Rami’s address on the tragedy in the Ukraine and Russia

Regarding the tragedy that is happening in the Ukraine and Russia.

First of all, I want to express my sincere empathy to everyone involved in this ridiculous and terrible conflict between the Ukraine and Russia. I have many readers and students from both Ukraine and Russia. At the moment, we are preoccupied with charity assistance in order to protect people who are in the Ukraine. If you have relatives in the Ukraine who need help with relocation, a student of mine from Lithuania volunteers to accommodate Ukrainian refugees. In Portugal, people, together with government organizations, also help Ukrainian refugees to settle down. Now we are solving this issue in Canada. If you need refugee assistance in these countries, please contact us.

We also express our empathy to the many Russians who are trapped in this difficult situation, both economic and political. Many have lost their jobs. For lots of people, it was completely unexpected that their country would invade the Ukraine. Everything that is happening now is extremely stressful. I have several students whose children were unexpectedly taken into the army and then, without any explanation, transferred to the Ukraine. They are now worried about their health. Not everyone fully understands why this is necessary. And many are deeply depressed. I pray for you. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.

Some recommendations from the bottom of my heart:

— Please be able to see the Will of God in everything;

— Do not manifest internal aggression. This will destroy your health and attract new suffering;

— It is in such severe crises that our spiritual level is tested.

With love,