A letter from investigator for particularly dangerous crimes.


I want to thank you once again for an amazing intensive course, which happened in Spain in April 2016, and to express my opinion as a person, who spent many years working as an investigator in the prosecutor’s office. During my service I have had a chance to communicate with different people, including participants and directors / leaders of the various religious organizations (sects), the main purpose of which was the psychological impact on a common man for taking possession of his mind and a further manipulation for their selfish purposes.

The consequences of membership in such organizations were the most unfortunate ones, up to mental disorders.

I want to mention that when I familiarized myself with Rami Bleckt’s books and his training sessions on the Internet, I was pleasantly surprised that Rami, at the highest professional level of a Psychologist with capital P, explains with humor not only various life situations, common for many people, but also in terms of eastern psychology gives people a chance to know themselves, their family values, interpersonal relationships, to correct their faults, to heal complexes in order to live in love and happiness.

I can assure you that there is no hypnosis, coding or other methods of psychological influence on people’s minds, no imposing of Satanist ideas or deprivation of property of citizens and no involvement in any «sect».

And there is no sect itself. There is an interesting and accessible approach to psychology. Anyone who wants to be successful, to be realized, and to find their purpose in life, in my opinion, should get acquainted with the works of Rami Bleckt.

I believe that the time will come, and our children from an early age will learn from parents and teachers, what must be done, by Rami Bleckt, to be happy. Believe me, it works …..

Happiness and love to all of you!

Best regards,

Irina, who has worked successfully for many years as an investigator for particularly dangerous crimes and a criminalist in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.