The Game Changers (Rami’s review)


I have just finished watching a remarkable film, which is called ‘The Game Changers’. The movie is about famous sportsmen, officers of special forces and doctors say about the importance of vegan nutrition: how they have succeeded with it. I strongly recommend to watch this film and especially to share it with your acquainted doctors.

However, in Russian speaking countries, especially in Russia, you can face loads of ignorant doctors, who state, that in meat there is something indispensable, healthy and we have to eat it. That’s a dangerous statement, which is supported by meat mafia. Many considerable organizations have been exposed, including World Wealth Organization, which classified red meat, sausages that harm health and cause cancer, as dangerous carcinogens. Almlyost all diet and medical associations have already recognized vegetarian nutrition as healthy. Unfortunately, in Russia, ignorant nutrition is still cultivated.

The modern meat industry is damaging ecology and harming the earth much more than all automobiles have taken together. Many studies have focused on that. Meat harms the human health, psyche, character, and beauty of the body.

That’s why I strongly recommend you to watch this film and to share it with acquainted doctors, sportsmen, people who want to be beautiful, young and fit. Make a proper healthy lifestyle and be happy, healthy and successful!

With love,