For more than 20 years I am helping people to improve their fate. I have noticed that there are 2 types of people in my practice. The first type is convinced that everything is fatal and determined. The second type says there is no fate whatsoever.
The first may be able to find help with modern Hindu Brahmins. But those would like to maintain the status quo, so convenient in its terrible form, where one says if one was born in the shudra (worker) family, you’ll remain a worker and will never achieve anything more.
The second group in their majority are atheists.
Yet, I believe there is fate, and as a consultant who worked with thousands of people, I have evidence of this. There are people like Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, who while providing somewhat vague and not 100% accurate yet livable prophesies proved existence of fate for societies as well as individuals.
The most precise description of fate is given in the Vedic literature. It is said that our fate is dependent on:
1. All our past deeds, including the deeds in our past lives.
2. Education (this includes the condition of the parents before conception, during conception, during pregnancy, first years of life and so on)
3. Our communication and association (this includes people, books, internet, TV and so on).
All these form our perspective, mental stamps which define our future character and fate.
The person with a strong mind, and therefore will is able to change his fate. This is easy to prove in real life. It is easier to change fate for people who are generous, conscious, and emotionally stable. If a person is egoistical, envious, greedy, touchy, lazy and so on, the more difficult it is for them to change their fate.
During my consultations, people often ask me, “Will this or that happen?” I can only respond that “I am not God, I do not know, I merely help people to change the fate”.
People in the gunas* of ignorance and passion usually dream a lot but do little, or they tend to see psychics or fortune tellers or use some form of black magic in order to obtain some material benefits. This actually worsens their fate.
People in goodness act with enthusiasm, with determination, for the benefit of all living beings. They have the correct mission and vision, and are detached from the fruits of their labor. They also understand that everything that assists in increasing Divine Love in life is auspicious, while everything that doesn’t help increase Divine love is not.
There is a chapter in Yoga Vasistha where enlightened sage Vasistha teaches the incarnation of God, Ramachandra, wisdom, which includes the ways of improving fate. I highly recommend you to read this literature and reflect upon it.
With love,
Rami Bleckt
*Gunas of material nature — see book «Three Energies» by Rami Bleckt