Ayurveda and the World Health Organization state that in order to become a healthy, happy and successful person one should be harmonious at all four levels.

1. Physical level

  • Clear the body of toxins and waste
  • Proper nutrition
  • Healthy and straight spine
  • Clean drinking water (ideally from a spring, filled with prana)
  • Breathing (fresh air, full of prana)
  • Living in compliance with our physique/doshas
  • Sleeping not too much, not too little
  • Sexual life (in sattva, conserving sexual energy)
  • Mental calmness

2. Social level

  • A happy personal and family life
  • Finding your destiny
  • Bringing good to other people and to the whole world
  • Becoming and being a harmonious person
  • Fulfilling your duties  (as a son/daughter, brother/sister, parent, employee/ employer)
  • An ability to earn money (especially for men)
  • Working off the karma of your family
  • Ability to have harmonious relationships with people
  • Successful career; material welfare
  • Proper, sattvic, harmonious upbringing of children
  • An occupation that gives us pleasure, corresponds with our dharma (destiny) and brings good to other people and to the whole world
  • «Win-win relationship position with other people (refer to Stephen Covey book: «7 Habits of Highly Effective People»
  • Volunteering and Community service

3. Intellectual level

  • Ability to set and achieve goals. The goals should originate not from false ego, but from the Soul
  • Clear vision of life’s goals and mission, and following it
  • Ability to control your mind, feelings and senses
  • Ability to discern important from the details, eternal from temporary
  • An ability to focus and concentrate (refer to Swami Vishnu-Devananda books «Meditation and Mantras»)
  • Forming  a proper perspective on the world
  • Reading Holy Scriptures, texts, books; Meditating on the exalted, enlightened people;
  • Eliminating harmful habits, and replacing them with sattvic ones (waking up early, proper nutrition, harmonies thoughts)
  • Ability to change one’s karma through knowing Universal Laws (see article on Law of the Universe)
  • Awareness of our eternal nature: Spirit Soul, which periodically is incarnated in different bodies. Not identifying oneself with the body.
  • Mental tranquility
  • Eliminating negative emotions
  • Remember: «Our thoughts define the course of our lives; they are like colours with which we paint the canvas of life.»

4. Spiritual level

  • Development of Unconditional Love
  • Living «here and now»
  • See Divine Will and Power in everything
  • Selflessness, through service to all, first of all to our relatives and friends
  • Feeling united with everyone and everything
  • Praying and meditating regularly
  • Leading your own live path, not falling under the influence of  people and the society, yet with respect and accepting good advice
  • Increasing of Sattva, kindness, compassion
  • Non-attachment
  • Non-judgment of other people
  • Fearlessness
  • being free from lust, anger, greediness, envy, pride, aggression, etc.


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