What is an alternative psychology?

There are three kinds of medicine in the world:

— Contemporary, which is studied at Universities, and is accepted in all the medical institutions of the western world.
— Alternative medicine, which originates from Ayur-Veda which served as a base for later western medical schools- Chinese ancient school, Tibetan, etc.
— Folk medicine- healers, magicians, shamans, etc. This group is difficult to classify because unlike the other two groups, it lacks any kind of system.

Consequently, every kind of medicine has its’ own matching philosophy. The modern psychology, which is based on the concept “I am this body”, views a person as a smarter ape. Although it claims to work with one’s personality and mind, it has not any clear concept of either one or the other. Ask any modern specialist to tell you frankly, what is the soul or the personality. You will not get any clear answer.

Some representatives of the third group call themselves psychologists or even alternative psychologists, but it is more correct to refer to them as parapsychologists, bioenergetics, mediums or… frauds, who sell magic amulets, or “remove” love damnation for large amounts of money. Many of them are born psychologists, or marketologists, who are expert in convincing people and “playing” on their weaknesses. The main principle of that group is come to me and I will fulfill any of your desires, because you are very weak.

Now we will return to the first group- the alternative medicine, of which the alternative psychology is the main part. Because all the western philosophical and medical schools teach that the reasons for our illnesses, misfortunes in life (or on the contrary, of good health and happiness), are our mentality, character, outlook, and our attitude towards ourselves, and to the world as a whole.

Long before Hippocrates’ birth, in the west the treatises have already existed, which examined in detail not only the gross, but also the subtle body, and the psychological aspect of the personality. And these were not mere philosophical books. No. They precisely described: the subtle body, the soul, the energy centers (charkas), subtle air channels, psychological types of personalities, what is the intelligence, the senses, the mind, the real “I am”, etc.

The main postulates of the Alternative psychology are that we are spiritual souls, incarnating into material bodies. By our thoughts, desires and actions, we create our destiny. A person only by himself is able to change his destiny, or cure himself. The healer or the doctor can only postpone the problem or the disease for some time. Nobody, however, is able to neutralize a person’s karma, or to “remove” his sins- it can be done only be the person himself through penance, the change of one’s character, outlook, and behavior. And the main sin is killing the love in the soul, and living by gross selfishness.

The more one is selfish, greedy, jealous, proud, cowardly, etc., the less happy he is, and is more sick in soul, and later, in body. All the religions and esoteric schools state that God is love. And the soul, by being the part of God- cannot live without love. Love is the breath of soul. The entire Universe is trying to help us to restore and accumulate the selfless love in our soul, and to deliver us from gross egotism. And this is the only purpose of our coming into the material world. Everybody around us- our parents, friends, children, colleagues, etc. – are our teachers, through whom we get certain lessons, according to the level of our spiritual evolution. Nobody comes into our life, and nothing happens to us by chance. There is no fortuity.

In Ayur-Veda it is said: “All the evil is within a person- outside is only goodness”. Many people may not agree: I am such a good and kind person, but outside is so much evil, injustice, diseases, disasters, etc. But such an understanding comes from the concept that “I am the body” and everything outside, which is good for the body, namely- wealth, tasty foodstuffs, nice house, and happy fortune- is divine. And everything, which is bad for the body- diseases, treachery, accidents, etc. – are from the devil, from injustice, or by nature’s mistake.

The Ayur-Veda, however, is based on the absolute concept of “Aham Brahmasmi”- I am a soul, a part of the supreme spirit. And from the absolute point of view, everything that helps “to recall it”, and to revive our love for God, is good, and is the real benefit. Anything that hinders- is evil. Since there is no fortuity, and the main goal of anything that happens is to help us “to recall and to love”, consequently, everything that happens around us- is only good. And where is the evil? It is in us, inside our selfishness, and our sense of separateness from the other living entities.

Since we come into this world only in order to decrease the evil inside us, then the success of our life is determent by how much have we succeeded in it. If a person lives well by the means of good karma, but his pride and selfishness did not decrease, then his life is useless. On the other hand, a life of person, who was living in want, but without dejection, aggressiveness and fear, and who develops an unconditional love, becomes perfect.

These are the foundations of alternative psychology, although mostly, the alternative psychology works with more practical matters- family issues, compatibility, relief from depression and tension, helps to choose the right life path, a profession, a spouse, to heal from physical illnesses, to get rid of psychological complexes, to get out of series of misfortunes, etc. But without understanding the basics, mentioned above, a full help in impossible. Although these thoughts sound like religious postulates, it does not give the right to relate the alternative psychology to any kind of religion; it is rather their practical realization.

Many people are afraid of such “unscientific” terms, as God, soul, unconditioned love, subtle body, etc. but from my point of view, which is based on practice and the latest scientific achievements, these terms and this concept overall are incomparably more practical and more scientific than the concept that we are a pile of chemical elements with consciousness, which has developed in an incomprehensible way, originating from an ape, everything is arbitrary in this world, etc.

Have anybody reflected on why the greatest psychoanalytic of modern time has stopped receiving patients, who are above 35, and do not believe in God, considering them incurable? Why, according to the data, collected by the international organization of healthcare, there is a yearly growth of illnesses, connected to the undermining of people’s psychological health, and which will become the most widely spread in the next 20 years? This happens although:

The stuff of modern psychologists and psychotherapists proportionally increases, almost every American has his own psychoanalyst; even more rapidly grows the number of mediums, fortune-tellers, parapsychologists, etc. In Moscow, according to statistics, for almost every thousand people there are specialists of any of this category. The vast majority of whom claims to be hereditary magicians, that they can relieve you from any kind of illness or problem, to remove any damnation, to give you “a magic amulet”, which will bring a large amount of money, health, good spouse, etc. And according to the same statistics, in Moscow, in a few years there will be 70% of people with psychological problems and disorders…

On the other hand, the ancient and highly developed civilizations, living according to the above mentioned principles, have never known such words as tension, cancer, divorce, depression, etc. The successful example of the use of alternative psychology is found not only in the ancient-Arian civilization or in Tibet. More and more people approach it and find change their lives. The most vivid example of those, who came to this intuitively, or received this knowledge from their spiritual masters are — Deepak Chopra, S.N. Lazarev, M. Norbekov, Luisa Hey, etc. these people have healed themselves, have made their lives happy, and have created systems, which helped millions of people to fundamentally change their lives, and cure them of “incurable” diseases.

We recommend you also to use this knowledge. And if you take it seriously, then you will notice practically from the first day, how wonderfully it all works. The first step — is to take responsibility for our lives, to understand that by our thoughts and actions we create the reality around us. And further… further if we have strong desire, then the entire Universe will help us to walk on this Path (if the disciple ready, the guru is always there). It is the path to real love and genuine happiness.


Rami Bleckt