Question from Germany about Marina Bleckt’s look

Namasté dear Rami Bleckt,
Thank you very much for all the lectures, my husband and i try all our best. There is just one thing i don’t really understand. All the Lectors we are listen and vedas says that a woman should wear a headscarf, long skirt, hair in braids and should not show legs or chest to others than the husband. But now i see your wife (beautiful — don’t get me wrong) and she is doing nothing of that. Her hair are open, people can see her chest, she is wearing make up. So the message i get as a women is «hey girls, if you want a great husband like Rami Bleckt is, you don’t need to cover, don’t need to braid your hair and so on».
So, I don’t get it. Why is she presents herself as that (open)?
I really hope you and your wife don’t get me wrong.
I just don’t understand. It really makes me think.
Oм shanti shanti shanti
and greetings from Germany

RAMI’s REPLY: Guten Tag, Namaste! Thank you a lot for your letter!
I welcome direct genuine questions and I don’t like hypocrisy. Relating to your comment that my wife looks different from recommendations given by Vedas and other lectors, yes, in some way I also advocate for more modest women’s clothing. And I want to point out that almost all the years that we live together, my wife dresses modest: long skirts, long covering outfits, especially when I leave.

We have socialite friends and sometimes we go out together to some events, she wears more freewheeling according to settings. We were in Moscow and we were invited to some meeting and we were asked to pose for photos that’s why she is dressed this way.

From the other side, it is needed to know that Marina grew in general society, graduated from University, worked on research and studies. It’s her style: Marina didn’t grow in a closed religion society, she is quite a socialite. It’s her nature. Yes, later she became a yoga teacher and got a certain spiritual knowledge. If you watch her lectures and training, where she performs live, you can see that she dressed modestly.

Seldom she lets her hair down and rarely wears a bonnet on her had, yes. Actually, I don’t promote it. And I can tell, that’s also a lesson for me because I’ve always has retreated into spirituality and she is also balancing me.

That’s her choice, that she outfits this way, she is an independent person to some extent, that’s important that she wears the way she feels. And I didn’t hinder it strongly in this photo session, let’s say.

I can tell you, that’s much more important that I was really happy almost all of those years that we spent together and I always was thankful to her for kids and her especially good behaving as a wife, mother, and a very loyal woman. For me, it feels the main but not the thing, that once in few years Marina is shooted with her hair down and without a bonnet.
I have never said, that women shouldn’t take care of themselves or wear makeup. As I know, Vedas also tells us, that women have to care for herself and I like that my wife wears makeup. I also welcome that other women do that as my wife does. Especially if they stay with husbands. It shouldn’t be confused modest and beautiful dress with extreme suppressing womanhood and Venus.

I don’t welcome when men wearing makeup. Recently, I came back from New York, where my student told me about the subway where it’s now not always clear if it’s a man or woman. Like, both and face is with makeup and nails are painted, or it looks like a martinet, but it’s a woman. Everything is mixed up there. I don’t welcome it. As I think, women might wear beautiful makeup, but outfit modestly. We are against vulgar or immoral behavior.


  • I didn’t expect to receive a certain letter from immoral, felt into whoring and molesting of kids, Germany.
  • I became glad, that there are such kinds of people, who harmonize it and live in lofty modest moral rules.
  • In my view, there might be the limit for austerity: I saw lots of women, who outfitted very modestly but didn’t take care of themselves, and even husbands turn away. For example, I lived in Jerusalem for about 4 years and I saw as in a few movements of orthodox Judaism, it is welcomed for women to be covered from head to feet, not to wear makeup and even to be fat and shapeless in order not to entice nobody even husband. Generally, after 30’ies they mainly look like that, but women told me, who live nearby, they were molested by those husbands and were asked to have intimacy for money. Harmony is needed everywhere.

Although I am truly modest in general rather than in clothing, after receiving your letter, I and my wife will try to be even more modest. 🙂

Danke chon,
Auf Wiedersehen.