The most auspicious day of the year!

Akshaya Tritiya is a holiday and the most auspicious day for undertakings related to spiritual growth and deeds aimed at the benefit of all living beings. But not for undertaking selfish deeds. By and large, no day is auspicious for starting something selfish and aimed at harming others.

For most countries, this day will begin on May 14 in the morning (Moscow time, GMT+3).

I noticed that in recent years it has been a mainstream trend to write lengthy lists with plans and wishes on Akshaya Tritya. But not everyone’s wishes come true, especially now, in the context of the events with the coronavirus.

Please, remember that writing the right plans at the right time is important (from the editor — we recommend Rami’s book “10 Steps to Happiness, Health, and Success”) for a precise definition of an object of our desires (at all four levels of development) is the main condition for their fulfillment. But it is equally important to do something on the external and internal levels. Both classical Eastern psychology and modern business psychology (e.g., Brian Tracy) recommend that you regularly do something to achieve your goals and objectives.

The four levels are:

1) The physical level includes physical and mental health. Physical health is an important factor in spiritual development. If you are not healthy, then you will not be able to enjoy the material world and make progress in the spiritual domain either.

2) The social level is, first of all, family, relations between family members, the ability to build harmonious relationships with others, and serving for the benefit of society. It also includes the ability to make money. It is related primarily to men, however, the right attitude to money is important for everyone. Money should be treated like God’s energy, with respect but not with greed. Furthermore, we should be able to live happily and peacefully regardless of the amount of money we’ve got.

3) The intellectual level reflects the wisdom and intelligence of a person. This includes understanding the purpose of life, the ability to make plans and realize them. The ability to distinguish the temporary from the eternal, choosing a path that is favorable for harmonious development and the increasing of love in the soul whilst rejecting everything unfavorable for this. Only a person with a strong spiritualized intellect, as well as with great willpower and the ability to achieve their lofty goals, can change their destiny and follow their unique path, thanks to the ability to change their character and form a healthy worldview.

4) The spiritual level is the basis of everything. If the spiritual level is poorly developed, then all levels will be deteriorating and causing suffering. This is inner fulfillment, spiritual and moral values, and knowledge about the Soul. Unconditional love is the most important thing that cannot be derived from the material world, it is the ultimate treasure of the eternal spiritual world. This material world can only endow a person with fears, attachments, dependencies, and the desire to consume. The soul is Unconditional love. Consequently, the main indicator of a person’s “spiritual advancement” is how much he/she lives with and by unconditional love.

If you just put your plans into writing and then lay down on the sofa, then nothing will happen. Therefore, engage in self-development at all four levels, do something for your plans daily, make your loved ones happy, and serve your society. Here and Now.

With love,