Egotism and greed are dangerous because they destroy homeostasis. Paracelsus defined homeostasis as a state of complete harmony between the internal and external worlds.

In order to achieve homeostasis, a life form needs to produce energy. If energy is not produced, then it becomes dependent on its surroundings. The main principle of independency from the world is the production of energy by a living thing. Homeostasis begins on the spiritual plane and spreads to the physical and biochemical systems. In order for spiritual homeostasis to exist, we cannot depend on the world. The more I depend on the world in any way, the more quickly I will be destroyed by the changes.

A primitive man could easily die during a drought or freezing weather. It was observed long ago that it is the egotistical and aggressive people who perish first in life-threatening situations such as concentration camps or climate catastrophes. However nothing seems to bother yogis who are not attached to anything in this world. They can sleep on nails, and the snow around them melts. In Stalin’s time, there was an order to shoot religious people and priests first, because inexplicably, they did not die in the hellish conditions of the concentration camps, but cared for other prisoners, radiating light and serenity until their very last minute.

Thus, we should stop being takers; to give is much more important. But if we give on physical, emotional, etc. levels, then we need to take at times too. We can only take energy on the transcendent level, where it exists in an unlimited quantity.

This purest Divine spiritual energy flows through us if we open ourselves to love, if we let love show us the way, if we become secondary, if we can preserve this feeling, even when we suffer losses (money, status, a beloved one, etc.). Through a feeling of absolute love, we become energized, and therefore ready for anything. Food gives us energy on the physical level, but takes it away on the spiritual level. Note that people who occasionally fast are much more energetic then those who eat a lot. That is why when we fall ill, we stop eating.

Daily life with its constant stress and worries, as well as things like food, empty communication, and gratuitous sex, sucks up energy, whereas fasting and contemplation restore energy.

But the biggest source of energy is pure love. That is why one of the first rules for a healthy life is to love: the world with all its imperfections; oneself (no matter what); and one’s fate throughout the journey. One teacher of the Cabbala, commenting on the commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” explained that commandments are interpreted at seven levels. At the first level this commandment means: do not kill a human being; at the highest, seventh level it means: do not kill love. This is the original sin – the repudiation of love and the denial of the unity with God.

So, you need to dedicate yourself to being free of egotism and greed. Set a goal of accepting God’s love, because we gain energy from our goals, and the very act of intensely striving for God’s love fills us with Divine energy. Please note that our civilization lives by the slogan “Its all about Me!” Meanwhile, the number of happy and healthy people is decreasing every day. Problems at the state and international levels are increasing every day. And neither new medicines, nor new self-improvement techniques, nor a multitude of volunteer organizations can help. The number of people affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is increasing every day. Should we be surprised? All the enlightened philosophers, as well as the leading edge scientists, confirm it: everything originating from the ego, from selfish motives even if it outwardly they seem otherwise, leads to ruin and suffering. Whereas, everything originating from the soul, i.e. from a feeling of Unconditional Love, leads to serenity, health, and the complete harmony of the individual with his surroundings.

“Ten Steps to Happiness, Health, and Success. A Practical Guide to Personal Fulfillment and Optimum Well-being”, Rami Bleckt