I. Money requires respect. It also needs to be accounted for.

If the money is not accounted, it is going god knows where. But if you do keep your finances, you are then showing respect and will acquire more. If you want to be successful, if you want the goddess of prosperity (Lakshmi) to visit you, you have to keep track of where your money goes. There is no need to hire an accountant, just keep your finances. If you bought a hair clip for 50p, maybe there is no need to write that down, I for example, don’t, but generally it is very important to do your accounting. People can’t imagine that doing so is already showing respect to Lakshmi. Everything in this world is alive, and has its own energy — money is not an exception. It is an entity with its own embodiment that demands particular attention and respect

II. It is important to know how much money is in your wallet

It is important that the money is precisely in the wallet and not somewhere in the bag all rolled up and you can’t even pick it up or find it. How much do I even have in this pile at the bottom of the bag? That is one of the few rules that work perfectly. For example, spouses, if you see that your partner treats money without care, give them less or hide money from them. Because through them it will disappear. Teach your partner to account for the money.

III. Money shouldn’t be put where you sit down – that is disrespectful.

So if you are putting it on the chair of the sofa, put a newspaper or something else underneath.

IV. Other things that are disrespectful to Lakshmi are:

  • improper money storing (folding etc);
  • improper charity and debts. They say debts are one of the things that worsen your karma very fast. There are three things that we have to attend to the moment they happen — debts, diseases and fire;
  • Verbally insulting money by using slang to refer to it;
  • Being shy or modest and not taking money for your services

Attachment to money is manifested in 2 ways: either a person is very greedy (you need to give him a 10, but he is already buzzed for the tip he expects on top of that), or the other extreme — : «Oh no, its nothing, don’t worry about it, it’s on me

If you want to have good relationships, let your friends, spouses, parents, etc give you money – there should always be an exchange. If there is no exchange, there is a disharmony. If disharmony is caused by yourself not accepting it on one level or another, that is also a problem. Did you know that even Gurus who cannot take money for some reason, such as sannyāsa (detachment from material life) still put a basket out so people can give them something – so that there is an exchange. If you want to thank them you can donate.

So there are different ways to honor money. And we should always choose them.

We should be able to accept money. Try to take some money from your relatives. Even after you have done a favor, just try to say – can you please give me some money. Even do it playfully, because you will return the money later. Just let this be an exercise in taking. If something inside you is not okay with that, that is a sign of disharmony. A harmonious person takes easily, they can take and give, ask and refuse.

Rami Bleckt