A question about Karmic Justice


Hello! I have read your article about sexual connections and cannot help but wonder if your teachings might confuse people, because, if what you are saying is the truth than it should affect everyone in the same way.

We live in a small town and I personally know a woman who has sexual connections day and night. It seems like a herd of Arabs and Indians, in the Emirates, have passed through her. Here in the city, there is almost no man who did not have a sexual connection with her. The amount of her sexual partners is in the thousands. She is already over 40 years old and is still doing this. Most importantly, what prompted me to write to you, a large portion of her customers are alcoholics and overall dirty people in general, so where and how does she take their karma on her?

Because, if I understand you correctly, she should have been dead by now or at least she should have fallen apart in some way, but she seems fine! Would you please be kind enough to explain how she keeps the karma of these drunks away from her? In theory, she should have been working through this karma by now…so why is she healthy and thriving.


Rami’s Reply:

Thank you for the question. Yes, I occasionally get questions like this…when people, especially women, are concerned that some of their neighbors are living less “Godly” but are thriving materially…

Everyone has their own reserve of good karma from a past life and for some this reserve is very large. It can be so large that it allows them to live their life very far from harmony for a good while. For example, there are people born with great vitality, with good genetics that is, which is an indicator of good karma. So yes, these people can lead an unhealthy lifestyle, have bad habits, but look healthy for a while.

In any case, up to 40 years one can still hold on, but it is unlikely you will find a healthy and prosperous woman in later years. The next life is also unlikely to be as good. And as far as I know, history does not know of a woman who has lead loose way of life and had many healthy children and even especially grandchildren. Usually, unfortunately, their family lineage ends its existence within a maximum of 3 or 4 generations. This should soothe you and make you happy!

BUT we can also look at it from another perspective. A woman leading such a way of life may be forced to do it, but internally she could be pure, humble, not envious, not condemning or judging others, unconditional, might practice chanting mantras etc. So, if she is happy internally, her future will be much better than someone who leads more of a “good” outwardly life, but inside is envious, resentful, proud, aggressive, etc. I fear that this might upset you!

With love,

A Parable
In one house lived a prostitute and in the house opposite to hers lived a Brahmin (teacher, priest). The Brahman made sacrifices every morning and read the Bhagavad-gita, mantras, praying and performed prescribed duties. He looked out the window at the prostitute’s house and thought: “How can someone live that way! There is the third customer today already…” However, the prostitute, looking at him, was thinking: “What a pure holy man. It is now 11 o’clock, and he is probably sitting down right now to read the Gita. And now he is probably praying!” Time went on, and according to karma they had to die in the same day and hour, and that time had come. The angels descended from the spiritual world and headed in their direction. As they passed the Brahmin, he said to them:

— Where are you going? I’m here!
— No, no, we are not here for you, but for her, the messengers from hellish planets will come for you!
— How so?! I prayed, followed all the requirements! And she is a prostitute!
— But all you did everyday was think about her and condemning her. Your mind was steeped in ignorance, condemnation, pride, you think you are great. She on the other hand was thinking about you, of that exalted activity that you do, and was reading the mantras in her head, always thinking about God and was humble in mind. That’s why we’ve come for her.