How to forgive parents for not treating me good enough when I was a child?

First of all, you have to understand that we were born in a certain family, according to our karma, our past actions, thoughts. We, as souls, have chosen these families. Perfect families do not exist. And, on the other hand, I know people who grew up in wealthy families, where they were cared for, and still, they have a lot of complaints about their parents. They even sued their parents who didn’t give enough love. Therefore, the inner state is important: if a person is resentful, prideful, has many complaints, he will always find someone or something to be offended by. But even if you have proofs of violence or abuse, you have been mistreated, it is even more important to understand why forgiving parents is necessary.

Father and mother are divine reflections of masculine and feminine. When we take offense at our parents, or one of our ancestors, our support from the family “closes”. If one had issues with the father — support from the masculine, from the male Divine part; the mother, respectively — from the feminine. I conducted over 10,000 consultations over the years and have never seen a man succeeding in his private life if he has strong aggression towards his mother. But to a greater extent, this applies more to women. If there is resentment against the father, anger or hatred towards the father figure, these women rarely enjoy a long, happy relationship with a man.

Parents must be respected. Therefore, in the East, where parents are still revered, families are much stronger and there are MORE HEALTHY CHILDREN.

Forgiving parents is important on a subconscious level; there are many grievances that we are not aware of. Some people believe that they have excellent relationships with their parents, but subconsciously any person who saw his/her parents arguing when they were small, would carry grievances towards parents. We are not aware of most of our subconscious insults.

There is a very powerful practice that tens of thousands of people have followed. I had received only positive feedback from them: fate changed, HEALTH IMPROVED. Communication with parents which was ceased suddenly was renewed because of parent’s call.

It is necessary to write three phrases with your left hand for at least 40 days: “Dear Father (name, for example, John), I am sorry for everything”, “Dear Father John, I forgive you for everything”, “Dear Father John, I thank you for everything”. It is important to prescribe it with the left hand because the left hand is connected with the right hemisphere, which is responsible for the subconscious. And when we write with our left hand, this information further penetrates our subconscious, in this case, clearing it of grievances and aggression. If you write it while kneeling, the technique’s effect is amplified many times.

The same needs to be done for the mother. Along with writing, it is also important to bow to parents as parts of God.

I recommend doing this practice for both parents, whether you are aware of your grievances or not. To some extent, we all have grievances towards our parents. Resentment against a parent is an offense against God.

And when you accomplish this practice, you will see how much your destiny will change, and the level of your vibrations will raise.

You can use this technique with any person. It can shorten many hours of work with a psychologist or even a psychotherapist.