It has been noted that people who travel more, happen to be more intellectual, flexible, and open-minded with a broad perspective.
Short trips develop detachment. During travel, you see how other people live, that everywhere there are similar issues, and therefore you can observe the world in a more distant, and detached way.

If you live without leaving familiar grounds, where everything is convenient and close by, when going to the neighborhood market feels like travelling to the end of the world — in that case it is very difficult for a personality to develop.
Short trips make a person light, they teach him acceptance, seeing other cultures, viewing the world objectively. The house of short travels in Vedic astrology is very much activated in this case. «A rolling stone gathers no moss.»
In the Vedic times, long travels were assumed to be time-consuming travels. Today we can have breakfast at home, and have dinner in London or Paris. Today, long trips are not considered time-consuming journeys but indicate a long-term presence abroad. Note that «adventurer» also includes «traveler» as part of its meaning. Can you imagine an adventurer who does not travel? 
Short trips are saturated with the spirit of adventure, and they bring wisdom to a person. The Dalai Lama says that a person should at least once or twice a year travel somewhere, as our energy body needs to absorb new experiences and energies.
Don’t begrudge funds for your travels. It is considered that money that is spent for travel comes back to you, especially if you travel to spiritual places, or make pilgrimages.
In spiritual cultures, people traveled with the purpose of pilgrimage: to obtain new knowledge, increase energy, communicate with a Guru, or other spiritually advanced personalities, share knowledge, visit temples, possibly for the purpose of healing.
An excerpt from the book by Rami Bleckt, PhD, «The Magic key to the 12 houses of Fate».