Practical tools for those who want to have a clear mind in a healthy body

This article is the final chapter of the book «Three Energies. Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony.»

Everyone can find many much useful things in it, even if you’ve already read this book, we are confident that it will be helpful for you in repeated reading. to read it again.

If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don’t like, who can bring you happiness in spite of what other people say or believe, look in a mirror, then say the magic word: «Hello»
Richard Bach

First of all, we should desire that the energies of goodness and harmony increase in our lives. Long for the goodness energy and harmony increasing in our lives. If you really wish something, this is at least 90 percent of success. Consider all the benefits the Sattva dominance will brings in your life: health, happiness, peace, intuition of higher order, prosperity and happy personal life, ability to realize the most profound spiritual truths. Whereas And the most important thing is that Sattva is the basis of ability to truly love and be loved. If there is no Sattva dominance does not dominate then only a dollop of Love can enter in our life. However, one should have also the desire to develop for the development of unconditional love, because the existence of only Sattva’s dominance does not make sure will not bringing love in one’s the life.

Now the culture of proper imagination work with subconscious, use of right brain hemisphere , etc.  is being revived , Murphy, Silva, Robert Stone and others have shown how all this works and proved that people can quickly change their lives and achieve their goals.

Then why this technique helps not to everyone to say the least?

Because it operates at full capacity only when a person is dominated by Sattva (goodness energy), when he is capable of complete relaxation and the level of his selfishness is very low.

Pay attention to with whom you associate: friends, books, Internet and television. Without any regret give up communication with ignorance and increase sattvic influence through books, lectures and studies. It is desirable at least once a week to visit communities and circles in which the communication is pure and sublime. Do not hesitate to break with a friend who constantly complains, lives at ignorance level, creates trouble for everybody, and does not listen to your advice, just being a parasite.

Those with whom we used to play played as children in sandboxes, went on hikes in school or studying together in the high schools institutions do not have to be should not be our close friends for entire life. «I’d rather starve than have a horrible food, it’s better to be single than with just anyone,» — said the famous Sufi poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam.

We gradually rounded to food. Food is important not only because it provides us with calories. Basically, we get some energy with food. It is important not only what we eat, but also the atmosphere, who shares our meal with us, etc. It is desirable to eat quietly, not to the TV roar or on the run. Try one month to eat quietly, chew your food well, always praying before eating, preferring  Sattvic foods and you’ll be amazed to see how your life will be changed for the better, how you will be changed.

Keep cleanness: internal and external.. Internal cleanness means conciliation, thoughts full of love, unselfish, creative and positive. Winston Churchill said: «The price of greatness is responsibility for every thought.»

Everything in this world begins with a thought. Follow up your thoughts. They will show you what will happen to you tomorrow: whether you are healthy or sick, successful or become degraded.

Buddhism teaches: «If you want to stop suffering you need to follow up your thoughts.»
If our thoughts are filled with jealousy, envy, resentment, greed, revenge, sense of injustice, etc. then this is the end of us. Of course, eating the right Sattvic food postpones the moment but could not save permanently. Ayurveda says that restless mind is the main cause of our illnesses.

Internal cleanness  is also a visceral purity. A modern man squeezing forty may have about 10 kg of fecal pressed masses in his intestine and it is pressed. It may be a lot of bile, mucus, etc. It’s all the same to the modern man just to look well outwardly, this means  influence of Passion energy. But how can such a person be healthy? I have recently read in a newspaper about results of British scientists’ studies, they had concluded that 95 percent of diseases occur because of chemical wastes and toxins accumulation in intestine. Ayurveda considers in much the same. To avoid this, you need to eat right, exercise, and periodically clean stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. There are many books on various cleansing.
External cleanness is the tidiness cleanness of your body, clothes, house, etc. What do you think, which energy or guna influences hangs over pigs: Goodness, Passion or Ignorance? Of course, Ignorance. Pigs love  dirty environment; they even eat excrements as if it were a freshly baked pie. To sleep in a pile of rubbish is like a five star hotel for them. Gods and angels are not alike. the same. So we should decide to whom we want to be closer. It is important to take a shower at least once a day (women with long hair can wash their hair more rarely). Daily change underwear and socks. Change trousers and shirts not less than once every three days.

It is necessary to make sure your house would be clean to be clean in the house and especially the dining room. Gods and Brahmins take pains with the time for cleaning. Do you spare? If not – then do not be surprised why surrounding and the Universe play the hog with you. You can wear clean clothes, but if you live in a filthy apartment or house, your aura will contain  considerable amount of Tamas energy.

What is also important is clear speech. Obscene speech means Ignorance. Even one word can be very profane. You can hear just five words by a beer stand, but what combinations… It is very important to speak thoughtful, honest and pleasant to surrounding ears, and as a rule to speak little.

Many people may shudder at the comparison with pigs. But then you may ask yourself, do you want to be an aristocrat or plebeian? Aristocrats are people of high culture, but not those who suddenly became rich. They are polite, quiet, they spend a lot of time to intellectual development, they live surrounded by nature, are as good as their words, etc. That sattva dominates such people is obvious, and they are guaranteed success in any society. That is why aristocrats and Divine priests were annihilated during the Soviet times, because they knew that no matter how much they were covered with dirt and deprived of material resources, they would become leaders, because sattva energy is the energy of success.

Many people think that when they earn more money or become famous everybody will respect and love them… In reality if character traits remain the same and Ignorance dominates, then such a person simply becomes a plebeian with money, who may destroy his life and the lives of people around him.

Meditate, practice yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques), relax. Get accustomed to early time for getting up.

More often go to be in the nature.

It is important to do everything for your development regularly. Sattva is permanency. It is better to do less but constantly.

It is very important to be able to relax and not to feel stress when it is not required.

There are several levels of relaxation: mind relaxation, nerves relax, muscle relaxation. If you regularly practice relaxation, it will eliminate the loss of energy and help to save the prana (vital energy). Who teaches us to relax? Animals and infants.

Moreover, Also we should learn to laugh from children. The greater ignorance, the more one becomes sullen and despondent, he stops laughing and even smiling. A child of six laughs merrily and smiles roughly 300 times a day. An adult smiles or grins roughly 15 times a day. How many times do you smile? If less than 100 times (grin does not count), it means that your mind is dominated by Rajas and Tamas.

These recommendations would be incomplete without recommendation to practice mantras and prayers. Ayurveda, as well as the entire eastern psychology, say about the exceptional importance of sound therapy.

The worldwide recognized author (86 books, many of them were out of print with million editions) as well as a teacher of positive thinking and art of attracting wealth and success into the life, Ph.D. Robert Stone, in his popular book «Life without limits» wrote:

«The stronger you will keep in touch with the Creator, the more productive will be your life. This also is true in case of comfort, pleasure and health.«

«There are no more positive thoughts than thoughts of the Creator.«

«If you start to think with love about the Creator, you will strengthen communication with sphere from which the Divine assistance emanates.«

He advises to do this using “repetition of God’s names” as half of the earth’s population does it too. But in modern civilization, especially among Judeo-Christian circles, it is left of, on the contrary it is used as an expletive: “God, what a nightmare!”, “Lord Jesus Christ, what a scorcher!”, etc.

This basically started in the XXth century. Catholic monks as well as ordinary laity always had beads. Protestants praised the glory of God at every  meeting of theirs. Orthodox Christians always attached great importance to the God’s Name repetition.

Here is a fragment from a famous and highly recommended book that is useful to everybody («Frank notes of a pilgrim to his spiritual father» by an unknown author):

“Monastic elder took my request kindly and asked me into his cell. “Come in, I will give you a book of the holy fathers, from which with God’s help you can learn about prayer clearly and in detail.”

We entered the cell and the monastic elder began to speak: «The continual internal Jesus Prayer is a continual, never ceases epiclesis of the Jesus Christ divine name with mouth, heart and mind, with a perpetual imagination of His presence and petition of His clemency, at any occupation in every place, at any time, even during sleep. It is expressed in such words: «Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me!» If someone has got accustomed to this epiclesis then he will feel great consolation and the need to always offer this prayer, so as a matter of course, and the prayer will be poured out by itself.»

The great saint, professional therapist and yoga teacher Swami Sivananda in his article «Spiritual path to health and happiness» wrote:

«Mind is vibrating inharmoniously due to the Rajas (passion) and Tamas (ignorance) influence: sympathy and revulsion, lust, greed, hatred, fear and jealousy. How can you expect true happiness and health to come when such a state dominants in the organism?»
«Basic components of healthy and long life are prayers, japa (solitary repetition of mantras and prayers), kirtan (chanting the Holy Name), meditation, tranquility, Cosmic Love, moderation, restraint, regulated life, fresh air, regular physical and breathing (pranayama) exercise, sunbathing and a healthy, balanced diet. Practice the presence of God. See Him in every person, every being, and every form. See Him everywhere. You will enjoy real peace, health and happiness.»

Here is a fragment of another remarkable article by him «The Divine Name»:

«God and His Name are identical. They are inseparable. God dwells where His Name is chanted. The atmosphere becomes sanctified. Peace, happiness and purity are winning. His Name carries a message of love. His Name frees soul from the grief, anxiety and addiction. His Name does not know the barriers and borders. His Name purifies vicious lower «self» and elevates it, rises to the grandeur of the universal consciousness and leads to God.»
Another great saint, statesman, scientist and teacher, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura in his excellent book «Sri Chintamani Harinama» wrote:

«There is no more pure knowledge than the Holy Name, and there is no more powerful vow than a vow to repeat the Holy Name. There is no more effective form of meditation than meditation on the Holy Name, and there is no any practice bearing more fruits than repetition of the Holy Name. There is no more denial than glorification of the Holy Name, and nothing can give greater conciliation than the Holy Name.

There is no more pious deed in the world than an appeal to the Holy Name, there is no purpose higher than the purpose achieved by repeating the Name, because the Name grants highest liberation, supreme peace and supreme abode. Pronouncing the Holy Name is the highest form of devotion, the purest inducement of living creatures; pronouncing the Name is the highest expression of love and the upper way to remember the God. The Holy Name is the cause of all causes, it is indistinguishable from God and therefore revere as the supreme Master and Savior.»

So wherever you are, whatever you do, get used to repeat or listen to the Name of God. This habit can quickly ascend any person from the level of Ignorance to Goodness and at wish to the transcendental level.

God has innumerable Names. You can choose any, which is closer to you: Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Krishna, etc. Basic Vedic mantras are «Om Namo Narayana», «Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevayya», «Om Namah Shivaya». The most powerful and effective mantra for our  epoch according to all Vedic Masters, including Swami Sivananda is «Hare Krishna» mantra (Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare). This prayer calls luck and contains an appeal to God. Approximate translation is this: «Oh, the Highest! Please engage me in Your service!»

In Northern Buddhism the main mantra is «Om Mani Padme Hum». There are many different understandings and approximate translations of this mantra. The major is: «OM, you are a treasure on lotus» and «The whole Universe is like a precious stone or crystal that is in the center of my heart, or in the heart of the lotus, which is me; it became apparent, it shines in my heart». It is written in the entire book of Lama Govinda about the meaning of this mantra.
In Christianity: «Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, have mercy on us!» (this is a modern version).

The Quran says: «Remember the name of your Lord morning and evening, and night; worship Him and praise Him a long night!» (Quran 76:25,26).

A major prayer (some kind of a mantra) in Islam and Sufism is: «Allah Akbar» (it has meaning: there is nothing compared to God or oppose Him, and God exceeds any our idea of Him) and «La Illah Illa Allaah» («No deity except God, who is One, and only One»).

Of course, while speaking about the main theological school views, we cannot avoid touching upon Judaism.

Jewish sages explain that staircase seen by Patriarch Jacob in a dream where God’s angels «went up and down» is also a symbol of prayer. Sages explain that showing to Jacob the staircase in the dream «standing on the ground and reaching the skies»; God shows Jacob that prayer is like a staircase connecting earth with heaven, with God. Meaning-bearing words of prayers, good results achieved by prayers turn into angels who ascend to God, and God sends instead of them other angels with blessings. That is why Jacob had the dream that angels «go up and down» although it seems they should go down firstly and then go up.
At whatever “rung” a person is, he should be immersed in sincere prayer; whether standing on the lower steps (the level of material survival, immersion in the acquisition of material wealth) or standing on the higher steps (selfless service to the world, conciliation, freedom from attachments).

Many people imagine that Judaism does not allow God’s Names to be repeated and pronounced. This has not always been the case.

Around 3500 years ago God enjoined Moses: «Say that to Israelite children: your fathers, Lord God, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob hath sent me unto you. There My name forever, this is to remind you of Me from generation to generation»(Exodus 3:15, Psalm 134 [135, TX]: 13).

God’s name was revered, as it represented and characterized the God himself. As God himself divulged his name and called his people to say it, all the more so in the Jewish canon of the Bible this Name appears 6828 times. However, devout Jews believe it is disrespectful to pronounce the proper God’s name.

Concerning this ancient rabbinic enactment, which came into eff ect in the post-Biblical era, Rabbi A. Marmorstein, in his book “The Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God”, writes the following:

«Once this prohibition [to pronounce God’s name] was absolutely unknown to the Jews… Neither in Egypt nor in Babylonia, they did not know and did not obey the ordinance to pronounce the name of God, the Tetragrammaton, in everyday conversations and greetings. But between III century BC and III century AD such a ban already has been existed and partially abided.»

Whence this prohibition of God’s name catechumenate comes so? Rabbi A. Marmorstein answers:

«Under the Hellenism influence, objecting to the Jews religion, as well as apostate priesthood and nobles, appeared the rule not to pronounce the Tetragrammaton in a sanctuary [in Jerusalem temple].»

In ardent zeal not to say the Lord’s name in vain, they were suppressing any attempt to use this name and, thus eliminating or glossing over the fact that distinguishes the true God from all other gods. Jews stopped using God’s name under pressure from opposition and religious apostate.

However, as A. Cohen says «in Biblical times, people boldly pronounced [God’s name] in everyday speech.» In Genesis 12:8 it is said that Abraham, the patriarch of Jewish people «took the name of the God». Most of those who wrote the Hebrew Bible, freely and at the same time respectfully used God’s name until the book of Malachi was written in the V century BC. (Ruth 1:8, 9, 17).

Interestingly, the first thousand years after Moses received the Commandments on Sinai Mount, which formed the basis of the Torah (Old Testament), the Jews used to pray in their own words, from their heart. Well after strict regulations appeared on daily prayers and the ban on the God’s Name utterance.

In my opinion, we should use both canonical prayers, especially written by enlightened sages, and to pray from our heart, in our own words. We should be very respectful to the Name of God, not to abandon pronunciation and spelling completely.

One of many favorable aspects that a person receives from God’s Name repetition is that he ceases to concentrate on himself, his body and is absorbed in a Higher Reality (each sound has a certain form), assumes divine qualities that are the basis for good health, happiness and success.

Focusing on ourselves strengthens selfishness and causes many sufferings, concentration on our body strengthens Ignorance. We become what we think. Body, as we have said above, is in Ignorance.

We are living in amazing time, when an average person, if desired, can understand the truth and live according to it. It took hundreds of lives in other times.

Though it is also very easy to degrade in this epoch by using drugs, improper use of Internet, the modern culture in general, but I really don’t have even the slightest desire to think about it.
Sages praised our age for this opportunity of speedy progress, as well as for the fact that main way of God’s love finding is very simple in our age, that is a repetition of the Holy God’s Names.

«Sukadeva Gosvami continued: My dear King, glorifying of the holy God’s name is able to eliminate consequences even of greatest sins. Therefore the glorifying of Sankirtan movement is the most favorable activity in the entire Universe. Please try to understand it so that others took it seriously.»

Srimad Bhagavatam 6.3.31

I know good psychologists, who advise patients to repeat mantras, act selflessly, keep more Sattvic lifestyle, and soon those wretched people , wallowed in depression and suffering, become the sun and a source of joy and inspiration to others, completely getting rid of their problems. The main thing is not to become a fanatical follower of any dangerous sect, cult or religious organization at transition stage. Although sometimes (very rarely) it is necessary to pass it on the way to a harmonious life.

May Peace of mind, absence of selfishness and, consequently, ocean of Love be with all of us!

Be happy, healthy and successful!