Healing at a Karmic Level

Ayurveda and the enlightened teachers and healers assert that the causes of diseases can be found at three levels: 

Karma. The consequences of activities and ways of thinking that the person had in this life and in previous lives. The planets show this level. 

Overbalance of Rajas (Passionate energy) and Tamas (Ignorant energy) in the mind, and as a result in human life in general. 

Doshas imbalance. As a rule, the cause is that a person is not living according to his or her constitution type and/or external factors. (Details are described in my book: «Three Energies. Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony»

The karmic level is the main one. If we do not work at this level, then sooner or later the disease will come as a result of our past thoughts and actions. Vice versa, if the karmic level is pure then no illness or hereditary characteristics will affect us. 

Medicine attaches enormous importance to heredity and research of the human genetic code, as it enables us to find out what diseases can be inherited. One must receive special education to read and understand this code. But modern medicine does not go beyond the bodily conception, and it knows nothing about the karmic code that shows the soul’s program for the current as well as the next incarnations. For example, I have a brother and we are very different in many respects: different fates, different diseases, and so on. This is due to differences in the karmic code, which is determined by the subconscious programs (samskara). First of all, this code is written in the astrological language – this is a natal chart, the most important document in our life. It is rather complicated and can only be read by an expert in ancient Indian astrology. Other astrology professionals either cannot read it at all or can see very little from it. Vedic horoscope is a karmic code, and in contrast to the genetic code, which shows only human potential, it specifies also when some particular event is most likely to happen.

Every one of our thoughts and actions either increases the favorable effect of a planet or decreases it.

This is a very extensive and profound topic. Below (from the ed. — in the book «How to make a Deal with the Universe: or the Planets’ Influence on our Fate and Health») I am giving its key points that will help any reader to sort it out and improve one’s karmic level and the karmic code. 

With love,

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