How to find one’s calling and mission, and live according to it

This question is important for every person, as we can only experience happiness when we realize our trueselves, our potential, and our talent through action. This is a very important point because if a person does not realize his true being socially, does not work in accordance with his nature, and does give back, he cannot be happy and cannot successfully develop spiritually and physically. And of course, the question of harmony cannot even be discussed.

Unfortunately, in modern society we do not have that many examples of people who live in harmony and work in accordance with their nature, as we have of the opposite. As you know, our life depends on the values we follow. Our principles are what define our behavior and way of life. It is difficult to describe the ideals of modern life, but in general, they go something like this: “Earn as much money as possible by any means, cater to your impulses, climb the ladder of success, become famous, and then you will be respected.” If this does not work out, one may join a cult, or become a hippie and give up everything. But with such an attitude it is impossible to realize oneself, and moreover, to fulfill one’s mission on earth. Every person has his or her own mission.

One must be ready for one’s mission. First of all, you must reject fear, greed, and ignorance to have a vocation to bring goodness to all living things, and to have a spirit of sacrifice and devotion.

In general, we are always serving someone or something, because this is the nature of the soul and we cannot live without it. The questions are whom, how, and in what frame of mind we serve.

We can serve our ego or our brain. But in the end, this will make neither us nor the people around us happy. The soul can only be happy when it is in the service of God, and through God, in service to all living beings. Ayurveda says that we should not start any pursuit if it does not bring goodness to all living beings.

See God in everything and everywhere.Serve everybody through seeing God in them.

Sivananda Swami

And then, even if a person is not involved in large scale projects, their existence itself benefits the karma of the entire human race.

So we are continuously brought back to the fact that we need to work on our character traits. This is hardly ever taught in schools, where the focus is simply to cram as much information into the child’s head as possible, and then to send them off to wherever they will be able to earn lots of money and be successful. Very seldom is any attention paid to moral upbringing; the most important thing is to pass exams. But how can one work in accordance with one’s nature, if one lives for money? The simple test that will show if one is in the right place is to ask the question: “If I had enough money and was provided for, would I still be doing what I do now? Does my work bring any blessing to others?” If the answer is “No,” it should be followed by serious introspection.

There are three levels of success at work.

First, deriving enjoyment from work depending on the salary.

Second, enjoying work because of the recognition and praise.

Third, taking pleasure in the nature of the work itself. Only at this level can we talk about creativity, self-realization, and one’s personal mission.

If you think about it, you will realize that it has always been people in the third group who have been responsible for major cultural masterpieces, significant inventions, and charitable works that have benefited humankind.

Of course, not everyone can suddenly and instantly change their job, but it is possible to have a hobby that can later develop into a profession.

Rami Bleckt, 10 Steps to Happiness, Health, and Success