How to get the support of your family and lineage?

The psycho-emotional foundation of a person, her character, habits and many subconscious programs are formed in early childhood. In this initial development of personality, parents play a key role. Many serious psychological traumas that are buried in our subconscious and that prevent us from living in harmony and being happy are associated with our attitude towards our parents.

If a person has inharmonious relations with her parents and there are grievances, claims, and often hatred, then at a subtle level she does not receive support from her lineage. She is unlikely to be happy in personal relationships and produce harmonious offsprings, because she violates one of the main commandments of the Universe:

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you”.

Exodus 20:12

In general, one of the main tasks of a person is to harmonize the karma of her family, that is, to serve her family, honor her ancestors, whatever they may be. It is better not to have enemies, and especially in the family. The lineage helps, and a lot of support comes from deceased relatives.

It is believed that a person who has reached the level of complete selflessness liberates seven generations before and seven generations after his birth. 

Many of those who suddenly got interested in spiritual practices make a dangerous mistake forgetting to put their minds, their subconscious programs, and their psyche in order and believing that their supposedly high spiritual level is not affected by the karma of the Family and that their parents needn’t be respected and served. 

Well, what kind of resentment for my parents would there even be? — I don’t remember my childhood, they say, I don’t hold ill will against anyone, and moreover, they are not asspiritually advanced as me.

But the character and many basic subconscious programs are formed in the first 2-3 years of our life. And if serious negative programs and patterns of behavior were formed there, then an intense deep immersion in “spirituality” can even be dangerous.

In this material world there is past, present and future. Parents represent the energy of our past.

Aggression towards our parents or rejection of them deprives us of the support of our Lineage, and this is a very big loss.

In all cultures, people knew and understood how important the support of the family was. One elevated person, even if 3 or 5 generations ago, can protect you from many misfortunes and give you strong support.

In addition to that, in this world of duality there are different opposites: cold — warm, good — bad, and so on. But the main duality of the material world is the male and female principles. So, for a person, the main and first representatives of the male and female principles are Father and Mother, respectively. Therefore, any aggression, resentment, internal rejection of them, consumer attitude towards them, and disrespect are very dangerous.

Are all parents worthy of veneration?

We come to the family that we deserve and that is close to us in terms of energy and inner level. Therefore, no matter what our parents are, it is very important for us to love and respect them, regardless of their external qualities. Disrespect and contempt for our parents and ancestors blocks the support of our Lineage and opens access to all the negative energy from ancestors. On the contrary, respect and service to them protects from this bad energy and allows you to feed on the good energy of the Family and the grace of God. Therefore, it is important to either eliminate the bad karma of your Lineage, or significantly reduce its negative influence.

〜 Extract from Rami Bleckt’s book «The second wive. How to be harmonious in your personal life».