shamelessness, daring sex appeal, etc.

I have advised thousands of women that enjoyed successful careers, but the main cry” of their soul was how can I arrange my private life?

Due to the nature of my business I have come to know the things which are not discussed in regular society. I can firmly declare if a woman wears sexy and provocative clothes that draw attention to her from every quarter, if she is the cause of masturbation by thousands of people and she has many sexual partners, with each year she will get more and more miserable if she doesn’t seriously start doing spiritual practices. Look at how all these pop stars, and porn stars finished their lives, starting with Marilyn Monroe…

The word mother is a sacred word; even the worst criminal understands it. The words mother, wife, daughter and the word whore are not synonyms. How do you think, what would all these modern psychologists who teach children to start sexual life early and women to be unfaithful say, if in their own families all women dear to them, including their mother, daughter and wife become whores?

And what is a real man? He is a defender, a breadwinner who supports the family and contributes to society, ready to sacrifice, be patient and serve, and who performs true spiritual practices. It is not he who drinks beer and alcohol, who watches porno and is in constant search of a temporary sexual partner. Now with the degeneration of society some men say they will be satisfied with a male partner  you have to try everything… These are not men  they are rapidly degenerating machos.

Or there are men who are outwardly spiritual: they dive into spirituality and at times start to teach others, however they are not monks nor are they married, though they start relationships with women,  this is also serving their own egoism and genitals; this is also degeneration, albeit a slower one.


Any society will be destroyed fast if there is no family institution in it. First of all, because there are no healthy children being born and brought up there.

Read the statistics: 98% of teenagers who grew up in even the best children’s homes become criminals, alcoholics and drug addicts.

No matter how nicely was the child treated in the children’s home, his only wish is to find a mum and a dad.

Family is the place where man develops his best qualities; where experience is passed on from one generation to another. Why is it shameful for us to commit a misdeed as a child? It is because there are dear parents, grandparents, etc. who will be ashamed of us.

Whenever I did something good in my life, it was most often done in order to make my mum, dad, relatives and teachers happy. And many times I abstained from shameful deeds because I didn’t want to blush in front of them neither now, nor before death. Several times there was a slander about me, but I always strived to clear my name, even though people told me there was no point and it would only serve to increase the scandal. But it was important for me that my parents, brothers and now children know that I in fact did not commit the particular offense. So if we really love our parents, wives and children, we naturally become more pure and ethical.

Many people say: Family is a hard thing, there is always fighting  but this image was created by modern propaganda. Firstly, if you certain rules are followed this will not be the case, and secondly, in this material world no one is free of difficulties.

All the up-to-date psychological researches tell about the importance of a harmonious family and significance of children’s upbringing in a full family for which there can be no substitute. Just as no formula can fully substitute a mother’s milk, so nobody can substitute parents for a child. I grew up in a problem-free family and we didn’t have any divorces in mother’s and father’s kin for many generations; our many aunts and uncles were often visiting us. And I know how fortunate it is to live in a family.

When we get into the aura of a harmonious family we receive divine grace. But now such families are very few. That is why an overwhelming number of people experience different kinds of depression, although it is not that obvious in society due to the effect of soporifics, tranquilizers, etc.

When people are bored of living I advise them to have ten children. This idea makes many of them laugh for a long time. But have you ever seen mothers or fathers of many children in prolonged depression? Even if a child dies, God forbid, it can be accepted much easier if it is one of many than if an only child dies.

Nowadays it is very popular to say: what’s the point in giving birth in poverty? They say we have to provide good material conditions for children: a single room, a computer, etc.

We have to give them our love and more little brothers and sisters. Otherwise all material benefits will only make out of them egoists and arrogant men, who will bring suffering to their parents and surroundings as early as childhood.
My father was born in 1942. He was the fourth child in the family. Additionally, in their house also lived some evacuated families. There was a terrible famine and twice he almost died from it. But they all ultimately survived, and when they grew up they achieved many things in social life and brought good to many people.

Children bring happiness and success. It’s a principle of the universe.

From the psychological point of view in the childhood the psychic is being formed. Any mistake made in this time will cost a lot later. Many researches in Western Europe and the US definitely state that the overwhelming majority of habitual offenders had a difficult childhood, one-parent family, etc.

Please pay attention to the fact that it is families (Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds, etc) that govern the world, it has always been so both in aristocratic and in royal families. Unimportance of a family, sexual freedom and lechery are the propaganda of those who wish to turn us into a society of easily controlled plebeians and slaves.

How did we come to the precipice in all respects and destroy the family institute?

What are the main factors?

1. The spread of pornographic and erotic propaganda, especially for children. According to statistics, more than 90% of the Internet is pornography.
2. The propaganda and free sale of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
3. Mass media, modern films and cartoons, the overwhelming majority of television and radio programmes directly or indirectly teach lechery and defilement, the idea that to have a family is bad and having a good time is nice. Can you think of at least one film for the last 20 years where you can see a normal family of many children, where the parents live happily and are not unfaithful to one another, where the children treat their parents and teachers with respect and learn diligently? It’s hard to come up with one. But thousands of films show teenagers rudely talking to their parents and even fighting them, quarrels, divorces and lechery of parents. And so on and so forth. This often unconsciously forms the behavioural patterns both for children and adults.
4. The general decay of morality, ethics and true spirituality.
It happened due to the fact that some people threw themselves into unbridled materialism, while a smaller amount became attached to the most orthodox and at times fanatic forms of religion, which can sometimes cause just as many problems.
5. Schoolchildren and teenagers are not brought up with morals and honour — on the contrary, corrupting information is pouring on them from every direction. And what is very dangerous, the premature introduction to sex topics, which in itself can defile them — it is harmful even for adults, never mind for children. In fact there should be separate education for boys and girls.

Professor S. A. Amonashvili regretfully told me about the change he had witnessed in children’s responses to surveys. Nowadays primary school pupils usually answer the question “What would you like to have?” with Computer, a lot of money, etc.” Once upon a time they would write: “To find money to buy a present for a little brother”, “I want my mum and dad to be happy”… In the USA teenage girls mainly want to be sexy, and boys to have an expensive car and other attributes of a good life in order to be popular with girls.

This is what modern culture and education teach our children, directly and indirectly. Even little children are saturated with the spirit of consumerism, profit and enjoyment. Everything starts with the early exposure to sex. It is especially dangerous for children and teenagers, because even one or two erotic pictures can instantly close their upper energetic centres, and as a result their lower centres disharmoniously get stronger and their spirit of consumerism significantly increases.


If Western society as well as Russia, Ukraine and other Western republics of the former USSR will not realize the importance of the family life, they are destined to either disappear during the next 10-30 years or become slaves of less developed migrants (who are notable for one spiritual advantage — they have strong and warm family relationships, based on responsibility of men for the family and care for elders), just as Rome ultimately collapsed under the onslaught of barbarians after having sunk into depravity.

What should we do to stop the huge tragedy of entire nations, above all of children and women?

1. First of all we have to understand how important, serious and urgent the question is. We have to understand that lechery, defilement of our youth and everything which destroys the family values is no less dangerous than a war, plague and leprosy epidemic together; it is a direct genocide of the Slavs and other nations.

We have to treat this properly, even more strictly than treason or murder with special circumstances.

2. Put an end to and fully forbid any free access porn and erotic sites.

All cartoons, films, television and radio programs and performances should be strictly monitored. We need to start shooting such films and cartoons which promote peace, fill the heart with love and inspiration, teach morals and ethics and encourage family values.

3. Totally ban institutions and organizations, as a rule foreign, which teach family planning, early sexual development and onanism, advocate sexual perversion and instill the horrible in itself Juvenile Justice System. On the other hand, give full support to religious or secular, patriotic, national and public movements, funds, etc. which restore family, national, spiritual and cultural values.

4. Each of us can carry this knowledge to other people and fight for the revival of ethical and moral norms. One can be a living example of this. It is important for women to learn how to dress modestly and behave like a lady. A man should be responsible both for himself and for his family and friends.

5. Understand that the strongest, healthiest organization of society, the only one given by God, is when a woman spends her time with her children, makes and keeps hearth and home and is a reliable force standing behind her man. (If she wants she can do social work and make a career, but not at the expense of her family. In addition it should not exhaust her, but be enjoyable for her). A husband should put all his effort into providing for his family and spend his free time with his children taking care of the family alongside his wife. Children will learn good character from their parents and relatives, and when they grow up they help them more and more.

Each family has their duty before God: to give birth to not less than 3 children to continue its kin and nation. In general the more people are truly harmonious and spiritually advanced, the more children they have.

6. Try to live in natural surroundings, in lesser populated localities. Cities are not made for a happy family life for many reasons, stating with space limitation, bad ecology, low morality and ethics, etc. But if you do have to live there, try to visit the countryside and parks more often, and communicate with spiritual and harmonious people.

7. With the mother’s milk we have to indoctrinate our children with the idea that a family is of paramount importance. This should be reaffirmed throughout kindergarten, school and university. At all these stages it’s important to teach the proper relationship between men and women, and how to make one’s personal life the source of bliss. The best thing is for the parents to be an example of that themselves.

We need to teach children that the genders differ significantly in sexual character. Boys should be brought up like boys and girls — like girls. We need to explain to them the danger and great harm of onanism and different sexual perversions; to teach a girl the idea that her main fortune is chastity and faithfulness, which are the foundation for all kinds of success; for a boy it is the ability to protect women and children, take care of them but never use them.

8. Make it clear that the active deterioration of one’s own and other nations through the propaganda of lechery and defilement, alcohol, homosexuality, early sexual education, abortion, destroying of family values, introducing the Juvenile Justice System into society, etc. are equal to the most horrible crimes, punishable with the longest and most extreme penalties and imprisonments.

9. The politicians and statesmen have to do their best to support family men financially, psychologically and spiritually, especially if there are small children in the family. These politicians have to remember that at the end of their life the important thing will be not how much money and how many houses they have or, to be more precise, they had, which title or position they were able to achieve, but how many children and women became happy thanks to them, how many men were provided with the proper atmosphere for earnings and providing for a family, how much care did society gain for children, women and the elderly, how was the family institute protected.

If there was nothing of that, then all the enlightened men and all the sacred scriptures on Earth promise such politicians millions of years of frightful incarnations.

10. The next item is quite revolutionary. It’s difficult for our Western mentality to accept it; however it has a deep significance.

In ancient Indian civilization as well as in all advanced civilizations, in order to avoid lechery and defilement, each man was obliged to get married at around 25 years old, if he didn’t become a monk; a woman had to get married after reaching the age of puberty (16-18 years old) and monkhood for women was not allowed. By giving birth to healthy children at an early age, by the age of 35-40 a woman could devote herself more to science and a career if she so desired. Nowadays this is the age when women frantically begin to look for a father for their future children, being under great stress and as a rule (with few exceptions) not having achieved a great career and having changed many sexual partners. Obviously taking into consideration all this, it is that much more difficult for her to find a husband who will treat her as a star or just with simple respect. At such a stage it is doubtful whether she will be able to give birth to more than two children, even according to biological laws…

Therefore some Vedic teachers say that early marriage should be one of the fundamental principles of any civilized society. Boys and girls by this age should be already trained in the art of how to be good parents and spouses.

By the way, recently I’ve read the guidance of the orthodox elders who live in Mount Athos and found out that they have very similar teachings.

In this connection it should be noted that in ancient Vedic tradition the spiritual teachers were as a rule family men, and only with rare exception were they monks. In Judaism there is still a rule that only a family man can be a rabbi — the man who develops spiritually, having taken the responsibility for the woman with whom he has formed a bond, and who fulfills the first Jewish commandment in the Old Testament: “Be fruitful and multiply, following the law of God”.

11. The success of the rebirth of family values largely depends on how much the culture of women’s purity and chastity is revived. It is the quality that is easy to lose but hard to restore. The health of a woman’s future children, her relationships with her husband and her spiritual progress all greatly depend on how many sexual partners she had in the past.

Each partner passes some energy on to her, as a rule it’s a negative energy. Any man knows it, though maybe unconsciously. According to a survey, even in such countries as Germany and Sweden where lechery and bad habits have become a part of the culture, husbands want to see virginity as one of the main qualities of their wives. Therefore nobody in particular wants to get married to a white woman with a lot of sexual experience. And in the advanced culture — even with minimal experience.

I would like to conclude this article with a quote by a great enlightened Russian sage, simply thinking of whom you can be cured. It is such people who are not only the treasure of nations, but also a spiritual support for all humanity. If we listened to such saints and not the morons on television, then our life would indeed be Heaven on earth.

“If a family is destroyed, then governments will topple and the nations will be perverted”.
Saint Seraphim of Sarovsky