God is a comedian, I say this from time to time. As a rule, if we ask questions, He answers quite precisely. At least, in my case, it has always worked.

As soon as Rahu entered my ninth house, which promises new pilgrimages and spiritual knowledge, I found myself at the ashram in the Bahamas. Intuitively, I knew what gift I wanted to give myself — just to spend some time in the Shivananda ashram in the Bahamas.

I arrived and immediately joined a training course on Ayurvedic astrology. While the teacher was speaking, I had some questions, and I even disagreed with something, but the teacher always repeated, «That’s what my teacher said.» By the way, he was an American, no younger than me, probably even older.

I was literally thinking before the seminar about how many teachers there are now in the English-speaking world! Both Indians and Americans. Should I spread knowledge in the English-speaking world?

I have been asked several times to start actively working in the English-speaking world. I have 5 books in English, and they were translated by my readers who wanted their relatives and friends to read the books.

And then, the teacher repeats again: «That’s what my teacher says.» I think to myself again — well, this is probably the answer. There are so many teachers in the English-speaking world, why should I go there?

After another question from the audience, he says, «My teachers are David Frawley and Rami Bleckt

I was, to say the least, surprised. My ears perked up. And the teacher continues, «David Frawley speaks in a very high theoretical language, and Rami Bleckt lays everything out in a clear and practical manner, and his system really works

And I figured that even if Americans, who have taken many seminars, consider our system more practical, then it is truly the best.

What do you think? What is your vision of this situation?

With love,


(the photo for this post was taken from Rami’s personal archive)

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