Self-confidence is an important factor in achieving perfection. If a person is diffident he will not be able to achieve anything.

The degree of self-confidence is often seen in the first house (Lagna) of the natal astrological chart. If the first house is weak or there are problems with it, the person is not likely to achieve much, regardless of how the rest of the chart is. So all upayas (methods to neutralize negative effects) begin with trying to strengthen the first house.

All Eastern techniques focus on teaching the development of inner self-confidence, whereas in the West, the main focus is on cultivating outer self-confidence. This may be effective only for a short period of time but by the age of 45-50 a person can experience deep crises. This happens because the person is focusing only on the external, superficial level, and much of the energy is lost. If a person is attempting to develop qualities that are completely alien to him, he is likely to destroy his own nature.

Outer confidence is based on the ego. Everything that is based on ego leads to destruction. Outer confidence is important, but it must be based on the inner confidence first of all. Inner confidence is based on accepting and understanding that a human being is part of God, and everything that happens, happens for the best, that no one is better or worse than anyone else, there is no need to be afraid of anything, and so on.

Many women may get scared, and for example scream when they see a spider and end up climbing on a chair out of fear, even though they may be very well established in life.  If she says «no» she means «no». She is very confident and decisive internally, which is the most important thing.

Inner confidence is usually present only when the person is balanced spiritually, indicating that the person knows that he is part of God. God loves him and wishes him the very best (primarily for his spiritual growth). Such a person lives in the here and now, and in his past and his future there is love and serenity. His mind is not absorbed in problems, worries, concerns about the future, or regrets about the past.

When a person is aware of his place in the universe as a part of God, his actions are done the way they should be done, and for the better. This way, he obtains the complete trust and confidence in the Creator. He becomes self-confident, his mind becomes tranquil and his intuition awakens.

From the textbook on Vedic Astrology, «A Magic Key to the 12 Houses of Fate» by Rami Bleckt, PhD.