The Main Principle of the Universe

A man as a part of the Universe can be happy only when his heart is open. His mission in this world is to generate and give Love as Love is the only thing that helps us to live in harmony with other forms of life. 

(taken from the sayings of Hyperboreans,  a  highly developed civilization)


I would like to briefly touch upon the subject of Sacrifice, ability to give and take, as it frequently comes up in the readers’ letters.

This is indeed a very serious issue. If you just understand and bring it to your life, you will reach the highest level of Harmony, get rid of all kinds of sufferings and illnesses and, what is the most important, you will reach God’s Love which is the only true meaning of life for all living things.

Why is this question so serious? The thing is, the main principle of the Universe is the exchange of energies. And the most important energy is the energy of God’s Love, which is the basis for all interconnections in the Universe. This energy connects all living things to God

When it enters one’s heart, that is free from anger, greed, desire, jealousy, arrogance and pride, it brings enormous happiness (Ananda). And if this individual shares this love with others, this happiness will be multiplied hundreds of times, he/she will recover from all illnesses and the life will become like a holiday. So, it’s obvious, the more you give and the more unselfish you are – the happier you become.

The main enemy, the main factor blocking this happiness from us, is our Ego, which makes us dependent from this world. It ties us through such aspects as money, family, social status, and different ethical, spiritual or religious principals. All this deforms our character, where such traits as greed, fears, pride etc. start to dominate. But the most frightening thing is that we increase consumer’s attitude to life and the very word “Unselfishness” gives rise to aggression.
More and more we hear claims and reproaches: “What for, how you, how he/she/they dare? How has God let it happen? Why there is so much injustice in the world? For example: I have so many strokes of misfortune, whereas money swims into the pockets of other utter villains?” Or, I even heard: “I am the incarnation of Sacrifice, I help everybody and in return I get only spits in my soul.”

The thing is, it’s very important to determine where the desire to help others comes from. Does it come from Ego or from Soul?
A selfish and proud man also likes to help from time to time. This strengthens his/her pride and reinforces Ego. But everything inspired by Ego leads to destruction.
And what are the main criteria that help us understand if one helps and sacrifices from Ego or from Soul? If he/she does it selflessly not expecting anything in return, keeping this a secret from others and taking enjoyment from the process of giving itself, and he understands that sometimes Love means to say “No” to others and be strict, then this comes from Love.
If he/she sacrifices something: time, money, attention etc., but does it reluctantly and wait for something in return: honor, recognition or even love of others. If he/she makes this known to others, then, as you understand, it comes from Ego. And it will not bring any good.
On the contrary, this person will multiply the number of “blood-suckers” among his friends and relatives whom he has helped. But instead of gratefulness, they, for some reasons, will have hard feelings and claims to him.

While I was writing this article, I had a knock at my door (this all happened in kibbutz at the Dead sea). A friend of mine, a successful businessman from Lithuania, came to pick me up for breakfast. We exchanged niceties and I inquired how he had slept. He said that somewhere at midnight Arabian family living next rooms to him were having a party right under his window. The kids were making lots of noise, the music was very loud, the parents were shouting joyfully, neglecting other people’s interests. And this lasted for several hours. And he noticed with joy that this had allowed him to get a number of spiritual realizations. Automatically I noticed in my mind his high level. He did not have any aggression or claims, just vice versa, he realized that God who had sent him this lesson wanted to teach him something. And this is the only right position in this world – to treat all circumstances as lessons, and all people as teachers. You know that God sends only angels to us.

He realized that selfish people are very inadequate as they are angry, aggressive etc. But what is the most important is that they cannot put themselves in somebody else’s shoes and therefore, treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves. Without this one cannot succeed in any sphere and especially in business. He said that people who are concentrated on themselves cannot be successful for a long time as they are not able to build sincere and friendly relationship; they are not able to be intuitive and sensitive. They cannot be successful as marketing specialists either, as they judge everybody from their own perspective. They are only motivated by fear, greed etc.

We were walking along a very beautiful path with the view of extremely beautiful Dead Sea illuminated by the rising Sun. On the right there was a magnificent canyon where the Kumran manuscripts had been found, the earliest extant Holy Scriptures in the world. After the rain, which is so rare here, the air seemed to be a drink from paradise.
My heart was simply singing from his words and the whole atmosphere contributed to this. I was grateful for a friend like this who, after such incidents, does not grumble or take offence against the whole world, but keeps love and calmness and as a result gets the deepest spiritual realizations.

Meanwhile, he continued: “During that night I remembered all such people, who had worked for me and with me. I noticed that all of them, even if they were good specialists, became ruined after some time. Whereas, those who had God’s nature even if they encountered some difficulties at the beginning, later became successful in all respects.” I agreed that the majority of wealthy and successful people for whom I did astrological consultations were well-balanced and full of harmony inside.

Even the modern psychologists confirm that if you want to be happy and satisfied, you need to do something good to others secretly at least a few times a week. (The thing that it’s possible to do more good things secretly is not acceptable for the western mind).
This can be found in all holy scripts, which were left to us by enlightened sages in all parts of the world.

The ancient Arias mentioned in their canons that civilizations die not as a result of wars, natural disasters etc. , but when everybody starts thinking only about himself/herself, how to take more and give less. And the main principle of harmony is the exchange of energies. Only this can open people’s hearts for love and bring happiness to the world.

The Hyperboreans who were a very advanced civilization, of which remains were found on the territory beyond the Polar Circle, said: “A man, as a part of the universe, can only be happy when his/her heart is open. The destination of one’s life is to produce and give love. Only love can help live in harmony with other forms of life.”

The similar statements were made by the Vadyas, the Brahmans-hermits, who had collected the knowledge of the ancient Arias and who had astonished everybody by their wisdom, longevity and excellent health. The most important is that if one’s heart is not open, this results in different illnesses and misfortunes, destroys the harmony and activates vices such as greed, pride, jealousy, aggression, hate.

This is mentioned in the Kabbalah. This is said in other words by the Hebrew and Christian prophets and holy men.

Thus, we came to where we began: “It is more blissful to give than to take”, “The high souls do good and give good, The fallen souls – take only”

Only if you understand this true fact and begin living in conformity with it, you will enjoy real happiness. And this is what we wish to all of you!!!


Rami Bleckt