How to stay positive when things do not work the way you expected?

First of all, the concept itself that you always need to be positive is dangerous. Nowadays, there is a big tendency in society to be positive in any situation. Nonetheless, negative emotions are also part of life.
Of course, if we live mostly with positive emotions, we are physically and mentally healthier. However, if ONLY positive emotions are our main goal, it can be very dangerous. The positive state that comes from the mind is temporary. And here, in this world, should be harmony: 3-4 positive emotions per one negative.

When we live on the level of the mind and we are trying to be always positive, it is dangerous, because positive emotions work like a pendulum. At a certain point it will swing. And the more pendulum was taken up to one side, the positive emotions, the stronger it will swing towards the opposite side, negative emotions. This is clearly seen in the example of Hollywood stars who are positive, rich, and beautiful, but time passes, and they become depressed. According to statistics, if they do not follow any spiritual practices, by the age of 40 most of them are addicted to drugs.
We should be receiving positive emotions from our soul, from our spirit, from our divine nature. If we are in a state of “here and now”, in a state of unconditional love and selfless service to the world. In this case we live in reality, then higher emotions, supreme satisfaction, happiness, blissfulness become part of our nature and then we pay less attention to various life crises.

How to handle crises is a whole separate subject. A superficial attitude “Everything will be okay” does not work, and on the contrary, it may destroy us. In short, only a genuine spirituality can help surpass any crisis, even the most difficult one. It is when we see God in everything. When we understand that we came to this world to learn unconditional love and everything what happens to us here is for the sake of our spiritual growth.
The foundation of the inner, positive, proper passing through all negative situations consists in seeing God in every person and situation. Being in the state of gratitude for everything, ensuring we do not have attachments and dependencies on anything in this world. Buddha said that our attachments were the cause of our suffering. And the less DEPENDENCIES and affection we have (to people, circumstances, places of residence, and etc.) the more happiness we experience.

You can be eating a delicious cake and be crying that it will be finished soon, and thus not experience the pleasure of its taste. Also in this world, if we live without getting too attached, in a state of unconditional love, in a state of selfless service, mindfulness, in a state “here and now”, if we serve unselfishly to the world, only then we can enjoy everything, including food, relaxation, because in this case we do not have any dependencies and affections, AND OUR HUGE INNER BLISS DOES NOT PRACTICALLY DEPEND ON WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS UNPREDICTABLE WORLD. If someone is jealous, selfish and ignorant, even a small misery or resentment will cause him huge stress.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda says, one of the main causes of diseases is that we always want that everything happens as we wish. Yet it is impossible, and it should be accepted INTERNALLY and concentrate on: the internal awareness, selflessness and unconditional love for all living beings as PARTS OF GOD.

Dr. Rami Bleckt